July 2009 Newsletter Volume 22 Issue 7
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Bible Correspondence Courses: The second quarter of 2009 was a banner quarter as far as the Bible Correspondence Courses go! We have students in Brazil, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana (11 Saved, 50 Students!!!!) India, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines (18 Students), Singapore, South Africa, Uganda and The USA (1 saved). We mailed out 1081 lessons. In the first half of 2009, we have almost matched the total lessons we sent out last year! This is the largest quarter in lessons, students (241 total, 98 are international) and salvations (12). We issued 21 certificates and mailed out 4 Bibles (3 in USA and 1 to India). This is the first quarter we have had Source of Light Bible Correspondences online. 28 people enrolled, 3 have completed "Light From the Gospel of John" and 1 has completed the "Book of John."  We would like to thank Carol and Josh Cahill for helping with the Bible Correspondence courses in June. Please pray for the Lord to continue to provide finances, since I no longer have my secular income, the cost of postage just increased, and the numbers are on track to possibly double from last year!
Bob at IBBC Paris Illinois 
Church Meetings: On June 28th Bob had the pleasure of preaching the morning service at Independent Bible Baptist Church in Paris Illinois (http://www.ibbcparisil.com), and the evening service at Calvary Baptist Church in Belleville, Illinois (http://www.calvary-baptist-online.org). We have had a longstanding relationship with both of these churches and it was an honor to be invited to speak. We got to set up our new display, and try out our power point presentation (which experienced some hiccups!).
We will be setting up our display at an upcoming camp meeting in Canton Texas, July 13-17, 2009
Church Website Ministry:  We ran an ad in the Sword of the Lord and combined with the people the Lord sent our way we had a busy month. Some of the highlights are:
Online Bible Tract Ministry: In June our online Bible Tract ministry took 849 hits. We have given out over 27,000 online tracts.
Social Networking: I have hit almost 700 "friends" on Facebook, the vast majority are not professing Christians. Please pray for this outreach. I was able to help one person (in the UK) repair a virus infested computer, it is my prayer that the Lord will speak to hearts and they will get interested in our ministry, and ultimately trust the Lord as Savior. Feel free to invite me as friend at http://www.facebook.com/bob.hoffman/. Twitter is also of interest. We have 30 followers on "cybermissions," 298 followers on "bministries" (the Baptist Ministries web portal), and 86 followers on our Family Oriented website (fmlynet).
New Server: We have implemented a new server, to move the bandwidth and processor intensive web portals off the general church website servers. There were some glitches up front but the server appears to be have stabilized. I have also moved the newsletter and prayer letter (as well as Toolkit Ministries mailing list) to this new server. This server should streamline the mailing lists and the software should "clean" the bad addresses automatically.
Please continue to pray for us. We have increased financial needs, and health needs (Maureen is fighting an infection at the cancer site, I have had sinus issues and Jessica is still undiagnosed). We need safe travel to Canton Texas for the Camp Meeting. 
Our thanks go out to Harvester Baptist Church (Ellicott City MD), Lavon Drive Baptist Church (Garland TX) and Cornerstone Baptist Church (Roanoke VA) for their continued monthly support. A special thanks to IBBC in Paris Illinois and Calvary Baptist Church in Belleville Illinois for the generous offerings. Additionally we thank Geraldine Green, Mr and Mrs Guy Deyarmin, for the support of the Bible Correspondence Courses.
We thank you and pray the Lord will bless you in Jesus,
Bob, Maureen, Jessica and Maverick (the wacked out kitty cat).
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