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Christianity Today at the Movies: Features - Holiday Crafts and Recipe Ideas Weekender - Weekend Crafts, Recipes, and Activities
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Starfish Country Home School Foundation
The Home School Mom
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Indpendent Baptist Church Web Portal
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For your Body, Mind, and Finances
Help Support FamilyNet
The New Birth
By Paul Levin
Online Churches
A Primer for getting your Church Online
Ekklesia Online
Helping you get your dreams online!
Someday You Will Stand Before God
By Jim Lyons
You can be Saved and Know It
By Jim Lyons
Algn da usted se presentar ante Dios
By Jim Lyons
Harvester Baptist Church
Independent Baptist Church in Columbia Maryland
好消息 (Good News)
The Gospel in Chinese
Tool Kit Ministries Inc
Assisting churches as they develop, motivate and nurture their volunteer workers.
FamilyNet International Banner Exchange
FamilyNet International, Join as Exchange User Advertiser
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Pageviews, In, Out. All Sites, BBS, Business, Churches, Family, General, Ministries. 1 - 25, 26 - 50, 51 - 75, 76 - 100, 101 - 125, 126 - 150, 151 - 175 ...
Top Independent Baptist Sites - Rankings - All Sites
Pageviews, In, Out. All Sites, Business, Churches, General, Ministries. 1 - 25, 26 - 50, 51 - 75, 76 - 100, 101 - 125, 126 - 150, 151 - 175, 176 - 200 ...
A Conservative Christian Music Search Engine

Homeschool World: "The World's Most Visited Homeschool Site"
Home of Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling magazine and homeschooling community. Large number of articles, news, online experts, up-to-date events list, ...
HSLDA | Home School Laws
A summary of the legal options for homeschooling in every state. Organizations. Homeschool organizations in your neighborhood or across the world ...
You can homeschool. - Introduction
DID YOU KNOW? Today an estimated 1.6 for Homeschools
Products to partner with you in homeschooling your children.
An introduction to the methodolgies, curriculum, and teaching aids ...
Providers of a complete, eclectic, classical approach, Pre-school through 12th grade curriculum for home educators with a reformed Christian world view.
Homeschool Curriculum - Homeschooling Curriculum
Homeschool Curriculum for the Best Homeschooling
A complete manipulatives-based K-12 homeschool math curriculum.
Homeschool Math Curriculum on Video and DVD
Understand Math Don't Just Memorize It
Welcome - Jon's Homeschool Resources
Neutral, non-commercial homeschooling information, for over nine years. Jon's Homeschool Resources is perhaps the oldest and largest collection of ...
How to avoid the Credit Card Debt Trap
Credit card debt is perhaps the largest reason why so many of us go into debt every day. We have Christian debt counselors waiting to help you now....
LongBraid Designs IncrediMail Letters & Signatures
One of the original IncrediMail Letters sites featuring email stationery in over 100 categories, animated & static signatures, banner ad design service, ...
Cyberspace Ministry's Online Bible Lessons and Services, and Free ...
Cyberspace Ministry offers illustrated Bible lessons online, as well as free Christian software.
Welcome-Focused and Free
Recovery in Christ; One Day at a Time, One Step at a Time
Family Friendly web site.
Three Cord Ministries in Milton Ontario - Introduction Page to the ...
Christian Ministry, Christian Relationships, Christian Teaching, Inductive Bible Studies.
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1 Quarter 2006
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2 Quarter 2006
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2 Quarter 1999
Precious Memories/Slide Shows To Purchase To Keep Those Memories Alive
Slide Show presentations to share with friends and family of those special moments in your life.
~ Military Moms - Home of the Proud Military Mom
Military Moms! Support, and Encourgment for Military Moms!
The Presidential Prayer Team:
Website devoted to prayer in order to help the president succeed.
Lets Say Thanks
This Website gives you the opportunity to send a free printed postcard to active US military personnel overseas.
Fallen Heroes Memorial
Online memorial for the fallen servicemembers of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Includes photos and visitor-submitted messages.
Faces of Valor
Welcome to! Valor! A little word with big meaning. The United States Army defines valor as "heroism performed under combat conditions". ...
Prairie Fire Press
Home School and Christian School material
FamilyNet International Inc. Free Bible Correspondence Courses
FamilyNet provides, free of charge, Bible Correspondence Courses via US Mail. If interested, please provide name and ...
You've found math relief!
FRUSTRATED BY ALGEBRA? Confused? Don't know where to turn for help? Turn on your TV, and insert a Video Cassette Tape into your VHS player!
Mommy and Michael's Workshop
Safe and Fun Site For The Whole Family!
AFA - American Family Association - Promoting Traditional Family ...
The American Family Association exists to motivate and equip citizens to change the culture to reflect Biblical truth and traditional family values.
Keys for Kids Ministries
Keys for Kids Ministries is a children's ministry organization, offering Keys for Kids, Down Gilead Lane, and much more.
FamilyLife: Home Page
FamilyLife, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, provides practical, biblical tools to strengthen marriage and family relationships, including the ...
Family Research Council
Exists to reaffirm and promote nationally, and particularly in Washington, DC, the traditional family unit and the Judeo-Christian value system upon which ...
Jon's Homeschool Resources
A source of neutral, non-commercial homeschooling information for over ten years now.
This Web site was created by the National Consumers League Homeschooling
Provides unit studies, games, forum, local resources, and a weekly newsletter.
A-to-Z Home's Cool
Homeschooling community and portal site: chat, boards, events, articles, kids' sites, links to learning materials, support groups, ideas for educating teens, and laws worldwide. Also includes sample forms and transcripts.
Ideas and resources for learning while in the car.
Cottage School Search Site allows you to find homeschoolers, cottage and classical schools, teacher and tutors close to your home.
Denim Jumpers
New homeschooling information, articles, filtered search function, and top ten lists. From a Christian perspective.
Print-outs, forms, planners, handwriting practice sheets, grading cards, cursive animations, and resource links.
Eclectic Homeschool Online
An online homeschool portal with extensive resources and support for creative homeschoolers, including state laws and regulations, curriculum reviews, articles, and a bookstore.
Home School Information
Offers the positive and negative views of homeschooling, resources that are available for homeschooling, and links to colleges.
Information and helps including philosophy, methods, materials, scheduling, tools, support, and step-by-step guide to getting started.
Homeschool Central
Advice for new homeschoolers, columns from the Miserly Mom, Catholic resources, preschool through high school activities, and information on individual states.
Homeschool Dads
Geared specifically for the fathers who homeschool. Includes homeschooling news, articles, organizations, events, and forums.
Homeschool Highlights
Curriculum reviews and education articles from Dean and Karen Andreola.
Homeschool Highway to Learning
Complete Resource information for the beginning homeschooler. Free newsletter, free curriculum information, chat room and online bookstore.
The Homeschool Oasis
Encouragement for those considering it, starting out or burning out. Plan to spend some time exploring this 300-plus page site.
Homeschool Resource Directory
Portal site with support information, getting started, articles, laws, and regional resources.
The Homeschool Resource Directory
Offers a database of websites for use in homeschooling. Categories include worksheets, recipes, forms, and school subjects.
Homeschool Social Register
Offers a free service allowing homeschoolers to get in touch with other homeschoolers in their area while protecting each party's privacy. Separate pages for towns, cities and counties in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.
Resources and information including articles and message boards. Alumni Directory
Bulletin boards, classifieds, and user pages for this alumni directory which seeks to connect homeschoolers throughout the world.
HomeSchooler Network
Provides lessons, activities, and articles to help homeschoolers in their educational and parenting aspects of their lives.
Homeschooling at
Advice and information, activities, product reviews, discussion boards.
Homeschooling Boys
Articles, links, contests, an email list, forums, and advice all boy-specific. From a Christian perspective.
Homeschooling in America
Find information on state laws, support groups, styles, laws, local resources and support for homeschooling in every state in America.
Homeschooling on a Shoestring
Frugal ideas for homeschooling, including unit studies, educational software reviews, recipes, and safety tips.
Homeschooling Only One
Tips and support for those homeschooling only children.
Homeschooling portal containing legal information, opinion pieces, resources, forms, and high school helps.
Learn in Freedom!
Resources for unschoolers, homeschoolers, and all learners, with or without school.
Learning By Grace, Inc.
Online homeschooling academies including Jubilee, MorningStar, Grace Academy, Victory Math Academy, SAT training, and Radio Grace.
Learning Treasures
Provides worksheets, unit studies, articles, and a newsletter.
Homeschool portal including state resources, laws, information, an "Ask Julie" column, and articles.
Parents Educating at Home (PEAH)
Discount card for home educators.
Resources and articles from seasoned veteran homeschoolers.
Returning Educational Choices to Parents
Links, statistics and information supporting the case for home schooling versus government programming.
Secular Homeschooling
Resources, curriculum reviews, guidelines, and forums for nonreligious homeschoolers.
Providing links to news, articles, study guides, and support groups.
Message board, articles, and resources for homeschooling and family life. From a Christian perspective.
A variety of free resources for home educators, from software to unit studies. Also lists academic contests, homeschooling styles, and curriculum recommendations.
Trivium Pursuit
Resources for applying classical Christian education to homeschooling. Home to the Trivium Email Loop, an Internet Guide for homeschoolers, articles by Harvey and Laurie Bluedorn, listing of national contests open to homeschoolers, seminar schedule, a gr
Wise Folk
Christian homeschool directory combined with lessons and worksheets with a focused support to the Bible.
You Can Teach Your Kids at Home
Provides learning activities geared toward preschoolers. Includes teaching tips, story stretchers, and a guide to getting started.
Accelerated Achievement
Complete K-12 curriculum.
Canadian homeschool supply providing Christian and secular curriculum.
Advanced Training Institute International
Curriculum that is based on Scriptural principles.
Alpha Omega Publications
Provides various products and programs for grades K-12.
American Academy
Self-instructional curriculum, pre-K thru high school.
Bob Jones University Press
Textbooks, books, music, videos, and online resources for Christian education.
Check Writing Lesson Plans and Activities
Lesson plan and activity book to teach children how to manage a checking account.
Children's Books School/Homeschool Products
Discount homeschool curriculum and educational materials.
Christian Liberty Academy School System
Provides curriculum based on child's performance and scores. Grading and report cards can be done by parent of school.
Christian Liberty Press
Christ-centered educational books and support materials.
Christopherus: Waldorf-Inspired Homeschool Resources
Offers Waldorf Education curriculum.
Classical Academic Press
Features texts, videos, and pamphlets; specialty is Latin and logic.
Classical Home Education
Offers science, history, & reading curriculum packages.
Classical Homeschooling Resources
Curriculum consultants in the Classical style.
Classroom Technology
Software and workbooks for homeschooling.
Online homeschool providing a complete K-12 education.
Computer Science for Home Schoolers
Beginning home school computer curriculum for Grade 5 & Up.
Covenant Home Curriculum
K-12 curriculum from a reformed Christian world view.
Curriculum Express
Online warehouse of curriculum.
The Dow's Schoolroom
Homeschool Curriculum at discount prices.
Enki Education
Developmental immersion/ mastery approach to curriculum. Emphasis is on holistic learning.
Moving Beyond the Page
A complete homeschool curriculum. Your children will grow in their love of learning through our literature-based curriculum
Internet-based curriculum for K-12.
Faith and Liberty Books
An online bookstore specializing in books for the Classical homeschooler. From a Christian perspective.
The Grace Academy
Offers multisensory material to facilitate children's homeschooling. Teaching assistance is available to parents.
Griggs University & International Academy
Accredited homeschool curriculum, courses and books for elementary, junior high, high school and college.
Hands on Homeschooling
Home school curriculum for preschool and kindergarten with hands-on activities and lesson plans.
Heritage Home School Academy
Curriculum packages for the home school family.
Home Educator's Resource
New and used curriculum, learning style assessments, private tutoring, and publisher and teaching workshops.
Home School Curricula - Resurrection Resources
Christina & Messianic Curricula, books, and supplies.
The Home School Learning Network
Enrollment program dedicated to home education.
Home School Treasures
Vintage and new homeschooling books for purchase.
Home Schooling R Us - Curriculum
Curriculum guidelines and reviews.
HomeSchool Edge
A web-based homeschool application that offers pre-loaded curriculum so you can pre-plan your lessons up to a year with the click of the mouse.
Homeschool Mall
Virtual homeschool convention. Browse through curriculum publishers, learning products, games and educational toys.
The Homeschool Planbook
Planners for tracking lesson plans, grades, hours, and attendance.
Large selection of curricula based on subject and skills.
Promotes thinking skills by discussing moral issues.
Sells a complete curriculum in six core subjects (language arts, math, history, science, art, and music) for kindergarten through ninth grade.
KiteCD Educational Resources
Educational resources and links for homeschoolers.
LaCelle Family Ministries
New and used homeschool books, tapes, CDs, unit studies, educational toys, and Betty Luken felts. From a Christian perspective.
The L.A.M.B. Company Curriculum
Curriculum that is custom designed around the needs of each student.
Marie's Penmanship Series
Master the art of handwriting, calligraphy, and manuscript.
Mind Kind Way Educational Software for Home Schooling
Computerized tutors teach students how to learn, think, write and understand various subjects.
PACEing Yourself
ACE materials, testing and support.
Character curriculum and Bible studies for all ages.
Pennywise Learning
Christian homeschool curriculum.
Primary Home Education UK
Resources for home-schooling families following the UK curriculum.
Professor Mom's Schoolhouse
Sells various homeschool curriculum.
Ray's Arithmetic
Complete K-Calc homeschool math curriculum on CD-ROM. From the 19th Century.
Robinson Curriculum
K-12 self-teaching curriculum consisting of 22 CD-ROMs.
Saxon Publishers
K-12 mathematics, phonics, and physics.
Montessori-based math kits include visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile activities for children grades K-6.
Sing 'n Learn
Home school educational curriculum based on learning through song.
Sonlight Curriculum
Literature-based complete homeschool programs from a Christian perspective.
Curriculum and book reviews.
TCR Homeschool Edition
Online curriculum featuring over 1,400 student activities.
Teaching Your Child At Home
Homeschool curriculum information, materials, teaching resources, and articles on homeschooling your child successfully.
Home school teaching supplies for grades K through 12.
The Training Station
Online Homeschool Books and Curriculum.
Train-Up a Child Publishing
Independent Bible curriculum for children, 3rd to 5th grade, especially for homeschoolers.
Way of Wisdom Home Education Supply
Homeschool bookstore offering new and used "living books", homeschooling curriculum, and christian books.
Online Homeschooling and 3D Virtual Worlds for 6-12 Education
Newbie Tuesday
A monthly newsletter for Charlotte Mason Beginners
Classical Homeschooling Magazine
Quarterly publication promoting education through the Socratic method, study of great books, poetry, logic, and liberal arts. Contains biographies, explores curricula and methodology.
Cobblestone Publishing
Offers educational magazines and links.
Education Resource List
A free e-mail clearinghouse of resources for homeschoolers, teachers, and educators of all kinds.
The Education Revolution Magazine
The networking magazine of the Alternative Education Resource Organization. Includes articles about public and private alternative schools and homeschooling.
An Encouraging Word
Ezine featuring articles about eight home- skills: schooling, making, birthing, steading, cooking, discipleship, and hospitality. From a Christian perspective.
Home Educator's Family Times
Monthly print publication that details educational strategies, curricula, research, resources, and events.
The Home School Court Report
A bimonthly publication of the Home School Legal Defense Association focusing on current political, Christian, and legal issues.
Home School Digest
A national quarterly publication for Christian homeschoolers. Nearly 100 pages focusing on lifestyle issues, teaching tips, suggestions, and homeschool biographies.
Homeschool Fun Online Magazine
An e-zine focusing on lesson plans, educational support, beginning homeschooling, and creative ideas. Interactive typical days section, message boards, and classified ads.
Homeschooling Horizons Magazine
A Canadian-based online and print publication designed to empower and encourage homeschoolers. Local, regional, and general topics.
Homeschooling Today
Bi-monthly print magazine from a Christian perspective. Liberal arts instruction, teaching aids, preschool activities, science corner, recent or headline news, and curriculum reviews.
Homschool Mom
Free newsletter offering encouragement, ideas and tips for homeschoolers.
The Journal of Homeschooling,
This commercial site offers a free daily e-zine that includes: Monday=Math; Tuesday=Science; Wednesday=Language Arts; Thursday=Social Sciences; Friday=Virtual Field Trips; and Saturday=Electives: Art, Music, Foreign Languages. Most everything else on the
Learning Through History magazine
Learning Through History magazine - world history for the curious child.
The Link
Free, inclusive, national homeschool newspaper. Articles run the gamut of styles and philosophies.
The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
Print magazine featuring articles from popular authors, product and curriculum reviews, state organization information, encouragement, new homeschooler assistance, and monthly contests. From a Christian perspective, with statement of faith for writers.
Paths of Learning
A quarterly magazine designed to show how core values such as co-operation can be incorporated in holistic education, whether public, private, or home.
Bi-monthly Christian magazine for men, promoting a home-centered lifestyle, from homeschooling to courtship.
Practical Homeschooling Magazine
A Mary Pride publication. Some features include product reviews, looking at a day with another homeschooling family, and applause for homeschooler's achievements. Christian perspective.
SALT Magazine
A monthly magazine for Christian home schoolers. Provides a sample issue and subscription information.
Teach Magazine
An ezine To Encourage And Challenge Homeschoolers (T.E.A.C.H.) with articles, helps, curriculum suggestions, and homeschool support. From a Christian persepctive.
The Teaching Home
Bimonthly magazine devoted to a Christian perspective of home education. Features include curriculum reviews, getting started, humor, teaching tips, and character training.
Texas Home School Coalition Review
A free quarterly magazine published by the Texas Home School Coalition
Unless The Lord ... Magazine
Quarterly magazine for homeschooling Christian parents. Offers a homeschooling focus without a focus on curricula.
The Utmost Way Magazine
A Christian-oriented ezine for homeschoolers, including a section for chronically ill homeschoolers and missions information.
Why We Homeschool News
Amusing homeschool news and opinions in an ezine format, last update: May 2004.
The World & I Homeschool Resource and Archive
An interdisciplinary monthly ezine with curricula tied to state standards, teachers' guides, activities, and articles. Published by the Unification Church.
Fortifying the Family

Aaron Academy
Allows parents to register their homeschool as an extension of the main campus.
Basic Christian Education for Home Schools and Schools
Christian education program for schools and home schools.
Bible Curriculum
Curriculum to build character and to help children put Biblical truths into practice.
Biblical Reasons to Home School
Article on Bible verses supporting homeschooling.
Cantamar Publishing
Non-denominational Bible curriculum teaches about God through hands-on activities.
The Center for Essential Education
Produces a Christian homeschool curriculum.
Christ Rules
MP3s on CD, featuring RJ Rushdoony and others who profess a Biblical worldview.
Christ-Centered Publications
Feed My Lambs is a Christian homeschooling curriculum for early childhood.
Christian Homeschool Family Resource Center
Software, worksheets, posters, and other resources for homeschool families.
Christian Homeschool Fellowship
Helps homeschooling parents consider their options concerning learning styles, educational approaches, and curriculum.
Christian Homeschool Fellowship on the Web
Features articles, bookstore, message boards, and a member directory.
Christian Parents Information Network
Information and commentary on homeschooling
A Christian School - Home Bible Study
A Christian School - A Home Bible Study Group where one can learn the teachings of Jesus Christ in the comfort of your home.
Features articles from the monthly e-zine and access to e-mail encouragment groups for homeschooling parents.
CLASS Parents
An e-group for parents homeschooling through the Christian Liberty Academy School System.
Considering Homeschooling
Nationwide ministry to connect new Christian homeschoolers with information, mentors, and resources.
Contemporary Education Academy
Provides information for parents considering homeschooling and resources for parents who have already undertaken the task.
The Country Homeschool
An e-group for Messianic Christian women who homeschool and keep the home.
Christian homeschool products and seminar schedule for the Callihans, speakers on homeschooling teens.
Easy Homeschooling
Sells Easy Homeschooling book series and offers free online resources.
Faith Christian Ministries
Support organization that provides assistance to homeschool families.
Family Times
Resources, reviews, and publications about homeschooling.
The Girlhood Home Companion
Magazine for girls. Features include virtuous living, homemaking, etiquette, sewing.
Grace Classical Academy
Classical Christian education school for Orange County, CA offering aids for homeschoolers as well.
Griggs University and International Academy
Accredited Christian distance education provider.
Heart of Wisdom
Information about home school.
His Creation
Christian ministry showing the attributes of God displayed in science and nature.
Home Crusaders
Christian homeschool articles, reviews, newsletter, and support group listings for Michigan and Indiana.
Home School Enrichment
Bi-monthly print magazine, online articles, and other resources for Christian homeschoolers. Registration required for some features.
Books, FAQs, chat, and other resources for Christian homeschooling.
Homeschool Scheduling
Encourages homeschool families to be successful in scheduling.
Homeschooling A To Z
Homeschool information, state laws, organizations, support, curriculum reviews and suppliers.
How Great Thou Art
Homeschooling art materials.
Keciro Homeschool
Free home school and creation science resource lending library.
Let Us Teach Kids
Children's Church curriculum and information.
Longing for Home
Curriculum for faith-based education.
Love to Learn
Christian family business providing personally reviewed homeschooling curriculum.
My Father's World Curriculum
Homeschool and Christian school curriculum for Preschool through eighth grade.
An Old-Fashioned Education
Free homeschooling texts, full curriculum and resources for grades K-12.
Our Helping Hand
Encouragement and information about homeschooling and home business ideas.
Primary Bible Lessons
Eighty self-directed Bible lessons with short quizzes for children.
Robinson Self-Teaching Homeschool Curriculum
CD-ROM-based K-12 home school curriculum containing 250 books.
SonLight Education Ministry
Information and training on designing your own homeschooling curriculum from the Bible.
The Southern Baptist Academy
Online K-12 courses for homeschooling, catering specifically to Southern Baptist families.
St. Thomas Aquinas Academy Homeschool Resource Center
Resources for the Catholic homeschooling family.
Student Of the Word (SOW) Curriculum
K-12th curriculum in which the goal is to know God.
Successful Home Schooling
Articles and advice for both new and experienced home educators from a home school mom of 16 years.
Teaching Treasures Home School Zone
Educational activities, projects and related material for Christian homeschoolers.
Theocentric Christian Education
A curriculum guide which centers on the attributes of God.
Train-Up A Child Publishing
Bible studies for children and teens based on the NIrV and NIV translations. Ideal for homeschoolers, cell groups, and sunday school classes.
Virtue In Knowledge Publications
Specializing in Christian home school resources.
Wisdom's Gate
Carries books, dvd's, cd's, magazines, and mp3's on homeschooling.
Yahoo! Groups : Curriculum by Homeschool Families
Reviews and discussion of homeschool curriculum produced by Christian families.
Yahoo! Groups :Homeschool and Christian Business
Useful information concerning Christian homeschool businesses.
Neighborhood Informer Homeschooling
Homeschooling community
Frugal Abundance
Improving the quality of low-cost meals.

1000s Of Grades K-6 Printable Worksheets From Worksheet Library
Worksheet library offers 1000s of grade level k-6 standard based worksheets for all subject areas.
Volume 20 Issue 3
4th Quarter 2007
Resurrection Bound
Southern gospel quartet
CHEF of Alabama
founded in 1988 to serve all home educators in Alabama by providing information, services, and resources from a Christian perspective to anyone who needs help in the area of home schooling.
Keepers of the Home by Jennifer
Encouraging Ladies to become better Christians, Wives, & Mothers.
All-in-One Homeschool Resource Center
A resource site for families who homeschool. Includes information on homeschooling the student with special needs.
Always Learning Books
Books focusing on practical advice for homeschooling. Based in Australia, but shipping worldwide.
American Home School Publishing
Provider of academically rigorous curricula, with an emphasis on providing junior and senior high school materials.
The Apple Tree
Learning materials for home, school and church.
The Back Pack Homeschool Resource
New and used textbooks and supplemental materials. K-12 - all subjects.
Barb's People Builders
Sells new and used books for children and education. Articles and reviews of homeschool books and curriculum materials.
Bayside School Services
Offering the following standardized tests: CTBS, TerraNova, TCS, CAT5, and intelligence testing for the homeschooling community. Free practice tests for all grades can be requested with a test order where available. Includes a page of North Carolina requi
Children's Catalog
Books, software, video and audio tapes: Arabic/Islamic
Christian Family Resources
Company offers catalog for mail order purchase of home education products. Website also includes advice on home schooling.
Christian Homeschooling Curriculum
Directory of curriculum, materials, programs, and books
Christian Liberty Academy School System
Nationally normed achievement testing services, including the California Achievement Test, are available from this supplier.
Teaching Strategies
Sells home schooling materials, school curriculum, and teaching supplies.
Debra Bell's Home School Resource Center
Curriculum provider of homeschool and educational materials. HSRC hosts the Young Writer's Institute, and Bell's articles, biography, and speaking schedule. There is also a special section listing information on Pennsylvania testing for homesc
Diagnostic Placement Testing at Summit Christian Academy
Achievement and Diagnostic testing for homeschoolers.
Diagnostic Prescriptive Services
Learning styles assessments, vocabulary curriculum, homeschool testing, solutions to learning problems and ADHD, and Person Optimized Curriculum.
Discount Home School Supplies
Offers curriculum, workbooks, and other supplies. Located in Mocksville NC.
Drills, Skills, and More
On-line retailer provides curriculum, educational supplies, and other resources to homeschoolers across the United States.
Family Learning Organization
Offers California Achievement Test, Metropolitan Achievement Test, and assessment services for homeschoolers.
Frugal Family Books
Buy, sell or trade used books and curriculum. Homeschool family-owned business.
FUN Books
Educational materials for homeschoolers and unschoolers at discount prices.
Great Pyramid
Source for homeschooling needs, including books, educational software, worksheets, and lesson plans.
Heppner and Heppner Co. Home Education Resources
Free catalog. Specializes in age and subject integrated home school materials. Unit study and timeline approach. Many supplemental books as well. Family owned and operated.
Hewitt Homeschooling Resources
PASS testing, tutoring, educational resources, and online classes specifically tailored to the homeschooling community.
The Home School
Advice from experienced homeschoolers. Over 1200 books and curriculum packages available through our online bookstore.
Home School Academy
This Pennsylvania-based school provides the California Achievement Test (CAT) to homeschoolers.
HomeFront Software
Offers software for organizing home school and church activities.
Homeschool Buyers Co-op
Provides opportunities for discounts through a co-op.
Homeschool Forms on the Web
Free homeschool forms to print out, including daily planners, field-trip logs, and report cards.
Homeschool Headquarters
Hundreds of homeschool products. Find out which products are top sellers among hsers and why.
Homeschool Helper
Designed to provide useful resources for home schooling families. We have message boards, puzzles, books, self-directed math lessons, and links.
Homeschool Living
Full curriculum providers. Ancillary field trip information.
Homeschool Potpourri Bookstore
Used and New Homeschool Books sold nationwide.
Homeschool Reporting Online
Providing online reporting tools for home education minded families and their umbrella organizations, including transcripts, recordkeeping, and student records.
Homeschool Science from Stratton House
Homeschool science should be fun for the kids and easy for the parents.
Homeschool Testing and Educational Resources
Providing the standardized tests, California Achievement Survey and California Achievement Complete Battery, to homeschooled students.
Homeschool Tools
Offers teaching resources to augment normal curriculum; materials are based on Christian worldview.
Homeschool Tracker
A complete reporting, record keeping, tracking and planning software system for Microsoft Windows to organize your lesson plans, assignments and reports for Windows, including planning and recording assignments, reading lists, field trip reports, attendan
Homeschoolers Companion
A program which tracks assignments, records grades, reading lists, and field trips.
How to Teach Your Child to Read at Home
The book will be very useful to parents who either homeschool or wish to introduce their children to reading in a natural way.
Insect Lore
Provides quality science related activities for your classroom.
Johns Hopkins University Diagnostic and Counseling Center
Offers the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) and Sequential Tests of Educational Progress (STEP) via computer, and other aptitude and achievement tests at their location.
Kindred Learning
Home schooling books structured in four-year plan. Underlying faith is from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Kitchen Table Classroom
Presents tips and tidbits on how to make learning fun. Based on the book by Dianne Wilton. Also includes homeschool links.
Kolbe Academy
A Catholic Curriculum provider, Kolbe does not require that the student be enrolled to take the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) offered through them.
Lamp Post Publishing, Inc
Homeschool curriculum supplier located in Pennsylvania. Contains homeschooling articles, forms, and product listings. From a Christian perspective.
Love to Learn
Trusted by over 500,000 Home Schoolers since 1988
Learn-a-lot Educational Books and Games
Learn-a-lot books and games are designed by a teacher for in class and homeschool environments.
Holland Codes Resource Center specializes in information on Holland Codes, Holland codes career games, career assessments, bingo cards, and printable/ web based resources.
Managers of Their Homes
Sells Managers of Their Homes, a book by Steve and Teri Maxwell about homeschool scheduling for Christian families.
My Schoolhouse Interactive Learning
Lesson plans with immediate feedback.
New England Primer
Providing home school products to develop character, righteousness and noble vision. The original home school text.
Peace Hill Press
Peace Hill Press is a small press located in rural Virginia that concentrates on classical education including 'The Well Trained Mind'.
Pemblewick Press
History textbooks for use in homeschool or classroom. Books teach children about the Renaissance, American history and other subjects with the use of lively narrative.
Potentials Learning Systems
Action Phonics helps students who have fallen behind in their reading skills get ahead very quickly.
Press On
Government curriculum, literature guides, music and illustration services for homeschoolers.
Rainbow Resource Center
Includes product information and exhibit schedule.
The Resourceful Homeschooler
Sells books, games, experiments and software for unschoolers and eclectic homeschoolers. Also lists and consigns used curriculum and educational materials.
School Tools
Provides classroom supplies, curriculum resource materials for teachers, and learning aids for students, parents and home schoolers.
Seton Home Study School
Cat-E Survey tests available for home schoolers.
The Sycamore Tree
Offers over 3000 items to supplement a home-school curriculum. Also includes accredited online school for grades 3-12.
The Talking Page Literacy Organization
System uses neurolinguistics to teach 4 - 6 year old children to write, spell, and read.
Teacher Time Saver
Download shareware, freeware, clipart, and worksheets to use in your classroom.
Thurber's Educational Assessments
Order form for the California Achievement Test. Link for teaching and education sites, resources for gifted children and college preparation.
Trace Erase Board
Home schooling product and learning system teaches alphabet, language skills, math, art. Makes learning fun. Lets parents create their own reuseable pages and lessons. More versatile than books.
The Trent Schools
Provides online home school lessons for grades 1 through 12.
Waldorf Without Walls
Individualized curriculum consulting, planning, support, and lecture schedule for families using the Waldorf method.
Wholechild Learning Company
Provides high quality educational enrichment programs for young children.
Zen Homeschooling
Educational tools and online courses for homeschooling, independent study and the Zen of reading literacy at home.
The Basic Homeschooler
Michelle, aka The Basic Homeschooler, journals her homeschooling adventure, providing tips, money-saving ideas, resource links, and photos of her family.
Bay Mountain Academy
Information, resources and support for homeschooling preschool aged children. Explanation of Before Five In A Row curriculum, comparison of styles, and a picture album.
Cajun Catholic Homeschooling
Beth Broom and her seven children share their interests, homeschooling journey, experiences having identical twins, Celiac disease, ultrasounds from 18 weeks on, and information on unborn children.
Charlotte Mason Homeschooling through the Eyes of One Child
The Glaser family shares their experiences with homeschooling their son David, a
Cobin Kids Home Page
Photos, homeschool information, chess results, and living abroad explained by an American professor currently homeschooling his six children in Chile. Mirrored in Spanish.
Eleos Home School
Home School Projects, Stories, Christian Education information, Creation Research
Family home schooling site
This site contains information and links for homeschooling, ADD/ADHD, violent crime prevention, and lung cancer information.
Friske Fingers Homeschool
Unit study information from the Friske family.
Home-Is-School! Home-Is-Cool!
Christian and homeschool resource page of the Howard family. Information on Christianity, homeschool, parenting, and military homeschool families.
Home Education allows for more individual learning styles. Families are free to spend more time together while learning together. Learning is a life-long process and should be pleasureable. Resources and newsletter.
Homeschoolmum Reviews
Jane reviews homeschool, parenting, and pet books from a relaxed viewpoint.
Linda's Homeschool Page
The Riordan family explains why character training is important, how they use felt boards, timelines, homeschooling by boat and car, and a typical day at their house.
My Home School World!
An informative and fun site catering to the educational needs of the family.
My Miracle Baby
Sheri shares information about special needs homeschooling, her son who was born at 27 weeks, lesson plans, and curriculum recommendations.
Nabrit Family Adventure
This African-American family has homeschooled for over seven years. The site offers reference and link content as well as practical information on homeschooling and male rites of passage.
Our Country School
The Brown family takes its readers on a homeschooling journey, from the decision to homeschool to what's currently being studied.
Pam's Refuge for Homeschooling Moms
Encouragement and resources for Christian homeschooling moms and their families, including message boards, links, and information.
Peasleburg Home Preschool Academy
Home preschooling themes, creative projects, and ideas for the younger crowd.
Road School
The Nod family sold their house, packed up their belongings in their trailer, and hit the road. This is their online homeschooling journal about their travels and their experiences.
Rogers Family's Homeschool Page
This is our philosophy of home education based on Biblical beliefs. There are subject helps, and links to sites for more information.
The Schaefer Family Home Page
A Christian family's homepage describing their life as missionaries on their way to Singapore and homeschooling their children.
Another Path - Making the Decision to Homeschool
Written primarily for the parents of deaf children, the examination of issues applies to parents of hearing children as well. Includes common concerns, legal issues, and a list of pros and cons.
A family based web site discussing education and family issues. -- Controversial HomeSchool Issues
Public messageboard for discussion of controversial issues.
The Freeman | The Seduction of Homeschooling Families
Chris Cardiff warns that government school programs in California that include homeschoolers erode the homeschool movement. (March 1, 1998)
Homeschooling: Back to the Future?
The Cato Institute provides an analysis of factors contributing to the growing popularity and products of schooling at home. Includes history and FAQ. <small>(January 7, 1998)</small>
Home School Legal Defense Association
A critical look at HSLDA, and examination of legalities of homeschooling.
Christian Home Education
Tips and resources for Christian homeschooling.
Inclusive and multi-cultural information for UK unschoolers.
Education Otherwise
A membership organisation which provides support and information for families whose children are being educated outside school. Lists general details and contact information.
Freedom in Education
Articles and news about alternatives to school-based education. Covers infants through to teenagers, with Montessori, Rudolph Steiner and the Waldorf information available too.
Hands Up 4 Home Ed
Campaign weblog for home educators wishing to preserve their current rights in UK law. Shows children's contributions so far.
HE Special UK
Provides information, articles, resources and mailing list for parents of children with special needs, who would like to educate at home.
Home Education
Includes legal guidelines, several mailing lists, chat room, articles, events calendar, research questionnaire, FAQs, support group listings, Northern Ireland section, scrapbook, games, quizzes and other resources.
Home Education Advisory Service
HEAS is a support group which offers information for home educators including advice about educational materials, resources, GCSE examinations, special educational needs, information technology, and legal matters.
Home Education in the UK
Information and resources for anyone interested in home education in Britain. Many articles about different aspects of education at home, and ideas for introducing topics informally.
L.I.F.E. Homeschool Support Group
Activities, photos, law, and links from this Christian, but inclusive, support group. Serves the RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath communities.
MuddlePuddle Home Education
Home education resources and ideas for parents with younger children. Useful links and ideas for science and maths.
Schoolhouse Home Education Association
Information and support for Scottish families wishing to homeschool. Includes legal section, teen peer support network, news and other resources.
The place for educational entrepreneurs, offers good resources, support and consulting to homeschoolers.
Homeschool Organization
A Christian Ministry dedicated to promoting home education in the State of Maine.
Jon's Homeschool Resources
Large collection of homeschool resources and information.
Maine Department of Education Home Instruction
Information and links to homeschooling checklist, assessment options, access law, records required, study courses, and homeschool resources.
Maine Homeschool Organizations
Statewide listing and contact information for homeschool groups.
Hands and Hearts
Sells a wide variety of hands-on homeschool materials.
Nest Entertainment
Because it all begins at home!
Artistic Pursuits
Art program for homeschool covering K - 12.
Free visual arts lessons.
Lessons From History
Organizes the study of history through biographies. Lessons From History organizes a time period around a person or event, and provides a biography list.
Time Lines Etc.
Offers ready to make time lines and related products.
ABC Read
Self-directed, phonics-based reading program on audio and videotapes.
All About Spelling
Free resources for parents and teachers to help children master spelling concepts. Lesson plans, free printable spelling lists, teaching tips, and remedial help.
Alpha Phonics
Easy-to-use, complete phonics program and primer enables parents to teach their beginning readers at home.
The Art of Eloquence
Speech communication curriculum for homeschooled students.
Beautiful Feet Books
Publishers of History Through Literature Study Guides and classic children's literature, including Newbery and Caldecott award-winners. Emphasize use of
Brave Writer
Parent and student resources that foster and develop writers who feel comfortable expressing their thoughts on paper.
Easy Grammar Systems
Grammar concepts taught through a prepositional approach. Also Daily Grams workbooks for grammar review and Easy Writing to teach complex sentences.
English Zone
Combination of fee-based and free grammar, spelling, vocabulary, reading, and writing exercises and tests subdivided by level. Quick-reference area for basic words list, fables and idioms.
First Reader
Phonics system especially for teaching young children to read and write at home.
Five in A Row Literature-Based Studies
Parents can teach their younger students through the delightful avenue of quality children's literature.
The Grammar Key
Easy-to-use software for mastering the elements of English grammar. The program helps students understand the rules of grammar and transfer those rules to their own writing.
How to Teach Reading
Lessons, activities, and reinforcement materials to teach reading. Takes a child who knows the alphabet to a beginning third grade reading level.
University of Ottowa offers lessons on proper grammar and writing skills, with an emphasis on Canadian form.
Konos Connection
Featuring "Learn to Write the Novel Way" and "Write Your Roots." Students learn language arts while writing a novel or a family history. For grades 5-12.
Learning Journal
Teaches reading, writing and comprehension in a simple 20-30 minute daily lesson.
LEO Strategies for Editing and Proofreading
Helpful tips and sugggestions for effective proofreading and self-editing.
Progeny Press
Study guides for literature from a Christian perspective. Guides include vocabulary exercises, discussion questions, and related activities. For grades K-12.
Put That in Writing
A complete and integrated homeschool writing curriculum for grades 7 and up.
Razzle Dazzle Learning Company
Student-directed products that take the stress out of teaching creative and expository writing and language mechanics for the teacher and home school parent.
Sequential Spelling
A program for teaching the patterns of English spelling. For dyslexics and non-dyslexics, classrooms, and homeschooling.
Shurley English
A step-by-step method for teaching grammar to grades 1-7. Thorough, complete, and drill-oriented homeschool program, using musical jingles to reinforce concepts.
Quiz Hub
K-12 Online Interactive Learning Quiz Games � Focused on Facts
Software for creating handwriting worksheets.
Total Language Plus
Homeschool language arts curriculum that focuses on teaching thinking and communication skills using literature as a base. Best for grades 5+.
Turbo Reader
A reading program that takes the learner through a specially selected sequence, from sounds to words to stories. For children learning to read or for teens and adults who need to improve reading skills.
USA Reading School
Free online foundational phonics classes for teaching or improving English reading skills. For homeschoolers, ESL, public and private schools. - Vocabulary Builder
An online vocabulary builder suitable for standardized test preparation and professional vocabulary development.
Word Web Vocabulary
Ties together spelling, grammar and usage, reading and writing, speaking and listening into an existing language arts curriculum. For grades 5-10.
Wordsmiths Writing and Grammar Resources
Quality English composition, grammar, and vocabulary materials. Writing textbooks teach essays, journal writing, and creative writing.
The Write Source
User-friendly handbooks that parents and students of English and writing can turn to for help with writing-related topics. For all grade levels.
Write with the Best
A program that uses the writing of excellent authors to model and teach descriptive writing skills, and encourages the reading of these great works of world literature.
Individualized writing courses for homeschooled students in grades 4-12. Students work with a private writing teacher at their own pace on projects of their parents' choosing.
A writing education program that pairs middle and high school students with personal writing coaches who teach composition skills and provide feedback via the Internet.
WriteShop: An Incremental Writing Program
Jr. high/high school curriculum uses the writing process (brainstorming, rough draft, editing, revising) to introduce descriptive, informative, narrative, and persuasive writing.
The Writing Course
A homeschool writing curriculum designed to teach your child the essentials of writing; including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the special magic of using natural language.
Writing Strands
A writing program designed to teach children how to use language effectively in creative and expository modes.
Activities for Learning
RightStart Mathematics curriculum is designed for homeschooling, using the abacus teaching method.
Basic Math Help, Algebra, and Trigonometry Video Lessons
Instructional math help video lessons online and on CD.
Can Do Kids
Memorize Math Facts Fast and Easy!
East TIme Tables
Complete system for teaching children their times tables.
Homeschool Math
Free resources for homeschool math teaching.
Hooked on Math
The new Hooked on Math is a simple system designed to help your child master the basic math skills.
Interactive Maths resources.
Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
Free educational web site featuring interactive math lessons with a problem-solving approach and actively engage students in the learning process. Also offer a math chat board, math puzzles, a math image library, educational links, and homework suggestio
Newton's Window
Math site that offers magazine, educational products, and PTA consulting.
Numberline Lane
Math through stories for ages 4 to 7.
Softbasics Software
Three Windows 95/98 math programs for children ages 6-12 including Math Maker, a math activities printing program.
S&S Worldwide
Making it easy to help people play and learn since 1906
Understanding Mathematics--a Math Help Book
Understanding Mathematics is a great reference for parents who need a refresher for helping their children. It also provides the skeleton for a good math course that will last you for your child's entire school care
William K. Bradford Publishing
Discounted math and text-based Math curriculum for schools and homeschoolers.
Beginnings Publishing House - Rainbow Science
Homeschool science curriculum for junior high students written by Ph-D level scientists that are also homeschool parents.
Exploration Education Science Curriculum
Exploration Education offers physical science curriculum with hands-on projects and experiments for K12.
Common Sense Press
Creating Easy to use curriculum since 1989
Home Science Tools
Science supplies and educational lab tools like microscopes, test tubes, kits, and more for grades K-12.
Materials needed to teach and learn science using the power of the internet.
Bright Hub Education
Striving to be a part of your educational process, as you journey from young child to young adult, from beginning teacher to accomplished educator, and from new parent to experienced caregiver or homeschool provider.
Adventures in Homeschooling
Crafts, field trips, educational tips, and adventures...
Living Learning Books
Homeschool science curriculum and activity guides for a classical approach to education.
Science for Today and Tomorrow, Inc.
K - 6 hands-on science teaching system.
Science in a Nutshell
Science unit study kits for grades 2 through 6. Available topics include Earth Works, Electricity and Magnetism, The Human Body, Simple Machines, Space Science, Water World, and Living Things.
The Young Scientists Club
Subscription science curriculum developed by Harvard graduates for children ages 4-8. Children receive personalized science kits including lessons and materials.
High school science curriculum especially designed for the home school. Written by a former university professor, has experiments which can be performed at home.
Social Studies School Service Home
Features more than 15,000 books, videocassettes, CD-ROMs, posters and more that can be ordered online. Free resources include catalogs, annotated Web sites, sample lessons from activity books, and original online activities.
Strong Brains - Objectivist Self-Education
Emphasizes selected books and related materials on key topics, primarily addressed to teens and adults.
TRISMS Homeschool Curriculum
Provides directed study and allows children to branch off into their own areas of personal interest.
The Christian Homeschool Journal
Homeschool site with stories of families' experiences and relevant articles.
The world's largest web site devoted to logic puzzles!
Homeschool and More
Provides educational products, articles about homeschooling, and a calendar of events.
Free unit studies.
In the Hands of a Child
Encourages the use of Project Packs to display and review completed unit studies. Sells resources to help you get started.
Let's Study Birds!
Multi-sensory thematic study on birds for students 7 to 14.
Peg's Unit Study Planning Page
A detailed how-to on developing your own Unit Studies. Includes checklist and information on learning styles.
Pimsleur Language Programs
Sells products that teach you foreign languages in your home or car.
Unit Study Helps
Message board, FAQs, and a homeschooling newsletter by e-mail.
Unit Study Adventures by Amanda Bennett
The Future of Learning
Debbie's Unit Factory
Elementary-level theme units.
Guide to Geekdom
Learn to use and troubleshoot computer problems.
Rainbow Horizons Publishing
Elementary-level, theme-based units and lesson plans. All units are delivered in electronic book or PDF formats.
Alone With God Bible Studies
Verse-by-verse study of Scripture for mid-elementary.
Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum
Features Prairie Primer unit study based on Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House on the Prairie series.
Character Building for Families
Christian character building study for entire family.
Common Sense Press
Unit study-based Christian curriculum.
Cornerstone Curriculum
Homeschooling unit study materials for building families upon a Biblical Worldview.
Konos, Inc.
Christian curriculum for homeschoolers.
Life in America
Unit study for grades K-12.
Notgrass Company
Offers Christian history, science, and art unit studies.
Patchwork Primers Unit Studies
Emphasizes using the materials you have to create a crazy-quilt curriculum for elementary school subjects.
Smarr Publishers
Unit based literature curriculum for middle and high school students.
A to Z Thematic Units Index

EasyFunSchool Unit Study
Over 1,500 Pages of Free Educational Resources!
Dinosaur Discovery Unit Plan
Overview of prehistoric creatures.
Mozart's Magical Musical Life
Multimedia version of Mozart's life in fairytale form.
Thanksgiving Study
Resources for studying the American Thanksgiving tradition.
Book Recycler
Used home school curriculum, textbooks and readers, secondhand children's stories, and Christian fiction.
Previously used homeschool curriculum in a variety of subject areas.
Educational Accents
Offers new and used books for homeschoolers. Also buys used books. Includes a compatibility checker to ensure that books ordered are compatibile with each other.
Educator's Exchange
Used homeschool text books.
Follower's Book Corner
Mail order books from a Canadian source.
Homeschool Book Depot
Sells used homeschooling books, both secular and Christian-based.
Homeschool Classifieds
Post a want ad or sale ad for free - find just about anything you are looking for here.
Homeschoolers Bookmobile Online
Over 70,000 homeschool families buy their new and used curriculum at the Bookmobile. Choose from tens-of-thousands online.
Jackis Online Bookstore in OR
This site has used homeschool curriculum, quality literature and Christian reading for all ages.
Pat's Place Used Curriculum
I enjoy locating used educational books, cassettes, cds, and videos.
Second Harvest Curriculum
A bookstore offering used homeschooling curriculum.
Used Curriculum of Southern Califiornia
Used curriculum for Home Schooling.
Germany: Kaiserslautern Military Community Christian Home Educators
Calendar, legal information, local resources, and why they homeschool.
A home-education site with cartoons, games and story books, as well as information on home education in France.
Canadian Home Based Learning Resource Page
Formerly Canadian Homeschool Resource Page. Links to chats and forums, other homeschooling sites, educational sites and homeschooled kids' personal pages; lists of homeschooling conferences, universities and colleges accepting homeschoolers, books, m
Homeschool Victoria
Online group for homeschoolers in Victoria, BC
The Homeschooler's Guide to the Colleges
Homeschool admissions requirements of colleges in the U.S., UK, and Canada, with advice on the many phases of the process.
Homeschoolers in Canada
Web Ring with the purpose of bringing together all the sites of Canadian homeschoolers: personal pages, homeschooled children's pages, web sites of businesses serving the homeschooling community, homeschooling parents' own business sites.
Math at Home: Ontario Math Problems
Detailed solutions for problems from grade 9 - 12 Ontario math textbooks.
Wise Choice Educational Services
ADD, Dyslexia and Homeschooling Coaching services in English and French.
The Association of Canadian Home-Based Education

Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada
Home School Legal Defence Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization
British Columbia Home Learners Association
Resources, legal information, and stories from this inclusive non-profit society.
CHENL - Christian Home Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador
The provincial association of home educators living in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, CHENL will provide you with information on current happenings in the province.
Homebased Learning Society of Alberta - HLSA
Edmonton support group for families of all lifestyles, learning styles, ethnic and religious backgrounds. Educational links, information, and password-protected pages for HLSA Members, including newsletter and calendar of events.
Learn Free Community
Local networking forum for homeschooling families and other autodidactic learners in and around London, Ontario. Discussions, event announcements, file sharing, curriculum for sale and wanted, links.
Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home (MASH)
Provincial homeschooling organization providing support and networking, and serving as liaison with the government. Contact information, FAQ, and a brief list of books and web sites.
Nova Scotia Home Education Association
Non-denominational and inclusive provincial organization for homeschoolers in Nova Scotia, Canada. Members have access to the Home Education Resource Centre, a lending library of educational toys, books and manipulatives. Announcements, events, FAQs, fiel
The Ontario Federation of Teaching Parents
Providing information about family and community-based education through their web site, a newsletter, a hotline, and forums for members. Serves as an advocacy group and link between home educators and institutions such as the provincial government and sc
Canada's Homeschool Directory & Magazines
#1 Home Education and Alternative Learning Directory and Magazine in Canada
Maple Leaf Home Ed Resources
Used curriculum for sale and wanted. Submit ad or search the site. For Canadian residents only. Also includes a list of links.
Publishers of educational materials in music, art, Canadian history, science, record keeping, and French. Club Mimi pages are for kids and include sample pages from L'ART DE LIRE French Program.
Home School Legal Defense Association
A non-profit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. News, resources, and articles across the states.
National Home Education Network
NHEN provides resources for all homeschoolers, regardless of method, through support listings, legal information and updates, articles, a resource directory, media support, and networking.
National Home Education Research Institute
News and research on homeschooling from NHERI, an organization whose purposes are to produce high-quality research on home-based education; serve as a clearinghouse of research for homeschoolers, researchers, and policy makers; and educate the public conc
Alabama Home Educators' Web Ring
The purpose of this ring is to link together sites about home education, homeschool, unschooling, support groups and cover schools in the state of Alabama.
Christian Home Education Foundation of Alabama
Includes teaching resources, Alabama law, church schools, state convention information, and administrator overview.
Home Educators of Alabama Round Table (HEART)
An inclusive organization, based in Alabama, whose purpose is to provide impartial information to all potential and existing home educators.
North Alabama Home Educators
The goals, events, and activities of NAHE support groups. Also contains reasons home education is superior to classroom instruction, and reasons it encourages better character development.
Topica: Central Alabama Resource for Home Educators
An inclusive list for Alabama homeschoolers offering a monthly calendar of events and activities.
Yahoo! Groups: Alabama Homeschool
Statewide mailing list.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool-Alabama
An inclusive email list for resource sharing and discussion.
Calvary School
Statewide cover school.
Contemporary Education Academy
Christian cover school with an online emphasis.
Crossroads Christian School
A cover school and support organization sponsored by Community Presbyterian Church of Moody. Requires HSLDA membership and a statement of faith.
Dayspring Christian Academy
Information on this central Alabama church school that offers legal covering for homeschoolers.
Eden Academy of Tuscaloosa
Inclusive and tolerant statewide cover school.
Hope Academy
Information on this inclusive cover umbrella school located in Fort Payne and serving Dekalb, Cherokee, and Jackson counties.
Jubilee Ministries
A church cover school in Irondale.
North Alabama Christian School
Homeschool cover for faithful members of church of Christ in North Alabama (Huntsville).
Outlook Academy
Registration and information page for this church school, based in Prattville but providing a legal covering for home educators throughout the whole state. Resources include record-keeping, Internet class information, support group listings, and school-r
Sacred Grove Academy
Auburn area cover school for pagan home educators.
Teach Us - Homeschooling
The Home of East Lake United Methodist Church Academy on the Web, Interactive Resources that include Homeschool Message Boards, 1600 Classic Books in Electronic Format, Crossword Puzzles, and Parent Chat room.
United Christian Academy
Christian cover school based in Scottsboro.
Varied Abilities School and Training Network
VAST is an organization to help families homeschool children with special needs by providing therapy, services and support. Alabama homeschool cover.
Six humans, three dogs, and one useless cat share tips on unschooling, Scouting, cartoons, and AIDS.
Train Up A Child
The McCay family makes curricula recommendations, and shares field trip information.
Unschooling in Alabama
The Gibsons share their educational philosophy, book reviews, and resource recommendations, all in a garden theme.
Elmore County Homeschool Organization
ECHO is a support group for all families in the greater Wetumpka and Millbrook areas of Elmore County who homeschool.
SEAL Homeschoolers
Support and information group for homeschoolers in SouthEast Alabama.
Southeast Alabama Educators at HOME
Christian support group serving Houston, Henry, Dale, Coffee, and Geneva counties.
Yahoo! Groups: Narrow Way Christian Academy
Support group for Dekalb County and surrounding areas.
Alaska Private and Home Educators' Association
Alaska’s Statewide Christian Homeschool Organization Since 1986
ERCHA - Eagle River Christian Homeschool Association
A support group where families come together to form activities such as a high-school running group, Tuesday clubs, and a junior high MathCounts team.
Interior Distance Education of Alaska
IDEA is the home schooling support program of Galena City School District, serving the needs of students throughout Alaska since 1997. Our mission is to provide resources and support to parents who have chosen to educate their children at home.
Raven School
The mission of the Raven Correspondence School is to provide educational choice and opportunity with first class service, while advocating for the home school ideals.
Yahoo! Groups : affiliatedhomeschoolers
For homeschooling families who are affiliated with public funded homeschooling programs in Alaska. Its purpose is to pass along news, information and legislative updates and to offer support to those families who are educating their children through an or
Yahoo! Groups : AlaskaHomeschoolNetwork
A networking and discussion list for Alaskan homeschoolers and anyone interested in homeschooling in Alaska.
Yahoo! Groups : fairbankshomeschoolers
This Fairbanks, Alaska-specific list is where you can get support, discuss homeschooling, trade curriculum, announce events (even garage sales) with only a few rules.
Yahoo! Groups : homeschoolfriendlysupport
This is a place for families who are enrolled or thinking of enrolling in a state funded correspondence school, distance learning or any other homeschool program which is supported by the state or any other public school. Homeschoolers from any state can
Yahoo! Groups: Alaska Homeschooling
An inclusive statewide mailing list to promote dialog, activities, networking, discussions, classes, and family get togethers.
Yahoo! Groups: Alaskan Homeschoolers
An inclusive mailing list whose purpose is to provide parents, administrators, teachers, and communities timely and useful information in regard to home, charter, private and other progressive, alternate forms of education.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool-Alaska
An email list is for the posting of events, organizations and homeschool websites related to homeschooling in Alaska.
Yahoo! Groups: Valley Christian Home Educators
An email group for VCHE, a local support group serving the Matanuska-Susitna Valley.
Baby June's Homeschool
Baby June shares her experience with the Cyberlynx Homeschool program in Juneau, Alaska.
Homeschooling in the Wrangells
A rural Alaskan family's perspective on homeschooling in the middle of the nation's largest national park, the Wrangell-St. Elias.
Arizona Families for Home Education
The statewide organization that has been serving the needs and protecting the rights of Arizona’s homeschooling families since 1983.
Christian Home Educators of Mesa
CHE is a members-only support group that promotes educational field trips and social events for curriculum-based home educators.
Christian Home Educators of Tucson: Northwest
CHET-NW is a support group for northwest Tucson. In addition to field trips and social events, it staffs a lending library, and has its own 4-H group.
Christian Home Educators of Tucson: Southeast
CHET Southeast is one of four CHET support groups in the greater Tucson area. It serves members through Fellowship Fridays, field trips, teen groups, Geobee, and social events.
East Valley Christian Home Educators
A Christian home school support group for Tempe and surrounding community.
Eastside Explorers
Eastside is an inclusive homeschool cooperative of over 200 families in the Phoenix metro area. While the board of directors holds Christian beliefs, membership is open to all. Regularly scheduled activities include parent support meeting, monthly park
Family Pages: Heber J. Grant Academy
The Grant family shares their self-paced learning, hands on experiences, field trips, and friends.
Home Education Network of Arizona (HENA)
HENA is a statewide homeschooling organization whose mission is to create an environment in which all home educating families in Arizona can share resources, find support, and build community.
Roadrunner Home Schoolers
A Christ-centered support group in the greater Phoenix area that plans activities, fellowship opportunities, and an annual family camp.
Sonoran Desert Homeschoolers
An inclusive network of families providing social and creative outlets, park days, and physical activities.
Summit View Homeschool Cooperative
Summit is a Christian, but inclusive, parent-run co-op whose purpose is to provide group educational and social opportunities.
Valleywide Home Educators
An inclusive support group with park days, clubs, classes, field trips, and teen activities. Serving the greater Phoenix area.
Veritas Homeschoolers
This Phoenix East Valley support group provides small groups, park days, field trips, parent and family activities, e-mail group, newsletter, curriculum, links, softball, and active youth group.
Yahoo! Groups: Palo Verde Homeschoolers
An inclusive statewide egroup for parents of gifted and talented homeschoolers.
Believers Homeschool Association
A local Christian support group serving Ft. Smith and the surrounding areas.
CHEF Homeschool of Arkansas
Christian Home Educators' Fellowship serving Faulkner county.
Family Association for Instruction and Teaching at Home
A Christian support group for the greater Fort Smith area. A law summary, new homeschoolers' handbook, social and academic activity listings are included.
Home Educated and Righteously Trained
A Christian homeschool support group that serves El Dorado, Arkansas and the surrounding areas. HEART Sponsors field trips, a newsletter, moms' night out, and physical education.
Home Educators of Greater Little Rock
A Christian, but inclusive, volunteer local support group over 1200 strong. Offering roller skating, teen night out, children's theatre, field trips, and an athletic association.
Yahoo! Groups: Arkansas Home Educators
An inclusive, online support group.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling in Northwest Arkansas
An email list for sharing of teaching ideas, tips, problems, and accomplishments.
Yahoo! Groups: Wyoming Catholic Homeschoolers
This group's intent is to disseminate information, prayer requests, announcements, family updates, and questions.
Yahoo! Groups: Wyoming Homeschool
Online-only list for general discussion from families educating at home. Not strictly on-topic.
Chippewa Valley Home School Flames
Snapshots, diary, and schedule for the Flames, a Christian homeschool girl's volleyball team from northwestern Wisconsin.
DPI: Home-Based Private Education Program
Information on Wisconsin's homeschooling law from the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Logos Homeschool Academy
A Wisconsin-based, Christian homeschool record keeping organization
Marshfield Area Home Educators
MAHE is an inclusive support group serving Marshfield and central Wisconsin offering classes, field trips, and meet-up days.
The Wisconsin Parents Association
An inclusive state-wide grassroots organization to secure a reasonable homeschooling law. This group continues to monitor all of the legislation that is important to the homeschool community.
Schooling Your Children at Home
Mark and Leann explain the Biblical mandates for Christians to be teaching their children at home.
Christian Home Educators of West Virginia
CHEWV is a ministry founded for the purpose of encouraging and equipping families in the performance of their God-given responsibilities to train and educate their children.
Home School Legal Defense Association: West Virginia Home School Laws
Offers a summary of home schooling laws. Includes a legal analysis (PDF).
West Virginia Home Educators Association
Inclusive statewide organization that provides resources for homeschoolers. How to get started homeschooling in WV, information about events, legislative and other news, printable forms, and guidelines.
Yahoo! Groups: Appalachian Regional Cooperative
An email list for ARC, an inclusive regional support group serving homeschoolers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
Yahoo! Groups: Southern West Virginia Homeschoolers
Support group for local homeschooling families. Membership is limited to homeschoolers who live in Southern West Virginia and are interested in actively participating in a support group.
Kanawha Putnam Home Educators
Christian support group for the greater Charleston area. Academic and social events including chess club, horsemanship, crafts, keepers of the faith clubs, chemistry labs, and art classes.
Capitol Area Christian Communicators
Debate club information, schedules, tournaments, and resources.
Yahoo! Groups: Baltimore - Washington Home Educators
An inclusive online community of DC and Baltimore-area homeschoolers.
Washington Homeschooling Organization (WHO)
Washington Homeschooling Organization (WHO)
Christian Homeschool Network of Washington
A statewide grassroots network committed to ensuring the right to homeschool freely.
Family Learning Organization
FLO offers homeschooling advice, support and standardized achievement testing for home-based education. Provides encouragement through networking and legislation and curriculum information.
Homeschoolers' Support Association
Contact and information page for HSA, an inclusive regional association of local support groups, offering support to all homeschooling families in South King and Pierce Counties.
Washington Homeschool: Homeschooling Guide to Kitsap and North Mason Counties
Resources for the West Sound area including places to go, classes, support group listing, Road Scholars, activities, and Christian articles.
Washington Natural Learning Association
WNLA is a grassroots project to promote and network natural learners.
Zacchaeus Learning Opportunities
Conducting classes and tutoring in a variety of subject areas for Whatcom county students.
Yahoo! Groups: HIK 4 Information
An information-only list for homeschool related announcements in Kitsap County. No chat allowed, no stories, jokes, political information or other non-homeschool related issues.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling in Kitsap
The HIK list is a place for home educators in and around the West Sound to announce activities, classes and events, as well as chat about curriculum, projects, and methods.
Yahoo! Groups: Open Minded Homeschoolers in Kitsap
An inclusive email list for homeschoolers and for those who educate at home under the supervision of their local school districts.
Yahoo! Groups: Peninsula Home Education Network
An inclusive email loop for both those using public school programs, and homeschoolers in and around the Port Townsend area.
Yahoo! Groups: Special Homeschoolers of Washington
An email list for parents homeschooling special needs children.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Home Education Network
An inclusive state-wide network whose emphasis is politics as they relate to homeschooling.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Homeschool
General discussion list sponsored by NetHomeschool.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Homeschool Leaders
Email loop exclusively for support group heads and other leaders, to exchange ideas and discuss legislative concerns.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Natural Learning Association Yahoo Group
Networking and political awareness for home educators throughout the state. Political discussion, questions, and issues relevant to home education are main topics of this list.
Yahoo! Groups: Washington Secular Home Schoolers
Statewide email group for parents who homeschool free of religion.
Yahoo! Groups: Whatcom Homeschoolers
Email list to inform local homeschoolers of resources and activities.
Yahoo! Groups: Whatcom Youth Homeschool Group
An email loop for teens and pre-teens to exchange ideas and local resources.
Maple Brook Farm
The McMullen family offers classes in art, Shakespeare appreciation, farm life, and nature. They share their interests in sheep and goats, and sell used curriculum.
Smile, Smile, Smile
The Opper family tells about its three children, and the decision to homeschool. Pictures of the grandparents and the kids round out the site.
Christian Association of Parent Educators (C.A.P.E.)
Information on this 135-family strong Yakima Valley area support group including monthly field trips, P.E. classes, Annual Project Fair, Speech and Drama Festival, Friday Forum, International Evening, parent meetings, monthly newsletters, skating parties,
Clark County Home Educators
Resources, family business pages, contact information, events, activities, lending library, classes, and statement of faith for this Christian, but inclusive, Vancouver area support group.
Clark County Homeschoolers
An email list for this inclusive group.
Granite Falls Homeschoolers
An email list for an inclusive local support group.
Home Oriented Meaningful Education
HOME is a Christian, but inclusive, support group for the North King and South Snohomish county area. Its page includes information on organizing social and educational activities, utilizing local resources, and sponsoring a used curricula fair.
LDS Music and Education Co-op
Mormon, but inclusive, co-op for King and Pierce counties. Academic and musical classes available through co-operative education.
North Mason Keepers of the Faith
Calendar of events, and information on this Christian support group for North Mason area for users of the Keepers of the Faith curriculum.
Responsible Education Achieved in the Christian Home
Information on meetings, an annual science fair, Geography Bee,lending library, and field trips from REACH, a local support group serving Seattle's Eastside communities, including Bellevue, Issaquah, Redmond, Kirkland, and Renton.
Solid Rock Christian Homeschool
Co-op information and class schedules for this Port Orchard based group. A ministry of Christ the Rock Community Church.
Teaching Parents Association
Inclusive support group for Woodinville area with a local resource guide.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling in Christ
Snohomish county support group that meets for field trips, outings and fellowship.
Glen Allen Homeschoolers
Richmond area group
Growing Righteously As Christian Examples
This Loudon county ministry tells of its co-op classes, support group, and special events.
Happy Trails
Mary Alissa Wilson, columnist for the Virginia Home Education Association's newsletter, has published all of her columns on her own site. Dozens of reviews--the good and bad--of adventures in Virginia and surrounding areas for homeschoolers and other
Home Educators Are Restoring Their Heritage
HEARTH is a Biblically-based support group for Ft. Royal and surrounding areas. All members must adhere to the standards of conduct posted on the page. Information on classes, field trips, and other activities is provided, as well as new homeschooler gu
Home Educators' Association for Responsible Teens and their Siblings
Membership and class information for HEART, a local Christian support group for teens in Ashburn and surrounding areas.
Home Educators Association of Virginia
How to begin homeschooling, legal information, support group listings, testing and evaluation resources, events throughout the state, and convention details from HEAV, a statewide Christian, non-profit organization with membership open to all.
Home Educators of Rainbow Forest
Meeting information, new homeschoolers packet, and statement of faith from HERF, a local Christian support group serving the greater Roanoke area.
Home School Sports Network
Sign-ups, tournament information, camps, and articles all relating to this Christian Home School Sports League.
Homeschool Richmond
Area-wide information on classes, field trips, support groups, and Virginia law.
Homeschool Richmond
Includes homeschooling support groups, homeschool classes, events, and announcements.
The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers)
Virginia's only fully inclusive, all volunteer, member-directed state homeschool organization. Formerly known as Virginia Home Education Association (VHEA). Provides information, documents and articles to assist homeschoolers in meeting the legal req
Teaching Virginia Standards of Learning
Provides sample resource materials and teaching strategies for English, history, math, and science. Helpful resource for those homeschoolers who wish to implement the Virginia Standards of Learning. Also included are links to other educational sites.
Tidewater Educators Association for Christian Homeschooling, Inc
TEACH (formerly BEACH) is a regional Christian homeschool support group serving southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. Monthly meetings, educational enrichment, school sports programs for elementary, middle, and high school age students.
Virginia's List of Pre-Approved Correspondence Courses
Virginia homeschoolers filing under Option (iii) must use one of the pre-approved correspondence school programs from this list, which is created by the Va Dept. of Education.
Virginia's Standards of Learning (SOLs)
State standards for public education. Some homeschoolers like to use these as a guideline. Those who file under Option (iv) need to refer to the SOLs for math and language arts in their description of the program of study.
Yahoo! Groups : CentralVAUnschoolers
For Unschoolers in Central Virginia, USA to receive support, give ideas and chat! All faiths are welcome. No Flaming allowed!
Yahoo! Groups: DelMarVa Homeschoolers
Home schoolers from the region known as DELMARVA, (Delaware, Maryland, Virginia), can network via email announcements of family and home school events in their area. Religious and political discussions are prohibited.
Yahoo! Groups: Fauquier Home Educators
An email list whose purpose is to serve as a clearinghouse of homeschooling information for families in and around Fauquier County.
Yahoo! Groups: HELLO-VA-HS
Inclusive homeschoolers group for Clarke and Frederick counties in Virginia. Membership includes people from a variety of educational methods, belief systems, and political affiliations. Intended for sharing information about local events, educational res
Yahoo! Groups: LIFE
An eclectic group of homeschoolers, who belong to LIFE- Learning In a Family Environment- homechool group, geographically based in Western Loudoun County, VA and the surrounding area. Secular group.
Yahoo! Groups: Northern VA Pagan HS
For homeschooling pagans in Northern Virginia to meet and converse.
Yahoo! Groups: Park Days of NOVA
A newsletter for Park and Playground Days which meet at various parks in the Reston, Herndon, Sterling and surrounding areas.
Yahoo! Groups: Richmond Area Homeschoolers
An inclusive group of Richmond (Virginia) area homeschoolers to share ideas, organize get togethers, and for general support.
Yahoo! Groups: Richmond Preschool Homeschoolers
An inclusive group of Richmond (Virginia) area homeschoolers of preschool aged children to share ideas, organize get togethers, and for general support.
Yahoo! Groups: SouthEastVA
Homeschoolers from southeast Va come together for friendship and talk about homeschooling our children. This is a group for everyone regardless of religion,race, and sexuality.
Yahoo! Groups: Va Eclectic Homeschool
Large, active e-mail discussion group for issues affecting homeschooling, and for news about media articles and programs, proposed legislation, research, conferences and other information of interest to virginia homeschoolers. Bookmarks, plus adjunct fiel
Yahoo! Groups: VA LDS Home Educators
An egroup specifically for home educators in Virginia who are members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. All home educators in Virginia are welcome regardless of religious background.
Yahoo! Groups: VA Pagan HS
An email discussion list for Pagan homeschoolers in Virginia. Subject matter is Pagan homeschooling as well as Pagan family life, and child-rearing.
Young Musicians of Virginia: Hampton Roads Homeschool Music Program
Offers group and individual lessons. Class descriptions, staff biographies, and program information are presented.
The Rose Garden
Wes and Karen share information about homeschooling preschoolers and early elementary age, strengthening family relationships, tips to educate your special needs child, and money saving strategies. From a Christian perspective.
Hulbert Outdoor Center
HOC offers week-long and weekend outdoor education programs for homeschoolers. Located near Burlington.
A New England Homeschool Retreat Center at the Wildflower Inn
Four night retreats at the Inn doing hands-on workshops, field trips, and learning activities. Some topics include Ski School, nature series, and Vermont agriculture.
Yahoo! Groups: Vermont Homeschoolers
An inclusive online support group.
Yahoo! Groups: Vermont Homeschooling
An email list whose purpose is to stay informed with current legislative trends, offer online support, and share experiences.
Latter Day Saint Home Educators Association
LDS-HEA is a state-wide support organization for those schooling around the Mormon faith. It sponsors a yearly conference, bookstore, newsletter, how-to packet, and curricula recommendations.
Utah Christian Home School Association
UTCH is a statewide support network of families schooling around the tenets of the Christian faith. It provides field trips, workshops, graduation ceremony, annual convention, resource library, monthly newsletter, and legislative updates.
Utah Home Education Association
UHEA is a state-wide group for homeschoolers and other alternative forms of education. It sponsors an annual convention, newsletter, auction, and message boards.
Yahoo! Groups: Salt Lake City Attachment Parenting Home Schoolers
An unschooling support group for those schooling the AP way.
Yahoo! Groups: Utah Homeschooling
An inclusive email list for educational discussion.
Yahoo! Groups: Utah Homeschooling Politics
An inclusive email list that provides a forum for political discussion as it relates to home education.
Yahoo! Groups: Wasatch Home Educators Network
WHEN is an inclusive support group fostering whole family learning through sharing ideas and information.
Discover Texas
Screenshots, a description, and ordering information for this CD-Rom based curriculum designed to teach Texas history, geography, and government to homeschoolers grades 4 through 9.
Haven Learning Center
Diagnostic testing, grading service, customized lesson plans, curriculum and textbook supply, records/transcript management, teacher consultation, and high school support.
An information site for San Antonio home educators. It features an interactive calendar, weekly newsletter, chat, and message board.
Home School Book Fair
Annual book fair in Arlington, Texas. Links to other curriculum fairs and homeschooling conventions.
Homeschool Christian Youth Association
Sports information for Houston area homeschoolers.
Homeschool in Houston
Information, activities, and events specific to Houston area home educators.
Homeschool Resources
Fort Worth area learning center providing classes, a coffee house for parents, enrichment activities, and a speech and debate club.
Instruments of Praise Homeschool Band
Introductory and signup information for an all-homeschool band and orchestra program serving Houston and surrounding areas.
North Texas Academy
Offers home school programs for students in high school or for adults wanting to earn a high school diploma. This program is ideal for teenagers and adults that may not be able to attend school as a regular student for any number of reasons.
Parent and Child Educational Services
PACES offers a weekly Classical school for homeschoolers grades K-12 in the greater Houston area. Additionally, distance learning classes are offered via Internet, along with educational consulting and assistance.
SEEDS Homeschool Enrichment Co-op
An inclusive program serving the north Houston area including Spring, Conroe and The Woodlands. Offering enrichment classes, clubs and competitive teams and support to homeschooling families.
Texas Advocates For Freedom In Education
News, statewide events, legal information, listings of local support groups, recommended book lists by topic, and resource links from TAFFIE, an inclusive email list and information center.
Texas Home Educators
Legal information, e-mail lists, support groups, and other resources for homeschoolers in Texas.
Texas Homeschooling Curriculum Requirements
Sample letter of assurance.
FEAST - Family Educators Alliance of South Texas
Regional Christian service organization for the greater San Antonio area. Events, conference information, bookstore. Sponsors of the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Championship and Family Conference.
NTHEN - North Texas Home Educators' Network
Regional Christian service organization for the great Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Events, legal information, area support group links.
Southeast Texas Home School Association
A Christian service organization providing a Texas Beginner's Pack, calendar of events, and HSLDA information.
Texas Home School Coalition
Christian state-wide legislative watchdog organization. Legal and general homeschooling information and publications. Events calendar. Regional support group information.
Home Fries
An inclusive email list for homeschooled teens and children in the Austin area.
Topica List: Homeschoolers Against Legislation in Texas
Legislation-specific email list.
Yahoo! Groups: Cook County Texas Home Educators
A Christian email list.
Yahoo! Groups: Denton Texas Homeschoolers
An inclusive, religion-free email list.
Yahoo! Groups: Greater Houston Area Home Educators
An inclusive events and chat list.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool Victoria
Homeschool Victoria is an open and inclusive online discussion group for anyone educating, homeschooling, or interested in home-education in and around Victoria, Texas.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling Nacogdoches
An inclusive email list. Not strictly on-topic.
Yahoo! Groups: Royse City Homeschoolers
An inclusive, religion-free email group designed to connect homeschoolers in the eastern Dallas area.
Yahoo! Groups: Southeast Texas Homeschoolers
A Christian email list.
Glory to God
Rachel and her family share their Christian faith, homeschooling experiences, and genealogy resources, all arranged around a road theme.
Jess Farms
Homeschool catalog information, an interactive state capitals game, music, and free classified ads.
Keciro Homeschool
This Messianic Christian family shares its resources, dinosaur obsession, riddles, philosophy, severe allergies information, and Great Dane photos.
Our Home School Academy
The Scoggins family shares their homespun Christmas story, their activity pages, the Toad Abode, and information on their home business, "Moon Bathe Earth Blends."
Tools and Treasures - Encouraging Resources for Homeschool Families
Offers links for sources for modest clothing, encouragement for homemaking, betrothal, courtship, patriarchy, history, and virtuous living.
Wieser Angus Ranch
WAR raises registered Angus Cattle, Coastal Bermuda Hay and beautiful children. In addition to homeschooling information and resources, the page sports a photo gallery, a rhombic attenae and ham radio information.
Arlington Association of Home Educators
Information page for this Arlington-area local Christian support group, including sports calendars and political opinions.
Big Country Home Educators
Information on this local Christian support group serving the Abilene area. Includes information on their resource center, library, membership requirements, state law, and curricula recommendations.
Brazos Valley Co-op
Exists to provide quality classes for home schooled children that will enrich their overall educational experience. Class schedule, course descriptions, registration fees and processes, code of conduct, teachers and their contact information, volunteer p
Christian Family Home Education Association of Dallas
New homeschooler information, and membership application for HEAD, a local support group.
Christian Home Education Association of Central Texas
Events, legal information, area support group links, and annual conference information for CHEACT, a local support group.
Christian Home Education Support System
Information and events page for CHESS, a support group serving Ft. Hood and the surrounding communities.
Cypress Valley Home Educators Association
CVHEA is a Christian support group based in Jefferson. FAQ section for new homeschoolers.
Eagle Mountain Area Christian Home Educators
Information on EMACHE, a support group offering classes, field trips, and fellowship.
Ellis County Christian Homeschool Organization
Calendar and information on ECCHO, a local support group.
Friday School
Information and class schedules for Friday School, a supplemental academic day school for homeschoolers in and around the San Antonio area.
Grapevine Area Homeschoolers
The latest homeschooling news, articles, organizations, events, Homeschool Mall.
Greater Waco Christian Home Educators (GWCHE)
Membership information, meeting dates, activities for parents and kids, mailing list, and resources for members.
This is an online-only support, announcement and information website for San Antonio home educators.
Web hub for local support groups in the San Antonio area.
Home Education Associational Resources, Inc. of Rockwall
HEAR is a local support group for Home Educators providing educational clubs, co-op classes, and field trips.
Home Education Partnership of Texas
A partnership between homeschool parents and educational opportunities.
Home Education San Antonio
Resources and events for homeschoolers in and around San Antonio.
Home Schoolhouse
Serving the north Houston area with enrichment and core subject classes, clubs and teams, workshops and support opportunities for parents.
Homeschooling in San Antonio
An email list for announcing events in the greater San Antonio area. Not a chat list.
Homeschooling in Victoria, Texas
Inclusive network of independent homeschooling families that share creative ideas, knowledge of educational and community events, personal support and social opportunities with other families in and around Victoria, Texas.
King's Warriors
King's Warriors Homeschool select basketball teams for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex
Liveoak Canyon Academy
Homeschool enrichment and support classes outside of Dripping Springs, Texas. From a Christian perspective.
Lubbock Home School Association
Inclusvie support group offering field trips and weekly playtimes.
McKinney Area Christian Homeschoolers
Events and information pages for MACH, a cooperative fellowship of families who homeschool one or more of their children.
Midland Association of Christian Home Educators (MACHE)
Purpose to provide support to parents who educate their children at home. Non-denominational, but has a statement of faith that must be signed before joining. FAQ, description of activities, calendar, board of directors, and contact details.
Minority Homeschoolers of Dallas Metroplex
Support for those educating minority children, including monthly group meetings, educational enrichment programs, and seminars/workshops.
Northeast Tarrant County Association of Christian Home Educators
Classes, events listings, new homeschooler information, and a statement of belief from NTCACHE, a local support group.
Panhandle Christian Home Educators Association (PCHEA)
A home school support group with Christian leadership whose purpose is to encourage people in the process of teaching their children at home.
PATH - Plano Association of Texas Homeschoolers
A Christian based homeschool co-op, located in Plano, Texas; providing education and learning for its members' children.
Plano Educational Association of Christian Homeschoolers
Information page for PEACH, a local support group.
Red River Christian Homeschoolers
A support group for Thackerville and Marietta, and adjacent Texas areas. Enrichment classes, sports, clubs for kids, and music are offered.
Richardson Home School Association
Contains up-to-date information on RHSA activities and forums.
San Angelo Christian Home School Association
The purpose of SACHSA is to provide support to parents who educate their children at home.
This is a Mormon-based, but inclusive, support group for the greater Dallas-Ft. Worth area. It offers educational activities, classes, discussion sessions, moms' meetings, book clubs, and physical education.
Sugar Creek Christian Home Educators
SCHHE is a cooperative of Christian families that have chosen to teach their children at home. Serves southwest Houston and Fort Bend County (Texas) areas. Find details about the group, activities, events, and membership.
Tomball Christian Homeschoolers
Schedule and membership information for this local support group.
Westside Area Christian Home Educators
Homeschool mentoring, citizenship information, voter registration, and a calendar of events for this Ft. Worth area local support group.
Chattanooga Southeast Tennessee Home Education Association
Regional events, local information, support group listings, and general homeschooling advice.
Declaration Christian Academy
A Nashville area Christian school for homeschoolers providing curriculum, testing, field trips, graduation, enrichment classes, and parent clinics.
Family Christian Academy
A homeschooling cover school providing enrichment classes, scope and sequence, support, athletic programs, graduation, and testing. Requires a statement of faith.
Home Schooling in Tennessee
Official state government home school procedures and forms for Independent Home Schools and Church-Related Home Schools.
HomeLife Academy
HomeLife Academy is a church related school committed to bringing education back home.
Homeschool on the Go! in Tennessee
Homeschool on the Go! produces travel guides and hands-on project cd-roms for homeschoolers.
Middle Tennessee Home Education Association
MTHEA is network and Christian ministry whose page offers legal information, support group listings, and homeschool advice.
Smoky Mountain Home Education Association
Christian-led nonprofit organization for homeschooling families in eighteen East and Middle Tennessee counties surrounding Knox County. Has information about the organization and advice for new homeschoolers. One of seven affiliated associations across Te
Tennessee Home Education Association
Lists of support groups, legal issues, new homeschooler information, and the history of homeschooling from this statewide organization.
Tennessee home school information.
Blount Home Education Association
Club information, field trip tips for the local area, and membership requirements for this local Biblical Christian support group.
Bradley County Home Educators
Explanation of education from a Biblical worldview, field trip listings, class schedules, and statement of faith for this local Christian support group.
Collierville HomeSchool
Calendar and events listings for local Christian support group.
Cumberland County Christian Homeschool Cooperative
Field trip recommendations, class schedules, special events, tutoring lists, 4-H happenings, and graduation information available from this regional support co-op.
Loudon County Area Homeschool Resources
Directories of church-related and private schools, home-school support groups and co-ops, music and dance education resources, horse farms, and other resources for home-schooling families in the greater Knoxville region.
MSN Groups: Lakeway Families in Support of Homeschool
FISH is a local Christian support group in east Tennessee.
Parents Choice
Chattanooga area local support group for parents of special needs children.
Reach Homeschool Support Group
Information page for Christian support group for the greater Murfreesboro area.
Online information clearinghouse for home schoolers in the East Tennessee/Knoxville area. Activity calendar, support groups, classes, and home school information.
Upper Cumberland Association of Christian Home Schoolers
Activities and events eboard for local support serving Putnam County and the surrounding area.
Yahoo! Groups: For The Children
An egroup for FTC, a local Christian support group serving Campbell county.
Yahoo! Groups: Memphis Home School Internet Support
A Christian email group open to homeschoolers family in the Memphis/Shelby County area, whose goal is to provide opportunities for prayer, encouragement, assistance and fellowship .
Yahoo! Groups: Spirit Builders
Email list for this Jackson-area "occasional" support group.
Yahoo! Groups: Eclectic Homeschoolers of Middle Tennessee
An email list for announcements about learning events and activities for eclectic homeschoolers and unschoolers.
Yahoo! Groups: Tennessee Homeschoolers
An inclusive email list for homeschoolers and unschoolers in TN.
South Dakota Christian Home Educators
This statewide organization provides assistance by way of FAQs, a synopsis of the law, listing of local support groups, and current events.
St. Margaret's Fellowship
Calendar, links, and resources for this Sioux Falls local support group. From a Catholic perspective.
Yahoo! Groups: Black Hills Homeschool Association
An email list for this inclusive support group.
Carolina Homeschooler
A statewide support group providing information, courses, newsletters, activities, contests, travel, mailing lists, message boards, and more for South Carolina homeschoolers.
Christian Homeschoolers Association of South Eastern South Carolina
Offers legal accountability for SC homeschoolers. Their website also provides free forms and information about homeschooling. Located in Ruffin, SC.
Homeward Education Association
Offers legal accountability for SC homeschoolers. This association also provides a resource center, bookstore, high school support services, transcripts, and a graduation ceremony. Located in Sumter, SC.
New Beginnings Home School Association
Offers legal accountability for SC homeschoolers. Downloadable programs, forms, report card, and gradebook templates. Located in Summerville, SC.
Palmetto Homeschool Association
Offers legal accountability for SC homeschoolers. This association also provides newsletters, high school support services, transcripts, and a graduation ceremony. Located in Lancaster, SC.
Palmetto Independent Educators
Offers legal accountability for SC homeschoolers. Their website also provides record-keeping information and tools, as well as high school support. Located in Aiken, SC.
SCIWAY - SC Homeschooling
State-sponsored directory provides links to legal information and support groups.
South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools
Offers legal accountability for SC homeschoolers. This association also offers a bookstore, special needs support, high school services, and a graduation ceremony. Located in Cayce, SC.
South Carolina Home Educators Association (SCHEA)
A statewide support group providing a yearly conference, legal information, a support group listing, and legislative updates for SC homeschoolers.
Easley Home Educators
EHE is a network of support groups for home schoolers; information on HSLDA discounts, discounts with local merchants, sports and educational activities, a senior class trip, banquet, and graduation ceremony.
Family TOUCH
A Christian homeschool support group serving the Greater Greenville area of Upstate SC. It provides email lists, events, and support.
Independent Network Supporting Individuals Guiding Home Taught Students
INSIGHTS provides used curricula free of charge to any homeschool student needing it; includes mission statement, details on donations, and FAQ. Based in the Greenville area.
Supporting Parents In Christian Education
SPICE is a relaxed support group for Colleton county.
Upstate All-Star Choir
A network of fifteen choirs that provide choral and dramatic opportunities for homeschoolers from a Christian perspective.
Yahoo! Groups: Charlotte Mason in South Carolina
An email group for those schooling or interested in the CM method.
York Education At Home
YEAH is a Christian support group for the York area.
Patterning Learning Upon Scripture
Ron and Inge Cannon provide homeschool curriculum and training for parents who want to pattern learning on the Bible.
Pure Creations
Provides music, art, drama, and other classes to homeschoolers; located in the Greenville area.
Garnet Moon Academy
Links to secular homeschool curriculum and free on-line lesson plans and resources.
The Glaser Family
This Glaser family website, based in South Carolina, discusses homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way and homeschooling children in the autism spectrum.
Learning Enrichment Active Fellowship
Events listings and membership information for LEAF, an inclusive local support group serving the communities of south-central Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island.
Rhode Island Christian Home Educators
RICHES is a faith-based support group for Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
Rhode Island Guild of Home Teachers
RIGHT offers legislative updates, legal information, member discounts, and educational and social opportunities for families in-state and in Southern Massachusetts. Includes All-RIGHT Kids' pages with contests, brain teasers, and poetry.
MSN Groups: Rhode Island Homeschooling
A secular, but inclusive, egroup.
Yahoo! Groups: Home Educators Network of Rhode Island
An inclusive email list.
Yahoo! Groups: Rhode Island Homeschool
An inclusive email list.
Yahoo! Groups: Secular in the Ocean State
An inclusive email list.
Another Path
A Pennsylvania specific guide to homeschooling your deaf or hard of hearing child.
Catholic Homeschoolers of Pennsylvania
This statewide networking organization provides articles, legal information, the Church's teaching on home education, recommended curriculum providers, curriculum fair information, an analysis of the changes to PA's law, their opinion of evaluat
Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania
Nonprofit corporation, newsletter, annual curriculum fair and conference. A Sample Homeschool Affidavit is available in their Law and Forms section.
Field Learning
Monthly ezine with calendar of events, articles, resources hints and tips for family educational trips in SE Pennsylvania and Northern DE.
Home Education in Pennsylvania
Statistics and information from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
Home School Resource Exchange
This homeschooling business, located in Lemoyne, Pennsylvania offers new and used home education curriculum,a consignment section (to unload your no-longer-needed items), classes, field trips, and seminars.
How To Get A High School Diploma From the State
Although a high school diploma is almost never required for entry into post-secondary institutions according to research done by Pennsylvania State Representative Tom Armstrong and national home education researcher Carl Bunday, here is the applicable Sta
Offers legal information, calendar of upcoming events and listing of support group. Also markets homeschooling resources, publishes quarterly magazine and provides high school diplomas.
PDE: Home Education and Private Tutoring
Interpretation and implementation of the state's home education law. Contains documents, forms and applications; frequently asks questions and answers; and list of organizations.
Pennsylvania Home Education Network
Pennsylvania's inclusive home education organization. PHEN welcomes all those who support home education in Pennsylvania. Paperwork to initiate a home education program, including sample affidavits and a listing of standardized testing suppliers, ar
Pennsylvania Home Educators Association
Pennsylvania Home Educators Association (PHEA) is an inclusive statewide coalition of home educators whose primary purpose is to provide accurate information and advocate for Pennsylvania home educators. This site also provides sample affidavits, logs, ob
Pennsylvania Labor Laws For Home Educated Students
Read the Pennsylvania Department of Labor's own regulations regarding the employment of students.
Queen Homeschool Supplies
The Queen family operates their home-based business out of Freeport, Pennsylvania. They travel around to the various homeschool fairs and conferences throughout Pennsylvania.
HB 2560 - Pennsylvania's Potential New Home Education Law

The Use of Advanced Placement Credit by Undergraduates
Dr. Elaine R. Cusker, of SUNY Buffalo's Preprofessional Health Advising Academic Advisement Center explains that some AP credit cannot be used at college and that parents should make careful considerations regarding it.
HSLDA's Recommended Actions on HB 2560
HSLDA recommends actions regarding HB 2560 (May 2, 2002)
Free Republic Report on hearing of Pennsylvania Homeschool Law - June 6, 2002
Article by ArGee documenting this event.
Pittsburgh Post Gazette - January 8, 2002 - Pennsylvania's New Secretary of Education
Home educators will no doubt have interest in the appointment of a new Secretary of Education for Pennsylvania.
Pittsburgh Post Gazzette - June 24, 2001 - Letter to the Editor
The socialization question is alive and well in this view opposed to cyber charters and homeschooling.
Coalition of Homeschoolers Across Lancaster County
Coalition of Homeschoolers Across Lancaster County. CHALC is a regional support group. The website contains essays, a forum, calendar of events, graduation ceremony information, social activities. Newly revised.
Family Instructors of the South Hills (Pittsburgh)
Includes resources and tips, support groups and a calendar of events.
Hazelton Area Homeschoolers
Online support in addition to organizing activities for the children makes this newer group a source of support for Hazelton area families.
Hazleton Catholic Homeschoolers
A network of Catholic homeschooling families from the Hazleton area offering support, field trips, activity days, co-op, geo-bee, standardized testing, choir, and Irish step dancing.
Homeschool Academic Teaching Support (HATS)
HATS is an organization in partnership with Hempfield Homeschool Support Group and the Central Lancaster County Homeschool Choir and Orchestra. 30 weeks through the school year providing classes for the high school level homeschooled student and does not
Indiana Christian Homeschool Association
Homepage for the ICHA, a Christ-centered support group for Indiana County, Pennsylvania.
Mason-Dixon Homeschoolers Association
MDHA serves homeschool families in South Central Pennsylvania and Western Maryland. This group offers co-op classes, a statewide high school diploma program, support group listings, evaluator contact information, and field trips.
Norristown/King of Prussia Homeschool Group
a newly formed group, essays, activities, classified ads, Science Fair.
North Hills Christian Homeschoolers
A group with many young families and a steadily growing membership. A great field trip planned every month.
Northeastern Pennsylvania Homeschoolers
A newer homeschooling group open to homeschoolers of all beliefs and faiths, united in the goal of providing the best education for our children. There are lots of planned activities on their "Activities" page.
Ohio-Pennsylvania Home Ed Network
This group doesn't let state boundaries interfere with their group's activities. Located in the NW PA section and the NE part of Ohio.
Snyder County Homeschoolers for Christ
A Christian homeschool support group located in the Susquehanna valley in Snyder County, Central Pennsylvania.
York Home School Association
Christian support group whose goals are to provide encouragement and resources, assist new home schoolers, and provide academic and social interaction.
David and Rachel Jones
A hearwarming family page. The Jones homeschool in Mifflin County, Pennsylvania.
Educate at Home
The Wnuk family shares information on Sonlight curriculum, organization, knitting, and Civil War reenactments.
Hardinger's Homepage
the tender heart of Marcy will touch you.
Home is Cool
The website of Amy Spagnol, a Homeschooling mom from Pennsylvania.
Jessica's Page
A great example of how one homeschooler in Pennsylvania has come up with her own webpage.
Kim's Place
a short but sweet page
The Parker Family
Many pages of homeschooling helps, a homeschoolers' newsletter, and 100 educational kids links.
The Peterson Family Home Online
This Catholic family shares its Trivium approach to education, and pro-life information.
The Putnam Family
Pastor Putman pens an informative article answering some of the most common objections to homeschooling.
Robert Styer Home Page
Dad teaches at Villanova. Hit your page down key three times to see the Family information on Homeschooling in Pennsylvania.
Seghea: Renaissance Personhood
Information on Down Syndrome, genealogy, religion, pro-life feminism, politics, homeschooling, music, adoption, martial arts, ethnobotany, Bible verses in many languages, photography, fractal images, digital landscapes, and free backgrounds from Pat Golix
Snow Hollow Home School
This Family homeschools in the Endless Mountains region of Pennsylvania.
The Stromberg Family
Also sell Catholic Homeschooling Supplies
Tweezle's Page
Arranged around a rooms of the house theme, Tweezle shares her experiences with unit studies, cross-stitching, recipes, Bible studies, and personal recommendations.
Penn Homeschoolers Statewide Email Conference [pa-hs]
High volume list, lively, unmoderated, inclusive and designed to discuss all issues related to homeschooling in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Home Education Message Board
Specific topics related to Pennsylvania Home Education issues and current events are discussed in this open forum.
Yahoo! Groups: Butler County
An online support group for those in Butler County and surrounding areas.
Yahoo! Groups: Chester County Homeschoolers
Online communication for homeschoolers in Chester County.
Yahoo! Groups: Cranberry Christian Homeschoolers
Online support and networking for the Cranberry area north of Pittsburgh.
Yahoo! Groups: Delaware County PA Homeschooling
Online communication for homeschoolers in Delaware County. Pauline Harding's booklog samples available in the files section.
Yahoo! Groups: Endless Learning Home Education Network
An inclusive online forum for home educators in Northeastern Pennsylvania who are looking for support, information, or friends.
Yahoo! Groups: Indiana Christian Homeschool Association
Online community of homeschoolers in Indiana County.
Yahoo! Groups: Latrobe Area Home Schoolers
Stay in touch with this online group of home educators from the Latrobe.
Yahoo! Groups: Northeast Philadelphia Homeschoolers
A secular support group for homeschoolers in Northeast Philadelphia and surrounding areas whose goal is to meet and network with other homeschool families.
Yahoo! Groups: PALS-News
Announcement-only list for receiving the newsletter of People Always Learning Something (PALS) homeschoolers, PALS enrichment information, and PALS news.
Yahoo! Groups: PA-Unschoolers
An email network that supports home education in all its manifestations. This email network is especially helpful in providing information to unschoolers who want to compile the paperwork necessary to comply with the PA home ed law. High volume.
Yahoo! Groups: People Always Learning Something
Online Communication for home educators in the Pittsburgh Area.
Yahoo! Groups: Pittsburgh Homeschool
General discussions and announcements for homeschoolers.
Yahoo! Groups: Special Needs Homeschoolers of Western PA
Email list open to any parent currently homeschooling or cyberschooling their child with special needs, or any caregiver considering this option.
Yahoo! Groups: Western PA H.A.N.D.S. on Families
An inclusive email list for special needs families sponsored by the Homeschooling Advocacy Network for Differently-abled and Specifically challenged children.
OCEANetwork (Oregon Christian Home Education Association)
This site is designed to be an information resource for your homeschool.
Eugene-Springfield Homeschool Association
Inclusive, relaxed support group offering park days, and mom's night out.
Homeschooler's Educational Resources of Oregon
Legal information, support group listings arranged by county, message boards, a chat room, and an email list from HERO, an inclusive statewide organization.
Not Back To School Camp
An annual camp for unschooled teens in Oregon. Sports, vegetarian meals, workshops, and unschooled activities.
PEAPAC - Parents' Education Association Political Action Committee
Voters' guide, ballot recommendations, and election information from a homeschooling, Christian worldview.
Village Home Education Resource Center
A private alternative education program located in the Beaverton area that enhances and supports home-based education through tuition-free courses, field trips, and experiential learning opportunities, community meeting space, library and material loans,
Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Oklahoma
CHEF is a statewide Christian network providing resources and support.
Eagle's Wings Christian Library
Non-profit lending library in the Oklahoma City area. Also has a newsletter and ideas for free and no-cost homeschooling.
Home Educator Resource of Oklahoma
HERO is a state-wide, voluntary, not-for-profit network of support groups and home schooling families. Site provides details about membership, Oklahoma laws, and local and national resources.
Northeast Oklahoma Homeschool Support
A local support group whose activities include field trips, yearbooks, gym class, sports, and a year end banquet.
The Official Green Country Chess Site
Information and schedule for this northeastern Oklahoma homeschooler's chess club.
Oklahoma Christian Home Educator's Consociation, Inc.
OCHEC, Inc., is a statewide organization of families and affiliated groups who cooperate for the common purpose of encouraging those who endeavor to train in faith and educate their children at home.
Oklahoma Department of Education's Homeschool Page
Resources and legal information from the state superintendent.
Oklahoma Homeschool
Provides training through workshops, personal consultations, newsletter, and online. Services include curriculum planning and record keeping, transcript and diploma preparation, a Homeschool Women's Conference in the spring, a homeschool promotion an
Christian Home Educators of South Central Oklahoma
Support group for families west of Ardmore. Services include counseling, a newsletter, message board, beginner's packets, play days, legislative updates, book fairs, and a graduation ceremony.
Cornerstone Homeschool Support Group
An inclusive support group dedicated to diversity and individual freedom. Field trips and educational activities are organized by its members.
Cornerstone Tulsa
An inclusive list for tolerant subscribers educating at home in the greater Tulsa area.
Eclectic Home Educators
Started by a pagan and a Muslim, this inclusive support group offers sample forms, state information, and an online email list for all OK homeschoolers.
Faith Educational Alliance
A Christian support group for the Tulsa area. Sponsors teacher training, a co-op, Bible classes, lending library, social and academic events, and fellowship.
Great Plains Christian Homeschool Group
Western Oklahoma group of Christian families that meet to share ideas, projects, curricula, and support.
Mighty NOAH Jags
Providing educational and athletic sports services to the homeschool community of Northeast Oklahoma, and to promote a Christian atmosphere for all members and participants
Tulsa Homeschool Choir
Tulsa Homeschool Choir is a music education program for homeschool students grades 1 through 12. The choir is a non-profit group, staffed by supportive homeschool parents.
Christian Home Educators of Ohio
A non-profit state organization founded to serve the home school families of Ohio and to provide them with the tools to succeed.
Dorna's Lighthouse Homeschooling
Links, articles and publications for home education in general, and Ohio in particular. From a Christian persepctive.
Christian Family School
Information on this Macedonia-based co-op for homeschoolers using the School of Tomorrow curriculum.
Christian Home Educators Stark County Association (CHESCA)
A home school support group. Site provides information about activities and meetings, small groups, a newsletter, and legal matters.
Families Independently Schooling at Home
FISH is a Christian, but inclusive, support group which offers discounts on portfolio reviews and teacher assessments. Encouragement and guidance for new homeschoolers provided.
The Greater Cincinnati Home Educator's Group
Very large group in Cincinnati with 15 subgroups. Site offers home schooling resources for area families.
Home School Network of Cincinnati
Specifics on this support group available to members only. New Homeschooler information and answered questions accessible to all.
Homeschooling in Ohio
HIO lists statewide and local contacts, mailing lists, and organizations.
Homeschooling Under Grace
A Christian support group in the Dayton area. HUG offers field trips, gym days, and enrichment activities.
HUG - Homeschooling Under Grace
Christian homeschool support group based in and around Dayton. Includes a calendar, articles, and a regional guide.
North Dayton Christian Home Educators
A Christian support group designed to share experiences, improve instructional skills, and provide a forum for exchange.
Ohio Home Educators Network
OHEN is an unschooling, but inclusive, group of families in the Northeast Ohio area. It sponsors field trips, information meetings, classes, and enrichment opportunities.
Parents Educating At Christian Homes
A support group offering fellowship, field trips, and encouragement for the Southern Ohio area.
Wright Independent Learning Cooperative
WILC is a loosely structured, inclusive homeschool group for the greater Dayton area.
Amazing Graze Farms
Homesteading, farming, cheesemaking, soapmaking, medicinal herbs, the civil war, bees, and simple living information from the Blubaugh family.
Aryeh's Place
The Kramer family shares its sample daily schedule, Tai Kwan Do, recipes, guns, humor, Hebrew, and spirituality.
Home Schooling Daily
Field trip helps, local discounts, printable notification and assessment forms, legal information, notification checklists, support listings, and Ohio FAQs from Columbus-based Augustus family.
Homeschooling the Gentile Way
A homeschooling, adoptive family describes their methods. In addition to the Gentile's education endeavors, learn about their adoption story, and views on the homestudy process.
Jeannie and Harley's Homepage
A Christian homeschool mom shares her homeschooling-a-teen philosophy.
Raven's Home of the Quaint and Curious
Read about Raven's journey to homeschooling, her rants and raves, and her Christian faith.
Topica: Ohio Christian Homeschoolers
Statewide mailing list for Christians.
Topica: Ohio Pagan Home Schoolers
Unmoderated statewide email list.
Yahoo! Groups: Inclusive North Columbus Home Education Support
INCHES is an inclusive support group for the Columbus area. Members stay in contact through this email list.
North Dakota Department of Public Instruction: Home Education
Official information from the state's education department concerning home schooling.
North Dakota Division of Independent Study
A public distance education program for grades 1-12. Open to home educators.
North Dakota Homeschool
A mailing list for parents and children who are currently or considering homeschooling in North Dakota. Topics include online support, helpful links, local resources, and useful ideas.
Charlotte Home Educators' Association
CHEA seeks to promote better communication, support, fellowship, and unity among the many area support groups.
Fayetteville Homeschool Christian Athletics Association
FHCA provides competitive sports programming to homeschool students in the Fayetteville, NC.
Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina
Network of independent homeschooling families in North Carolina. News, member benefits, related links and resources, and upcoming events.
The Ice House
Homeschool days and homeschool skate times at this Garner ice rink.
North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education
Legal requirements and resources from the State of North Carolina.
North Carolinians for Home Education
A statewide Christian, but inclusive, support network with conference information, legal helps, support listings, and legislative updates.
Cary Homeschoolers
Support group for parents and children offering weekly activities and helping with homeschooling issues in Cary, NC.
Christian Home Educators of Central Carolina
CHECC strives to facilitate and encourage excellence in Christian homeschooling in the Sanford Area.
Cleveland Area Homeschoolers
An email list keeps members up to date on this inclusive support group. Events are listed, and photo albums posted.
East North Carolina Early Homeschoolers
ENCEH is an inclusive homeschool support group for families with at least one child under 7 in the Triangle area and surrounding communities.
The Eastern Association of Christian Homeschools
TEACH is a local Christian support group for Beaufort county.
Forsyth Home Educators (FHE)
A Christian support group for homeschooling families featuring calendar, membership information, homeschooling resources, and an online information packet for new or new to the area homeschoolers.
Heart and Home Educators
An inclusive local support group for the Craven, Carteret, Jones, and Pamilico county areas.
Home Instructors Need Team Support
HINTS is a local Christian support group for the greater Charlotte area.
Home-based Educators Charlotte
A secular support group for unschoolers.
Homeschool Explorers
Information and calendar for this secular, inclusive homeschool cooperative serving Wake County and the surrounding areas.
Homeschooling Open Minds Everyday
HOME is a secular support group serving the Ashville and surrounding areas.
Lighthouse Christian Homeschool Association
Local homeschool support group in the Wake Forest /Youngsville area.
Parents Advocating Teaching at Home
Parents Advocating Teaching at Home
Raleigh Homeschool Extension for Teens
An inclusive, tolerant support group for teens and pre-teens.
Western Rockingham Home Educators
A local support group.
Lytingale's Homeschool & Educational Resources Listing
Categorized and described links to sites for homeschoolers and others interested in education, and testing resources from the O'Shea family.
Yahoo! Groups: Carteret_HS
An inclusive email list to share events and resources in the greater Carteret area.
Yahoo! Groups: Gifted Homeschoolers of North Carolina
Inclusive egroup for NC parents educating their gifted children.
Yahoo! Groups: GIFTSNC
An unmoderated list for parents who homeschool children with physical, developmental, medical, communication or learning challenges.
Yahoo! Groups: K12NC
An egroup for parents using Dr. William Bennett's K12 program as a homeschool.
Yahoo! Groups: NC Loop
An unmoderated inclusive statewide email group.
Yahoo! Groups: NCarolinahomeschool
Unmoderated, inclusive Christian email list.
Yahoo! Groups: NC-HS students
A Christian list for older homeschooled students.
Yahoo! Groups: NCHS_Legislative
A network for NC homeschoolers to address legislative issues affecting homeschooling.
Yahoo! Groups: Piedmont Homeschoolers
An unmoderated email list for all support groups and their members in the greater Piedmont area.
Yahoo! Groups: Spice Line
A Christian based loop which provides information and encouragment to homeschooling families in Raleigh, Durham, or the Triangle area.
Loving Education at Home
LEAH is a statewide Christian organization, the members of which are likeminded Christian home education support groups made up of families dedicated to observing the Biblical commands of Deuteronomy 6:4-10, Proverbs 22:6, and Ephesians 6:4.
New York Home Educators' Network
NYHEN is an inclusive statewide group that maintains a legislative watch, news section, egroups, and other information pertinent to those who educate their children at home.
Parents Instructing Challenged Children
PICC is a network of Christian parents homeschooling children with special needs. Based in Fulton, they offer answers to New Yorkers and provide encouragement and guidelines.
Education Explorations
Party plan for homeschoolers offering mini-workshops and products. Serving Cayuga, Onondaga, and Tompkins Counties.
Fingerlakes Unschoolers Network
An inclusive support group sponsoring field trips and workshops for unschooling families. Members communicate via an online discussion group.
Homeschool NYC
Inclusive information portal with local resources, inexpensive field trips, events, and recommendations.
Lockport Area LEAH
Community events for the Niagara area, Creation science resources, how to organize events, freebies, and information on membership.
Northgate LEAH
Information and events page for this Rochester area support group.
Ornament of Grace LEAH
Information page for Palmyra area support group.
Saratoga Loving Education at Home
Activity and membership information, and a statement of faith from a local LEAH chapter.
Syracuse LEAH
Special events and information about home schooling, local and educational resources.
Yahoo! Groups: Catholic Homeschoolers of York
Support group for faith-based homeschoolers.
Yahoo! Groups: NYHomeSchool
All things HomeSchool is an inclusive support group serving western New York and northwest Pennsylvania.
Yahoo! Groups: Olean Area Loving Education At Home
LEAH is a Christian support group.
Yahoo! Groups: Syracuse Homeschoolers
SaHA, an inclusive secular support group, provides information on its weekly meetings for art, music, and foreign language classes.
The Mulvey's Home Page
Police investigator and homeschooling mother, Alan and Barb provide information on Parents Instructing Challenging Children, the Lutheran church, and the University Police Department.
Yahoo! Groups: CharlotteMasonWNY
An online discussion list for homeschoolers in the Buffalo area interested in Charlotte Mason's teaching methods and ideas.
Yahoo! Groups: Jewish Home Educators of New York City
JHENYC is a place online to discuss issues unique to New York-area Jewish homeschoolers and unschoolers, and a place to form friendships and plan meetings.
Yahoo! Groups: NewYorkHomeschool
An online list to discuss all things about home education in NY.
Yahoo! Groups: NorthernNewYorkHomeschoolers
An inclusive online list for homeschoolers and unschoolers in northern New York.
Yahoo! Groups: NYUnschoolPagans
An email list for pagans in upstate New York who unschool.
Albuquerque Homeschool Co-op
An inclusive support group offering homeschooling families social support, fun, and enriching educational activities.
Aztec Home School
Registration information and suitability profiling for this virtual school.
Christian Association of Parent Educators - New Mexico
This statewide organization's page includes a calendar of events, convention information, email alerts, and a listing of local support groups, many of which do not have web presence.
Homeschooling Parents and Children Together
Information on PACT, an inclusive co-operative group for the greater Portales/Clovis area.
New Mexico Homeschooling
An inclusive email list for NM homeschoolers to share ideas and information.
Santa Fe Community School Home Study Program
Information and enrollment for this private school's homeschooling program.
Yahoo! Groups: HS in NM
A Christian email list for homeschooling and general discussion.
Believers' Home Education Co-operative
Monthly Christian co-op for Middlesex county that also sponsors nature walks, activity days, and youth events.
Catholic Homeschool Association with Papal Loyalty Educating Together
Information on CHAPLET, a local support group serving Camden and Burlington Counties. Includes activities, clubs, curriculum choices, resource links, and curriculum recommendations.
Education Network of Christian Home Schoolers
State-wide non-profit organization that hosts an annual cnovention, distributes legal updates, maintains a guidance manual for new homeschoolers, and publishes a monthly newsletter.
Hammonton Home Educators
An events and information listing site.
Homeschoolers Support Network
Provides support and resources for Trenton and Princeton area parents, with FAQs, starter kit, events, field trips, and contact forms.
Homeschooling Frequently Asked Questions
The New Jersey Department of Education's homeschool page. Please note that it is intended as a general guideline only. The text of the law is linked from the page.
PACT Homeschool Group
Inclusive Gloucester county field trip group.
Unschoolers Network
Contact page for The Unschoolers Network, an inclusive local support group in the Farmingdale area.
Yahoo! Groups: New Jersey Homeschoolers
An online club whose purpose it is to trade information, ideas, and resources.
Yahoo! Groups: NJ Homeschoolers
An unmoderated, inclusive online group.
Yahoo! Groups: NJ Loop
Inclusive online group whose intent is to share experiences, announcements, events, activities, news, and information.
Yahoo! Groups: Somerset Homeschoolers
An email group to meet other homeschooling families in the Somerset Hills area.
Catholics United for Home Education
Resources for homeschooling and faith-related businesses.
Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire
Site provides state convention information, news and alerts, membership details, group history, and resources.
Concord Homeschoolers Group
An email list for this local support group.
Hillsboro Deering Area Homeschoolers
An email list for this local support group.
Kearsarge Mountain Homeschoolers
Events listings and an online library from this local support group.
Londonderry HomeSchool Association
Workshops, activities, a calendar of events, local happenings, and new homeschooler support from this inclusive support group.
Montshire Museum of Science Homeschoolers' Days
Information on homeschooler-only days at this hands-on museum with dozens of exhibits relating to the natural and physical sciences, ecology, and technology.
New Hampshire Audubon Society Homeschool Programs
An Adobe Acrobat file describing the monthly homeschool programs available at the Massabesic Audubon Center in Auburn.
New Hampshire Homeschool
An inclusive email list.
New Hampshire Homeschooling Coalition
Inclusive statewide organization providing information for home educators.
New Hampshire Homeschooling Resources
Curricula and field trip ideas, legislative and bureaucratic information for homeschooling parents, and fun pages for homeschooled kids.
Weare Home Educators
A support group for homeschooling families in Weare and the surrounding towns. Getting started, meetings, activities, announcements, field trips, materials, articles, a kids Page, newsletter and links.
Eagles of Las Vegas
A Christian email list restricted to members of Eagles Homeschool Group, a ministry of Canyon Ridge Christian Church in Las Vegas.
Home Educators of Faith
Bible-based support group based in the Sparks area.
Home School Consultants
Consultant Scooter Anderson offers a service to take care of paperwork, advise, counsel, and help new homeschoolers in Clark County get started.
Home Schools United - Vegas Valley
Inclusive support group offering teen activities, field trips, and park days.
Homeschool Melting Pot
Inclusive support group for the greater Las Vegas area. Promotes social and educational opportunities including park days, bowling, gymnastics, other sports, book clubs and reading programs. Monthly teen activities are also scheduled.
Nevada Christian Home School Organization
NCHS is a statewide nonprofit corporation that provides encouragement and support to home school educators in the state of Nevada. From a Christian perspective.
Nevada Homeschool Network
Inclusive statewide networking group offering homeschooling laws, support groups, help for new homeschoolers, legislative watches, what you can do, and discounts.
Northern Nevada Home Schools
Inclusive support network providing field trips, activities, social events, contests, education fairs, clubs, special workshops, and a geography bee.
Reno Homeschooling Information Center Northern Nevada
This central hub offers information on laws, field trips, support groups, and chat opportunities.
Sharing Homes and Resources for Education
Homeschool helps, "A Parade of Days" events descriptions, and a resource directory from this LDS-oriented support group.
Yahoo! Groups: Catholic Homeschoolers of Nevada
An email group open to all Catholic homeschoolers in the state.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschoolers Of Latter Days - Nevada West
An LDS, but inclusive, email list for HOLD, a Western Nevada email group serving Reno and surrounding communities.
Yahoo! Groups: Nevada Homeschool
A Christian, but inclusive, email list for all home educators in the Silver State.
Home Educators Network
Articles, news, support group listings, and resources for the greater Omaha and surrounding areas.
Nebraska Christian Home Educators' Association
Statewide network that maintains legislative information, homeschooling faqs, getting started, and resource pages.
Nebraska Homeschool
An inclusive online community.
Southern Belle
The Wenburgs are a homeschooling family in Omaha. The mother, Donna, shares her graphic design talents, her southern heritage, recipes, Jimmy Buffet links, and her family album.
Montana Coalition of Home Educators
Working to bring homeschoolers together to protect Montana's home school freedom while maintaining the independence and autonomy of the individual families and the existing local and state organizations.
Yahoo! Groups: Montana Unschoolers
This inclusive list is for families who follow a philosophy of letting children learn wholistically, with each child determining the path for his own education.
Yellowstone County Home Educators
YCHE is a loose network of families in the Billings area. It maintains a resource center, publishes a newsletter, and staffs an event and information hotline.
Home-Made Living
Information on a Charlotte Mason education, raising chickens, nature journals, and home grown coffee.
Windy Creek Homeschool
Join the Lande family at Windy Creek Homeschool. Ideas for homeschooling highschoolers using AP courses, college courses, and distance education. Children's newsletter, writings, and art gallery. Includes sample logs broken down by each grade level
Bolivar Area Homeschoolers
Co-op and field trip information for this inclusive local support group.
Central Missouri Homeschool Athletic Association
A homeschool sports team that allows focus on the fundamentals of play and not so much on the victory of defeat.
An all inclusive homeschool co-op in the Columbia Missouri area. Meetings consist of park days, swimming and field trip opportunities.
Christian Home Educators Fellowship
Statewide network for Christian homeschoolers. Provides support group information, help for new homeschoolers, articles, reviews, and legal information.
DESE: Home Schooling
Laws and legislation on home schooling from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Includes requirements and compulsory attendance statutes.
Home schooling information for families in the greater Saint Louis area.
Families for Home Education
FHE is a lobbying group for all home educators in the state of Missouri. Works to win support for home education among the general public and before lawmakers and public officials.
Field Trips!
A website that encourages homeschoolers to take part of some wonderful field trips across the state of Missouri.
Let Education Always Remain Natural
LEARN is a Kansas City-area secular homeschool support group. Provides support for people who choose to educate their children at home for educational reasons. Serving Kansas and Missouri homeschoolers.
Missouri Association of Teaching Christian Homes, Inc.
MATCH is a Christian homeschooling organization providing service and support to home educators and support groups within Missouri.
Missouri Homeschool Law
One page text version of the law on homeschooling in the state of Missouri.
Missouri Homeschool Resources
Information, tools and links for Missouri homeschoolers and others interested in the Show-Me State.
RSMO: Chapter 167 - Pupils and Special Services
State government list, with text, of the Missouri Revised Statutes regarding students and compulsory attendance, declarations of enrollment, and other statutes associated with educational requirements.
Saint Charles Homeschool Band
Information on beginner, concert and jazz bands taught by a certified teacher experienced with home educated children.
Southwest Home Education Ministry
SHEM is a Christian-based organization and directors of FHE Region 6 West. Provides activities to all home schooling families in the southwest Missouri, region 6 area. Offers activity schedule, tips on starting home school, and other resources.
St. Louis Catholic Homeschool Association
SLCHA connects Catholic families with one another, provides information on legal issues and support organizations, and pubishes an online newsletter.
T.O.R.C.H. of St. Louis
Traditions of Roman Catholic Homes, St. Louis is a local branch of a nationwide homeschool movement.
University of Missouri Center for Distance and Independent Study
High school, middle school, and elementary courses of study made specifically for homeschoolers. Complete coursework through the mail, online, or by fax. Also offers university and noncredit classes.
West County Christian Home Educators
St. Louis support group whose activities revolve around Christian principles, virtues, and character. Social and educational activities, teen group, community service projects, and legal information included.
Sassafrass Grove
Over a hundred pages of information and ideas on all things home schooling, including Missouri and regionally specific topics.
Yahoo! Groups : HomeschoolinMo
Statewide inclusive online support.
Yahoo! Groups : LCMShomeschool
An email list for those homeschooling families of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.
Yahoo! Groups : MOHSAthletics
An online forum to discuss and promote athletics for homeschoolers in Missouri.
Yahoo! Groups : SWMO-curricswap
An online group to sell or buy used curriculum, specifically for those in the southwest Missouri area.
Yahoo! Groups: LDS-Homeschool-in-Missouri
Mailing list for Latter-day Saint homeschoolers in the state of Missouri.
Yahoo! Groups: Missourihomeschool
Email discussion list for people who homeschool, or are thinking of homeschooling, in the state of Missouri. For kids and parents alike.
Yahoo! Groups: MOHomeschool
Christian-based email discussion group for all Missouri home schooling families, or those thinking about starting.
Christian Home Educators of Hattiesburg
A support group for structured homeschoolers that offers educational and spiritual activities for the whole family. CHEH publishes a newsletter and an annual yearbook.
Mid-Mississippi Christian Home Educators
MMCHE is a co-operative association of families in the Attala-Montgomery county area who meet for encouragement, activities, field trips, and resource materials.
Mississippi Home Educators Association
MHEA is a statewide Christian organization that provide how-to packets to new homeschoolers, referrals, and legal information.
Mississippi Homeschooled Writers
A contest and showcase for poetry, short stories, essays, personality sketches, humor, and other writings from homeschoolers of any age.
Three Rivers Christian Homeschoolers
This Lucedale and George county support group requires a statement of faith to join. A homeschooling report, sample schedules, and recommended curricula are available. Field trips and educational activities are supported.
Yahoo! Groups: Gulf Coast Charity
Provides support to Catholic home schooling families living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and promotes the use of Catholic curriculum.
Yahoo! Groups: Parent Educators and Kids (PEAK)
PEAK is an inclusive, non-affiliated network of families providing educational opportunities for homeschoolers in the Metro Jackson and Gulf Coast areas.
My Mississippi Homeschool
Franklin Creek residents Beth and Jason share their homeschooling socialization answer, annotated resource links, and her story as a burn survivor.
Blue Ribbon Academy
Homeschool site. Education, curriculum, swap boards, links from others including children, penpals, and friendly chat rooms.
Christian Minnesota Homeschoolers
An email list for general chat, including education.
Early Childhood Homeschooling Opportunities
ECHO-MN is an inclusive homeschool organization designed for families with young children who are exploring homeschooling. The group sponsors quarterly information meetings, a newsletter, and a mentorship program.
Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
MACHE is a statewide support umbrella for individual homeschooling families and local support groups. The Association publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, makes referrals for support, hosts an annual conference, sponsors debate, and offers a graduation cer
Minnesota Homeschool
A Christian list to exchange ideas, support one other, and share resources.
Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance
An inclusive statewide group providing resources, activities, and news. MHA sponsors conferences, workshops, a state fair booth, a message board, and listings of teen activities.
The Minnesota Orchestra's Homeschool Workshops
Free hands-on activities for children, and lesson materials for parents. Workshops are held at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis approximately two weeks prior to each or the orchestra's concerts.
My Learning Partners
Dr. Matthew Gundlach and his therapist wife, Marcia, provide help to home educators with individualized and self-paced children's learning in reading, math and spelling. Their "follow each child, not the curriculum" philosophy is explained here.
Twin Cities Creation Science Association Science Fair
An annual science fair for homeschoolers, presented from a creationist perspective.
Twin Cities Creation Science Association Science Fair
Homeschool science fair instructions including methods and ideas.
Youth Educated At Home
YEAH is a support group run by teens in grades 7 - 12 for the greater St. Paul area. It sponsors an annual prom and graduation ceremony.
Kulp Homeschool
Author Jodee Kulp provides information and resources on homeschooling children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Alcohol Related Neurological Damage, and Fetal Alcohol Effects. From a Christian perspective.
Ludus Sanae Mentis
The Gill family's perspective on Latin, ancient history, and homeschooling in Minnesota.
Christian Home Educators of the Blue Water Area
A Christian homeschool support group for families in the St. Clair County (Port Huron) area of Michigan. Offers monthly meetings and newsletters, activities/fieldtrips, and weekly EXCEL co-op classes.
Christian Home School of Novi
An outreach of Novi Christian School offering a Bible-based, structured curriculum, diploma, and transcript for the home educated student.
Copper Country Home Educators
A local Christian support group for Keweenaw and the western upper peninsula. They offer picnics, beach days, a newsletter, legal information, classified ads, and field trips.
Delta County Home School Educators
DCHSE is a Christian support group serving homeschooling families in the Delta County area in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Member benefits include monthly gym days, group activities, field trips, and special events.
Explorers Homeschool Co-op
A local Christian support group for the greater Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.
Family Pages: Kris At Home
The O'Connor family shares how homeschooling affects marriage, their faith, and her quilting. They also maintain a homeschool classified board, and links to local resources.
Family Pages: The Friend Family
The Friend Family shares their homeschooling and farming experience in a small town.
Home School Building Connections
HSB is a regional Christian organization striving to connect western Michigan home educators with information on activities and events regionally and throughout the state.
Information Network for Christian Homes
A statewide network that assists local support groups, provides assistance and information, sponsors an annual convention, and maintains legislative ties in support of homeschooling.
Southfield Home School Support Group
This is a local Christian organization that provides getting started workshops, high school, a newsletter, educational resources, and field trip information.
Yahoo! Groups: Ann Arbor Unschooling Network
A local support group for those following the philosophy of John Holt. It offers information, activities, and socialization.
Yahoo! Groups: Home School Blessings in Michigan
An online support group and newsletter for Christian home schooling families whose goal is to provide resources, support and fellowship within a non-denominational Christian environment.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling in Michigan
An inclusive statewide email list whose purpose is to discuss ideas, links, free worksheets, lesson plans, and general information.
Yahoo! Groups: Macomb County Homeschoolers
An inclusive online support group geared toward adults whose purpose is to share ideas and comments, and plan activities and field trips.
Yahoo! Groups: Mich_Homeschool
An inclusive statewide online support group that promotes field trip and event planning, resources, curricula recommendations, and general homeschooling topics.
Central hub linking several sites supporting homeschoolers in the Blackstone Valley, greater Milford area, south-central Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island.
Massachusetts Home Learning Association (MHLA)
Oldest statewide homeschool support group. Information on the legal requirements for homeschooling, and material for getting started in home education. Support group listings and two email discussion lists.
Massachusetts Homeschool Organization of Parent Educators (MassHOPE)
Statewide network of home educators founded as a Christian ministry. Large convention, listing of local support groups, resources for homeschooling, and active distribution of legal and legislative updates.
North Star: Self-directed Learning for Teens
Community-based, independent learning programs for high-school age students not enrolled in school. Support services and resources, calendar of activities, links to mentors and internships, unschooling community of families.
Plumfield Academy
A small class experience designed to make the transition from traditional school to a home-based education easier for middle school students in the North Shore area. Tuition fee required.
Belchertown Homeschool Network
An inclusive group offering field trips, social activities, and networking.
Berkshire Mountains Homeschool Co-op
Information page for this secular support group serving the Berkshires.
Co-op Homeschool Support Group
Local resources, group calendar, an email list, and a field trip planner from this inclusive Gardner area local support group.
Freelance Learners
Bridgewater area support forum for home school families to post ideas, events, trips, classes, obtain and sell curricula, and collaborate on projects.
Homeschooling Together
For families in the Arlington/Belmont area, regardless of method or philosophy.
Learning Enrichment Active Fellowship
Events listings and membership information for LEAF, an inclusive local support group serving the communities of south-central Massachusetts and northern Rhode Island.
Living and Learning
Local activities, places of interest, and educational resources for homeschooling families in the greater Milford, MA area.
Metrowest Homeschoolers
Activities calendar and bulleting board for this local support group for families learning at home in the Boston Metrowest Area.
New Grant Homeschoolers
Information on homeschooling in Sharon.
North Suburban Home Learners
An inclusive local support group offering clubs, activities, and socialization opportunities.
The Progressive Home School
Nika's family is a secular science-based homeschool practicing evidence-based education with a growing socratic, non-didactic sensibility.
Yahoo! Groups : Massachusetts Home Learning Association
General discussion of homeschool topics, exchange of event and activity information, support for home educators. Sponsored by oldest statewide homeschool organization.
Yahoo! Groups : NewEnglandUnschooling
Discussion email list for unschooling families and eclectic learners in New England.
Yahoo! Groups: FERN
An inclusive informal networking group for home educators in the areas of Columbia, Rensselaer, and Albany counties in New York and in Berkshire county in Massachusetts.
Yahoo! Groups: Friends of Grace
An email list for Christian home educators in the greater Chelmsford area.
Yahoo! Groups: Habbagistix
Email list for the exchange of ideas and information between families participating in Home Learning Days at the Habitat for Sports in Uxbridge.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling in Chelmsford, MA
Closed and moderated discussion list.
Yahoo! Groups: Massachusetts Gifted Homeschoolers
An on-line community families who are homeschooling their gifted children.
Yahoo! Groups: Massachusetts Homeschoolers
An inclusive email list for all MA homeschoolers. The main focus is on current and pending legislation.
Yahoo! Groups: New England Jewish Homeschoolers
An email list for Boston-area and beyond Jewish homeschoolers.
Christian Home Educators' Network Blog
CHEN was formed to help meet the needs of teaching parents and those interested in finding out more about home education in the York Region area of Ontario.
Columbia Homeschool Community
Activities and events page for this inclusive homeschool support group for members throughout Maryland. Members practice tolerance and embrace diversity.
Homeschooler's Guide to Southern Maryland
A network of homeschool groups and individual homeschool families in southern Maryland whose purpose is to encourage and support each other's needs and choices through networking, sharing resources, and group activities.
MHEA - Maryland Home Education Association
Statewide inclusive support group founded in 1980. Annual conference, newsletter
North County Home Educators (NCHE)
An inclusive group providing support to all Maryland homeschoolers, but primarily serving Anne Arundel County.
Secular Homeschool Enrichments for the LaPlata Area Community
Information on SHELPA, an inclusive, secular homeschool support group serving Charles county.
Walkersville Christian Family Schools
Maryland's oldest Christian home school support group
Western Maryland Homeschool Association
A site for homeschooling families in the western part of the state to connect for get togethers, sports, and support.
Contact and program information for this Christian support group based in Waldorf.
Maryland Unschooling Family Connection
Email group for this secular support group serving Montgomery and Frederick counties.
Yahoo! Groups: Howard County Home Educators
HCHE is an inclusive support group for the greater Howard area.
Cecil County Maryland Homeschoolers
Christian, but inclusive, email group.
A Christian email group.
Maryland Homeschool
An inclusive email group.
Southern Maryland homeschool
An inclusive email group.
An email list for members of TORCH-Fred, a Roman Catholic organization serving Frederick county.
Central Maine Self-Learners
Central Maine Self-Learners is an inclusive homeschool group for families in central Maine who live within an approximate 30 mile radius of Augusta. CMSL
An inclusive, state-wide list for rural homeschoolers.
Maine Homeschooling
An online support group for all state homeschoolers.
An email group for homeschooling families in the Greater Portland, ME area.
Penobscot Valley Homeschool Association
PVHA 4-H provides educational enrichment for Penobscot County homeschooling families.
St. Joseph's Homeschooling Group
Catholic, but inclusive, homeschooling support group for the greater York area.
Living and Learning in mid-Maine
The Hill family shares tips for homeschooling, mid-Maine resources, and individual interests.
Camping, fishing, canoeing, snowmobiling, and weather information from the Davis family, Christian homeschoolers in rural Maine.
Christian Home Educators Fellowship of St. Bernard
CHEF-STB is a Christian support group serving New Orleans and St. Bernard parishes.
Christian Home Educators Fellowship of St. Charles
CHEF is an exclusively Christian homeschool support group in St. Charles parish.
Families for Home Education
FHE is a local Christian support group for the greater St. Charles Parish area.
The Learning Garden
A relaxed, inclusive support group for St. Tammany parish. Information is included on getting started, learning styles, how to teach, how children learn, and curricula information. An email list keeps members apprised of park days and other activities.
Louisiana Home Education Network
An inclusive, statewide homeschooling network consisting of families covering a diverse spectrum of homeschooling styles and philosophies.
Northshore Home Educators Support Group
NSHE is an inclusive support group serving the Northshore in St. Tammany.
Slidell Christian Home Educators Fellowship
SCHEF is a regional support group for southeastern Louisiana. It provides High School information, sports activities, a spelling bee, and field trips.
Southwest Louisiana Christian Home Educators Fellowship Inc.
CHEF is a faith-based support group serving Lake Charles and the surrounding area.
Christian Home Educators of Kentucky
This state-wide group assists homeschoolers by providing information, skills, tools, and a recommendation for the best practice approach to home school verification .
The Family Foundation
Articles on Kentucky education and homeschooling from the Family Foundation.
Kentucky Home Education Association
Information on requirements, resources, local support groups, legislative contacts, news, and an online egroup from KHEA, Kentucky's oldest homeschool association.
Christian Home-Educators of the Bluegrass
Home school articles, legal requirements, statewide events, and resources.
Kentuckiana Homeschooling
Louisville-area support group. Includes support groups, legal information, special needs recommendations, field trips, and conference schedules.
Pennyroyal Area Christian Home Educators of Kentucky
PACHEK is a Hopkinsville area support group.
Teaching Homes In Northern Kentucky (THINK)
Consortium of homeschooling families, meeting regularly in Florence. Schedule, directions to meetings, member list, monthly newsletter, announcements of events, and other resources.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool Kentucky
An inclusive email list for all things related to homeschooling in Kentucky.
Yahoo! Groups: Louisville Homeschoolers
Inclusive announcement and information email list.
Yahoo! Groups: Oldham County Home Educators
A field trip and activities announcement email list.
Christian Home School Confederation of Kansas (CHECK)
An association of more than fifty homeschool support groups across Kansas. The site seeks to provide valuable information for prospective, new, and experienced homeschoolers in Kansas.
Christian Homeschoolers of the Topeka Area
Local support group's information exchange.
Excellence, Diversity, Unity, Community, Acceptance, and Tolerance in Education
EDUCATE is a circle of families who homeschool primarily for educational reasons. It serves the Jackson county area through social and educational opportunities.
Lawrence Area Homeschoolers Network
LAHN is a secular, inclusive homeschooling group that supports families and encourages homeschooling in Lawrence, Kansas and surrounding areas.
Let Education Always Remain Natural
Information on LEARN, a Kansas City-area secular homeschool support group.
Loving Our Kids
This local support group serving Iola, Savonburg, and the surrounding areas offers information on its field trips, moms' nights out, and an online newsletter. From a Christian perspective.
Midwest Parent Educators
Formerly Johnson County Parent Educators. Conferences, small group support, field trip and event planning information is included.
Teaching Effective Academics in Christian Homes
TEACH is a Christian, but inclusive, support organization for the Douglas county area. The site is searchable, and items to be found include activities, events, local calendars, resource recommendations, and homeschooling news.
Teaching Parents Association
TPA is the regional homeschool organization for the Wichita/Sedgwick county area. Legal information, event and activity listings, and new homeschooler packets are offered.
Enviro Explorers
Free membership for in-state homeschools teaching grades K-5. The kids paks include activities, play items, and club accoutrements to further the study of wildflowers, archaeology, and endangered and threatened species.
Iowa Compulsory Attendance Statute
Iowa state laws.
Iowans Dedicated to Educational Alternatives
An inclusive support group for the greater Des Moines, Iowa area. Supports a mailing list, help files, and personal essays.
Learning at Home
Advice and expertise from former homeschool lobbyist, Ed Dickerson. Included are tips for new homeschoolers, the ten worst mistakes, step-by-step compliance with Iowa's law, and legal information.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool Iowa
A list for posting of events, organizations, websites, and state specific information.
Yahoo! Groups: Iowans Caring about Homeschooling
A Christian email group.
Ignite the Fire
The Camp family explains their fire philosophy of learning (Freedom Is Real Education), shares what lights a fire, how to light a fire, and resources for lighting fires. Site is built around a campfire theme.
View from an Iowa Homestead
John VanDyk muses about life in the heartland. He writes in a journal style, by date rather than topic.
Indiana Association of Home Educators
A non-profit Christian organization supporting and encouraging families interested in home education.
Indiana Home Educators' Network
IHEN is a statewide internet-based support network for Indiana homeschoolers.
Indiana Home School Help Sheet
Information on getting started, resources, and laws from the State Department of Education.
Marshall County Christian Home Educators
Resources, upcoming events, and contact information for Home Schooling in Marshall County and the surrounding area.
Eastside Home School Connection Online
Information on getting started in home schooling, membership and open monthly meeting information, news, calendars and resource links from EHSC, a local Christian support group serving the east side of Indianapolis.
Educating Tomorrow's Christians
Information on this local support group's academic workshops, testing, support meetings, field trips, and resources. Include a Getting Started section for new homeschoolers. Serving central Indiana.
Fort Wayne Area Home Schools
Information on this local support group, legalities, virtual field trips, and getting started in homeschooling.
GRACE Home Educators Association
Local resources for Sullivan and Greene counties, a prospective homeschoolers section, and membership information for this Christian, but inclusive, support group.
Indiana Marion County Homeschool Co-op
Organizes social activities for children according to age and grade level.
Life Education And Resource Network (LEARN)
A homeschooling support group in and near Bloomington, IN. All religions and styles of homeschooling welcome. Field trips, resources, networking, and other events for children. Monthly meetings.
Michiana Christian Home Educators
Calendar and information page for this Christian, but inclusive, support group.
T.E.A.C.H.E'rs Homeschool Support Group
A Christian homeschool support group in the Elkhart area providing support and activities for new and seasoned homeschoolers.
Indy Duncans Discovery Homeschool
Homeschool information, tips for beginners, family photos, and a chronicle of the Duncan family's events.
Linda's Homeschool Page
Linda explains her reasons for homeschooling her son, what it takes to educate a teen, and how to choose a curriculum.
MSN Groups: Indiana Homeschoolers
An email list for socialization for parents, exchanging information, and ideas for teaching.
Yahoo! Groups: Indiana Homeschoolers
An inclusive email list designed to facilitate the free exchange of information.
Yahoo! Groups: Indiana Homeschool-only
An inclusive email list for information and discussion about homeschooling only. No politics, no religion, no twaddle.
Yahoo! Groups: Michiana-LIFE
An inclusive secular email list for South Bend, Indiana and nearby Michigan homeschoolers. Restricted membership.
Yahoo! Groups: Northeast Indiana Life
An inclusive email list for the LaGrange area.
Christian Family Educational Co-op
CFEC is a regional co-op serving Cook, DuPage, Kendall, and Will counties.
Christian Home Educators Coalition
Legislative information, alerts, reports on lawmakers, homeschooling FAQs, and teen information from this statewide organization.
Family Pages: Woods Family Web Site
Information on orthodox Christian faith, homeschooling high schoolers, curriculum resources and materials, food co-ops, Tae Kwan Doe, and genealogy.
Grassroots Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience
Grassroots HOUSE is a Matteson IL based support group offering educational activities, clubs, special events, trips, social support, and a monthly newsletter.
Home Oriented Unique Schooling Experience (H.O.U.S.E.)
A statewide network of homeschooling support groups.
Illinois Christian Home Educators
Convention information, new homeschooler helps, special needs section, minority resources, support group information, and articles. A statewide organization.
Illinois Homeschools
A Christian email list for current or potential homeschoolers.
Our Lady, Queen of Peace
Spelling lists, reading lists, and meeting information for Catholic Homeschoolers in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, a local support group.
Peoria Area Homeschoolers Home Page
Local support group offering classes, special events, and field trips.
St. Clair County Christian Home Educators
Information page for local support group serving southern Illinois.
Yahoo! Groups: ILHS Announce
An inclusive online egroup for announcements of field trips, activities, speakers, group meetings, and other homeschooling related activities.
Yahoo! Groups: Off the Beaten Path
An inclusive support network of unschooling and eclectic homeschoolers based in Lake County, Illinois.
Yahoo! Groups: Unschooling in Illinois
An email list for discussion and resources related to families in IL who unschool.
Christian Homeschoolers of Idaho State (CHOIS)
State-wide network that sponsors annual fair, offers HSLDA discount, and answers homeschooling questions.
Idaho Homeschoolers
An inclusive resource providing a place for families to meet each other, help each other, and share experiences.
Inland Northwest Christian Homeschoolers
A Christian home school co-op and support group in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area.
Southeast Idaho Homeschool Association
Inclusive homeschool support group to southeastern Idaho families including articles, resources and a monthly newsletter containing field trip schedule, spelling bee, geography bee, and science fair information.
Vineyard Home School Co-Op
A Bible-based co-operative homeschool outreach from Boise Vineyard's Christian school.
Larry and Heather's Home School Page
Experiences and recommendations from a homeschooling Christian family in northern Idaho.
The Taylors
Graham, Stephanie and Amber share their adventures in Boise, eBay tales, and how their homeschooling works.
Christian Homeschoolers of Hawaii

Catholic Homeschoolers of Oahu
CHO is a TORCH chapter featuring field trips, planned activities, and religious education advice.
Catholic Homeschooling in Hawaii
A Honolulu based support group, organized under Our Lady of Fatima, that meets for prayer, discussion, children and friendship.
Hawai'i Homeschool Association
State regulations, events and activities listings, a photo gallery, and recommended resources from HHA, a local support group based in Mililani.
Satori Dharma Homeschooling
Information and events listing for this Honolulu-based Buddhist homeschool support group.
Terry's Hawaiian Homeschool Hangout
A virtual trip to Hawaii with a homeschooling family. State information, Terry's reasons for schooling at home, newsletter, Five In A Row information, and sample schedules.
Yahoo! Groups: Big Island Homeschoolers
An inclusive email list to post events and resources to share.
The Honolulu Star-Bulletin | ABCs at Home
Features Editor, Stephanie Kendrick, interviews area families and provides a list of resources. (November 22, 1999)
Creative Homeschoolers of Georgia
Network of inclusive and tolerant homeschooling support groups.
Georgia Home Education Association
Information about home education in Georgia including laws, support groups, resources, news and events, newsletter, and the state convention. From a Christian perspective.
Southeast Homeschool Expo
Official web site for the Southeast Homeschool and Educational Expo.
Home Education Information Resource
Provides support to local support groups and individuals through resources, information, lobbying efforts, legal analysis, mailing lists, and news updates.
Catholic Home Alliance of North Georgia Educators
Site for CHANGE, a local Catholic homeschool support group for the northwest metro Atlanta area including the cities of Marietta, Woodstock and Kennesaw. Find local resources and monthly newsletters online.
Central Savannah River Area Home Education Association
Information page for CSRAHEA, a local Christian support group serving the greater Central Savannah River Area.
Christian Home Educators of Macon, Inc.
CHEM is a non-profit coop organization providing supplemental classes for home educated children.
Christian Homeschool Adventurers
We are a group of homeschooling families in Atlanta's western suburbs. Please join us.
Circle of Friends
Information page for this inclusive Douglas county support group, including field trips, play days, a KONOS club, and parent support.
Communities of Home Educators for Christ
List of state requirements, field trip ideas, calendar of events, statement of faith, and membership information from CHEC, a local support group serving Cobb and Paulding counties.
Creative Home Educators
Articles, children's artwork, field trip kits, camping information, and an online email list for CHE, a local support group for pagans and earth centered educators from home, public, and private schools. Serving North Georgia and the greater Atlanta
DWMC Christian Home Educators
Required forms and information on this local support group serving Dalton and the surrounding areas.
Forsyth Christian Home Educators
Photos, calendar of events, statement of faith, and membership information for this local Forsyth county support group.
Gwinnett Christian Home Educators
Legal forms and information for this local support group.
Homeschool Excursions
Pickens county based organization offering programs for homeschooled students in the metro Atlanta area including theater performances, nutrition and cooking classes, and environmental experiences.
Jackson Christian Home Educators
Butts county support group providing clubs, field trips, co-op classes, skate days, and parental support.
Parents Educating Achievers in Righteousness and Leadership
A Christian homeschool support group in the greater Rockdale/Newton County area. Activities and services provided by the members include newsletter, field trips, geography bee, spelling bee, park days, teen fellowship, teas, and talent nights.
Peachtree City Home School Group
Fayette county requirements, homeschool laws, seminars and events, a members-only section, and frequently asked questions from PCHSG, a local Christian support group.
P.E.A.R.L. Home Educators
P.E.A.R.L. is a Christian homeschool support group in the general Rockdale/ Newton/ Henry County area of Georgia.
Villa Rica Homeschool Association
Information page for regional network serving Douglas, Carroll, Haralson and Paulding counties.
We're Instructing Special Homeschoolers
WISH is a support group is for families in Georgia that are homeschooling children with mental illnesses such as Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, and Asperger's Syndrome. The support group is located near Atlanta, though the email group is open to all.
West Metro Home Educators
An inclusive local support group serving Douglas, Paulding and south Cobb counties.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool Friends of Roswell
Inclusive support group serving the greater Roswell area.
Yahoo! Groups: Sugarhillhs_coop
Christ-centered co-op and support group for Sugar Hills.
MSN Groups: Homeschooling in Georgia
A Christian online support community featuring book reviews, news, resources, events listings and classified ads.
Yahoo! Groups: GAChristianHschooler
Statewide email group for Christian homeschoolers.
Yahoo! Groups: Georgiahomeschool
Statewide support for Christian homeschoolers.
Yahoo! Groups: GeorgiaHomeschoolBookSwap
Statewide email group to trade, buy, and sell used curriculum.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool-Georgia
Inclusive statewide email group.
Florida Parent Educators Association
Supporting all homeschooling families in Florida and beyond.
Alternative Choices in Education Academy, Inc
A non-religious, non-profit, private school registered with the Florida Department of Education allowing parents to teach their children at home. ACEA is open year round to students in grades K-12.
Atrium School
An inclusive, non-profit, private umbrella school with an online, comprehensive description of what home-based private schools can offer homeschooling families.
Community Christian School of Southwest Florida
This private school offers a home-schooling option to interested families as well as enrichment activities to local home-schoolers.
The Florida Home School Network
Florida HomeSchool Information Gateway - providing a gateway site for the homeschooler in Florida and elsewhere
Florida Inclusive Home Education Network
FIHEN exists to form an alliance with inclusive, non-sectarian homeschooling support groups in Florida.
Home Education Foundation
HEF provides legislative updates and scholarship information to Florida's homeschoolers. In addition, HEF's president, Brenda Dickinson, acts as a voice for home educators in Tallahassee.
League of Observant Jewish Homeschoolers
LOJH is a not-for-profit league that was designed to satisfy the growing demand for Orthodox Jewish Homeschooling in the South Florida Area.
MorningStar Christian School
MorningStar is a not-for-profit school offering a home-schooling option to interested parents in Florida. The forms page holds printable resources, and their "Free to Choose" article has printable checklists about home education through private schools an
Mount Dora Center for the Arts Homeschool Classes
Fee and schedule information for homeschool-specific art classes.
The Oaks Private School
This site provides information and enrollment forms for a private, non-traditional Christian school offerring administrative oversight and academic counseling services to interested homeschooling families.
Pensacola Museum of Art: Home-school Art-Ed
Fee and schedule information for home-school art classes. Scroll down for specific information.
Pinellas Christian Homeschool Sports
FHSAA sanctioned sports for homeschooled middle school or high school students.
Christian Home Educators Association of Marion County
This site provides contact information for this Christian support group based in Marion County, Florida. Membership application and sub-group details are also available.
Christian Home Educators of Southwest Florida
This is Christ-centered homeschool support group that encourages and equips homeschooling families in their area. Includes current group newsletter, and events calendar.
Christian Homeschoolers In Pasco
For families in Pasco and Pinellas Counties. Information about educational activities maintained by a (non-denominational) Christian, support group. This group also posts a monthly online newsletter during the regular school-year.
Citrus Christian Home Educators Association
Contains the Guide to Homeschooling in Citrus County, a step-by-step instruction and information manual for new and new-to-Citrus-County educators as well as other resources and links.
The Classical Education Method Discussion Group
This discussion group meets monthly to encourage area homeschool parents in their quest to provide the best possible education for their children.
This site offers contact information for a support group of Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers meeting in the NW FL area. It is open only to area homeschoolers.
Community Christian Homeschoolers
This is a local Christian support group serving families in Alachua and surrounding counties. The site holds important membership documents, news and information for area members, a terrific page about curriculum and a Links page with connections to safe
Educational Network of Christian Homeschoolers
ENOCH is a non-registered, not-for-profit association with a decidedly Christian emphasis serving Florida home school families in Charlotte, Sarasota and surrounding counties.
FL Homeschoolers
This site contains information to promote local home-schooling events in the Tampa Bay area. It also includes a link to an on-line bulletin board where members can post announcements of home-school events in Florida.
Gulfcoast Homeschool Association
An inclusive support group for southwest Florida, supporting social and academic activities. Members participate in chess club, science fair, gymnastics, field trips, community service, 4H, talent shows, moms' might out, choir, and a teen group.
HCECF - Homeschool Cooperative
Inclusive and eclectic group of home educating families in the Orlando area (basically Orange county, Seminole county and northeastern Lake County) working together since 2001.
Heart and Home Homeschoolers
Heart and Home Homeschoolers - homeschool support group in Lee County, Florida. Find information about getting started in homeschooling, and about area group meetings and activities.
Hearts in God's Hands Homeschool Co-op
Hearts in God's Hands (HIGH Day) co-op serves homeschooling families in the Orlando area, accepting students in K - 12, with younger siblings welcome.
HELPS - Home Educators Lending Parents Support
A cooperative, inclusive homeschooling group in Broward County, Florida offering an online recommended reading list, homeschool law section, and area field trip ideas.
H.I.S. Kids of Brevard
Co-op and event information for this local Christian support group.
Hogwarts Homeschoolers
Hogwarts Homeschoolers is a secular support group aiding homeschool parents in and around Ocala, Florida. We enjoy science,crafts,4-H, field trips, and community service projects.
Home Education Resources & Information, Inc.
HERI is a conglomeration of several smaller support groups in Jakcsonville and the northeastern region of Florida. Class information, new homeschooler tips, legal options, event listings, and an online newsletter are available.
Homeschool Cooperative of East Central Florida
An inclusive email list for families in Orange and Seminole counties homeschooling younger children.
The Homeschooler's Friend
Information, events listings, resources, and articles with a special focus on Florida home education law is maintained by a local support group for all homeschoolers in Bay County and the surrounding areas.
Homeschooling on the Treasure Coast
Information to help you get started homeschooling in Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin Counties with support group information, area field trips, local libraries and an outline of educational philosophies.
H.O.P.E. Homeschooling Okaloosa Parent Educators
We are here to help those who are struggling to find information and support on the road to and during homeschooling.
Indian River Homeschoolers Association
IRHSA is a Christian-based, but not exclusively-Christian organization. This group's goal is to provide moral support and encouragement to parents desiring to home educate their children in and around the Vero Beach area.
Lake Winds Homeschool Band
Thi site holds information about a concert band program organized for homeschooled children. This is for students ages 9 throuh 18 in the northern Lake County Florida area interested in becoming musicians.
Life of Central Florida
This organization of diverse homeschooling families goal is to provide opportunities for members to network and create both large and small-group activities.
North Brevard Home School Association Florida
Offers an overview of the educational and recreational activities available to member families including sports, monthly meetings, newsletter, and classes.
Palm Beach Homeschool Moms (PBHSM)
This is a social support group for homeschooling mothers of school-age children in and around Palm Beach County, Florida. Membership must first be approved by the moderator.
Parents Association for Christian Enrichment
PACE provides an inclusive forum for conducting enrichment classes in the Miami, Florida area from a Christian worldview. Information and class schedules for this southern Florida non-profit organization.
Parents Educating Children
Founded in 1989 and consists of over 500 families. Support group information for members and those considering home schooling in Palm Beach County.
Parents Educating on the Treasure Coast
Inclusive local support group.
Pasco Christian Homeschooling Association
Information about a nondenominational Christian support group for homeschooling families in the area of Pasco County, Florida.
Pinellas Parent Educators Association
PPEA is an organization of over 350 families in the Tampa Bay area. Information on its events, activities, science fair, park days, and an explanation of its Biblical foundation are listed.
Seminole County Home Educators Association
This very user friendly website offers information on laws regarding Florida home education and educational choices.
South County Home Schoolers
An inclusive homeschool support group serving southern Palm Beach County. Contact information, membership details, and a calendar of events. Site also contains "How To Homeschool: A Guide to Getting Started in Florida."
Tallahassee Evangelical Association of Christian Homeschoolers
T.E.A.C.H. offers a FAQ page and resources including a printable membership form, local evaluators listing, testing dates and an event calendar for this Tallahassee based group.
Vine Ripe Kids
This site offers information about an East Orlando homeschooling support group.
West Florida Home Education Support League
Support group that assists parents and children who are engaged in parent-directed education at home in Escambia County and Santa Rosa County, Florida, and others who desire information concerning parent-directed education at home.
Weston Homeschoolers
Contact information and several resources for inclusive homeschoolers and unschoolers in the Boca Raton, Florida area.
Family Treasures Home School Support Group
Based in Lehigh Acres, but also serving Buckingham, Alva, Gateway, and the East and North Fort Myers areas, this Christian support group offers offers monthly educational meetings, cooperative classes and group activities for local homeschooling parents a
Homeschool Link
Written for those new to homeschooling or thinking about it in the State of Florida, with an emphasis on Brevard County.
Homeschooling in Florida
The Chisholm family provides resources for the greater Miami area, a calendar of local events, and information on their Christian faith.
Love Country Living
A country family's weblog about life and homeschooling.
A web site of the Rabanal family's news and pictures.
Alliance of Bay County Homeschoolers
This site is an inclusive internet-based group created to forge an atmosphere of comraderie among local homeschoolers.
The Homeschool Link
A relaxed local support group in Brevard county.
South Orlando Homeschoolers
An email list for this local support group.
West Orange Christian Home Educators
A not-for-members-only email group for homeschoolers in the West Orange area.
Yahoo! Group: Homeschoolers of West Broward
Provides information on the group activities, field trips and events.
Yahoo! Groups : Brevard Homeschool
An inclusive discussion and announcement list for all Brevard county home educators.
Yahoo! Groups: Charlotte Harbor Organization of Independent Child Education
An email list for this Charlotte county support group.
Yahoo! Groups: Florida History Homeschool
A Christian email list designed to explore the rich history of The Orange State.
Yahoo! Groups: Florida Homeschool
Statewide Christian email group.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool Florida
Inclusive email list.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool Tampa
An email list for Christian homeschoolers in the greater Tampa Bay area.
City Gates Academy
A Christian school designed for families who desire cooperative involvement in their child(ren)’s education weekly classroom instruction. Serving Delaware and Pennsylvania. Volunteering and Tuition required.
Delaware Home Education Association
An inclusive statewide network of home educators. DHEA provides legal information, legislative updates, and government contact information.
Delaware Homeschool Information
How to begin homeschooling, legislative information, and a listing of the first state's support groups.
DOE Educational Directory
Educational directory of Non-Public Schools compiled by the Department of Education.
Family Pages: Your Homeschool Connection
How to homeschool in Delaware, frequently asked questions, recommendations, and curriculum help from a Southern Baptist family.
Helps for Parents in Delaware
One family's explanation on how to get started in compliance with the state law.
Support for Sussex Home Educators
To enrich our home educating lifestyle by creating a network of support in Sussex County, Delaware and surrounding communities while providing each other and our children selective "socialization" with a diverse, inclusive group.
This is a mailing list for people who home schooling or are thinking of homeschooling in Delaware. Kids and Parents alike!
Discussion forum
An all-inclusive Classical home educators support group for families Classically educating their children in the Wilmington-Elkton-Philadelphia area; and extending out to N Delaware, NE Maryland, SW New Jersey, and SE Pennsylvania area.
MSN Groups: Delaware Homeschoolers
A statewide egroup for information postings, discussion, and general chat.
Christian families in Wilmington, Delaware began to provide home school support and fellowship. Anyone may participate in activities regardless of race or religion, but do expect to find a Biblical worldview and expectations for conduct.
Central Connecticut Adventist Virtual School
Home school curriculum for grades K-12, fully integrated into the virtual environment.
Connecticut Homeschool Network
An inclusive statewide organization.
Family Pages: Homeschooling in Connecticut
The Shalvoy family provides resources including sample forms, legal information, field trip guides, and state-specific specials. From a Christian perspective.
Sleeping Giant Homeschoolers
a support group in South/Central Connecticut which comes together with a basic, biblically-based Christian philosophy, but welcomes all who are interested in homeschooling.
TEACH - The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers
Their purpose is to further the interests of home education of children by their parents. To accomplish this, TEACH provides services and information to homeschooling families and support groups in Connecticut.
Yahoo! Groups: Groton CHEA
An egroup for this CHEA chapter.
Christian Home Educators of Colorado
Site provides resources, upcoming events, workshops, help getting started, and Colorado law details..
Colorado Academy of Independent Learners
A Colorado private school for homeschoolers. Program information on curriculum consulting, transcripts, diploma program, commencements program, cooperative classes, and trancripts.
Concerned Parents Of Colorado
A State and National Legislative resource specializing in homeschool, family and educational issues. Find homeschooling information, current legislative information and support groups.
Front Range High School -- GED to Diploma
Information and fees for this private high school's self-paced home education program leading to a diploma. Their philosophy is that the awarding of credits should be based on the level of knowledge attained not on how long a student sat in a desk i
Grand Junction Homeschool
Personal site providing information on all Western Slope area support groups and activities. From a Christian perspective.
Home Schooling in Colorado
Official information on the state's homeschool law, frequently asked questions, resources, statistics, and CSAP testing for home-based students from the Colorado Department of Education.
Colorado Springs Homeschool Support Group
CSHSSG is an inclusive group that aims to provide communication, support, group activities, and "proactive legislative efforts.
Longmont Christian Homeschool Cooperative
Christian, but inclusive, support group providing monthly newsletter, large group activities, sports, topical meetings, community contact, and small group support.
Nature's Classroom Homeschool Group
This inclusive Colorado Springs area local support group offers information on getting started, calendar and event listings, and resources for unschoolers.
Northern Colorado Homeschool Association
Information on this Ft. Collins area support group, a sample letter of intent, calendar of events, activity listings, bulletin board, and curricula recommendations.
Parker Christian Home Educators
Photos and group information for this Parker area local support group serving the Denver metro area.
Secular Homeschool Support Group
Legislative information, calendar of events, educational consulting, and co-op class listings for this inclusive local support group serving the greater Pikes Peak area.
Yahoo! Groups: Homes Offering Support for Educational Alternatives
An email list for HOSEA, an inter-denominational Christian local support group serving the north and west areas of Denver.
Little Homeschool in the Rockies
The Glaser family shares their experience homeschooling their two children. Articles and information on autism, the Rocky Mountains, birdwatching, wildlife, the Navy, and life in Colorado.
MSN Groups: Denver Eagles
Information group for this K-12 competitive sports program for the Christian Homeschooler.
Yahoo! Groups: Attachment Parenting Homeschoolers of Colorado
AP_HSColorado is an email list for home educators who are interested in home birthing, the family bed, extended breastfeeding, and home centered living.
Yahoo! Groups: Colorado Homeschool
A Christian, but inclusive, email list for children and parents who homeschool.
Yahoo! Groups: Colorado Homeschool Leaders
COHSLEAD is an email group whose purpose is to network support groups through information sharing with their leadership.
Yahoo! Groups: Colorado Homeschool Loop
COHSLOOP is an inclusive email group designed for general discussion of homeschool how-to's, tips and tricks.
Yahoo! Groups: Colorado Springs Unschoolers
An email list for unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers in the greater Colorado Springs area.
Yahoo! Groups: Eclectic Homeschoolers of Colorado
An inclusive list for all homeschoolers of all styles and beliefs. Not strictly on-topic.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool-Colorado
An inclusive, diverse egroup for Coloradans of all homeschooling styles.
Yahoo! Groups: Southern Colorado Homeschool Leaders
SCOHomeschoolLeaders is an email list designed for information sharing between support group leaders.
Yahoo! Groups: Southern Colorado Homeschoolers
An inclusive general discussion email list for those in the southern part of the state.
Yahoo! Groups: Spiral Academy
An email list for pagan home educators throughout the state.
Yahoo! Groups: Well-Trained Mind Colorado
An email list for homeschoolers using Susan Wise-Bauer's book, The Well-Trained Mind.
California Homeschool Network

Christian Home Educators Association of California

California Athletics for Homeschoolers
Learn sports fundamentals, obtain class information, and find out about Homeschool Olympics from this San Diego-based organization.
Hartland Home School Family Camps
Information and registration for Hartland's homeschool-specific camps. From a Biblical Christian perspective.
HomeSchool Association of California
Inclusive state-wide organization. Legislative watch, local contacts, field trip resources, and bi-monthly newsletter.
Homeschooling in Orange County
Options, support groups, classes, local events, used curriculum exchange, and field trip ideas for Southern California.
LDS Homeschooling in California
Information for Latter-day Saint (Mormon) homeschoolers including support groups, email groups, articles, virtual field trips, and educational helps.
Sunland Christian School
High school manual and assistance, graduation programs, field trips, lesson plans, and curricula counseling.
Talega Preparatory Academy
Information and registration page for a private school independent study program serving students from Kindergarten through Grade 12. The school assumes the administrative burden for families educating at home, from unschoolers to schoolers-at-home.
Almaden Valley Christian School
Information page for AVCS, a service for families homeschooling children with special needs including curriculum consulting, an ISP, and a support group.
Bakersfield Home Learners
An egroup for BHL, an inclusive support group for the greater Bakersfield area.
BayShore Homeschoolers
All about this inclusive
Christian Family Schools
Network of Christian-only homeschooling families in the San Diego area. Offers field trips, resources, and high school information. Part of CHEA.
Christian Home Educators of the County of Kern
Information on this local support group which supplies a lending library, organizes field trips, graduations, luncheons, and curricula sales.
Conejo Valley Homeschoolers
Secular homeschooling support group for the greater Ventura area. Shows R-4, hosts curriculum fair, and a bulletin board for local events.
Excellence in Education
Monrovia based enrichment classes, articles, support, and advice for homeschoolers.
FaCE Los Angeles
An email list for members of Family Centered Education of Los Angeles, a local support group.
Fresno Sunnyside Christian Academy ISP
Private independent study program and support group for home schooling families in Central California. Includes information on plans offered, buying used books, teaching high school, and area field trip ideas.
Greater San Diego Academy Homeschool
Homeschooling programs associated with a local private school. Includes field trips, science labs, curriculum help.
Hayward Homeschoolers
An inclusive email list for this local support group, serving homeschoolers in Hayward, Castro Valley, San Lorenzo, and San Leandro.
Heritage Valley Homeschoolers
An email list for this local support group, serving the Santa Paula, Fillmore, and Piru areas.
Homegrown Kids
Inclusive and tolerant East Bay support group offering field trips, classes, and potlucks.
HomeLearners of Whittier
An inclusive, multi denominational homeschool support group in Whittier, California.
Los Angeles South Bay Homeschooling
Inclusive network of local groups homeschooling in the Southbay area. Includes help with California law, information on email groups, and local activities.
Milpitas Homeschool Support
An announcement and discussion list for MHS, an inclusive group for relaxed homeschoolers.
Modesto Area Homeschool
High-traffic email list for area families to discuss and coordinate activities and issues.
Redding Homeschool Network
An email list for RHSN, an inclusive support group for Shasta county homeschooling families.
Rinconada Park Day
An email list for a non-structured inclusive homeschool group that meets weekly at Palo Alto's Rinconada Park.
Sacramento Council of Parent Educators
SCOPE is a local support group for private, independent, Christian homeschool families. Information on getting started in homeschooling, local events and contacts, and HSLDA membership is included.
Sacramento Homeschool Meetup Group
Serving Christian homeschooling mothers and their children who meet up for field trips, crafts, park days, skating, bowling, and other social activities.
San Diego Home Education
An email list for this inclusive support group in San Diego.
San Francisco Homeschoolers
A loosely organized, inclusive group of homeschooling families.
Secular Home Educators
An email list for SHE, an eclectic support group in the Whittier area.
TORCH of the East Bay
Support group information for Catholic homeschoolers in the Oakland diocese.
Tri-Valley Explorers Homeschool Support
Calendar of events, activities and classes for this inclusive homeschooling support group and co-op in Northern California's East Bay. Also list great books, interviews with homeschooled children, and a gallery of children's projects.
Valley - Christian Home Educators Organization
V-CHEO is a conservative Christian support group based in Moreno Valley offering parkdays, events, and field trips.
Valley Home Educators
Local Christian support group for the greater Modesto area.
Ventura Homeschool
Provides articles, links, book reviews and suggested reading, maps to local points of interest, news feeds and more for homeschoolers in and around the Ventura, California area.
WACHE - Woodland Area Christian Home Educators
A support group in the Woodland area (Yolo County) made up of private Christian Home Educators offering a lending library, mentoring forum, weekly and monthly support meetings.
West Valley Homeschoolers
Inclusive Los Angeles support group. Offers opportunities for socialization, field trips, classes, and park days.
Yahoo! Groups: Sowers Circle
An email list for Christian homeschoolers in the Livermore area. Sowers is part of the Tri-County Homeschool Educators.
Yolo Homeschool Central
Central gathering place for Yolo County homeschooling resources, including support groups, park days, isps, charter schools, special events and ongoing activities.
Gentle Hearth
Charlotte Mason education, California links, housekeeping skills, tea party information, domestic arts, recipes, and gentle homemaking advice from the Martinez family.
Hidng Place
Kristin in San Diego shares their family's plan for changing the world, experiences with Wisdom's Way of Learning curriculum, and resource recommendations. From a Christian perspective.
Petz Family School
A Science Lab, Poet's Place, free graphics, an Art Gallery, blank calendar printouts, and details on what the kids are currently working on.
Pontiac High School
Information on getting started, and schooling through the teen years from the Ugulano family.
Steven and Linda
Steven and Linda share their photos, daily triumphs and struggles, and toddler tips. In a weblog format.
Waldorf Homeschooling
Homeschooling curriculum support and home teacher consultation for Waldorf-inspired families and initiatives. Based in Aptos.
Gifted Homeschoolers Forum
Supporting gifted homeschoolers in California, providing resources, information, and networking.
Yahoo! Groups: California Christian Homeschooling
A statewide email list whose purpose is to share activities, prayer requests, advice, concerns, discussions, encouragement, experiences, ideas, information, links, resources, suggestions, and support.
Yahoo! Groups: California Homeschool
An email list for current or potential home educators in the Golden State.
Yahoo! Groups: California Homeschool Network
Homeschooling support for homeschoolers in California.
Yahoo! Groups: Fresno Home Schoolers
An inclusive discussion list.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling in Santa Clarita Valley
An inclusive email list for local support and information sharing.
Yahoo! Groups: Sierra Homeschool Network
An inclusive email list serving families in Nevada, Placer, and Yuba counties.
Yahoo! Groups: Southern California Christian Homeschoolers
An email list for the Los Angeles and south areas.
Yahoo! Groups: Ventura County Home Learners
Information pertinent to homeschoolers and home-based education in and around Ventura County.
India: iPerform
India's first Internet-based study package for senior school students.
Japan: Christian and Homeschool Resource Center
Japan-specific information, FAQs, Homeschool 101 for beginners, local resources, and support are offered at this site.
Japan: Homeschool Support Association of Japan
Mostly Hiragana text, but with some English. Local resources, reports, and a members only area.
Malaysian Catholic Homeschooling Network
A Catholic, but inclusive, egroup for homeschoolers and potential homeschoolers in Malaysia.
Geneva Books
Christian homeschool bookshop.
Home Education NZ
Information about homeschooling in New Zealand, including your legal rights and responsibilities and government funding. How you can homeschool by using the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum.
Yahoo! Groups: Educating from Home in New Zealand
An inclusive forum in which New Zealand Home Educators can discuss ideas, issues, questions, concerns, resources, as well as to provide support, advice and encouragement for each other.
Alternative Education Resource Group
Regional advocacy and support organization for the Victoria area. Their pages contain resources, activities, listings of local support groups, and the history of homeschooling in Australia.
Australian Homeschool
An inclusive nationwide email list.
Christian Homeschooling in Australia
A nationwide email list.
Distance Education Tasmania
Flexible curriculum delivery for K-10 students learning at home.
Fountain Resources Online
Suppliers of Catholic Books, Media and Sacramentals as well as Home Schooling Resources, specializing in Charlotte Mason inspired resources and
Home Education Association Australia
Inclusive nationwide organization formed to support, promote and encourage the practice of home education. Legal information, support listings, educational resources, events and activities can be found here.
Home Education Network Canberra & Southern Tablelands
HENCAST is an inclusive support network for Home Educators in the ACT and surrounding NSW. Annotated links, articles and contact information.
Homeschool Australia
Information on getting started, articles, listings of local support groups, and resources for teaching your own children at home.
Homeschooling at the Stolks'
This site is for families who homeschool or are thinking of homeschooling their children, with a substantial section dedicated to the Weaver Curriculum.
Perth Home Education Networking
An email list to share information on what is happening in and around Perth and to connect with other home based learners.
Tasmanian Home Education Advisory Council
Information and support for parents interested in educating at home.
English Grammar 101
On-line tutorial English grammar instruction for alternative education settings, language arts classes, home schooling, adult study, and ESL courses.
Everyday Education
Distance learning high school, English classes and resources to support families with homeschooling teens.
For Such a Time as This
College and SAT preparation resources for the Christian homeschooler from Dr. James Stobaugh.
Homeschool Calligraphy Service and Graduation Supplies for Homeschooling Families
Provides diplomas with padded covers, custom announcements, and invitations.
Homeschool to College
Contains articles and resources for homeschoolers preparing to go to college, including SAT information and transcript help.
Learning for Life Resource Center
The Learning for Life Resource Center provides information about career planning, career web sites,learning styles, and behavior styles. Learning for Life sells books and career assessments. There are links to career and learning style web sites.
NARS - North Atlantic Regional School
High school services for homeschoolers, also offers accelerated diploma options. Located in Lewiston, Maine.
The Path From Home School to College
Blair Dowling shares his insights on the transition from homeschool high school to college, including transcript information and the socialization issue.
Abaertern Academy
Online school for grades 3-12. Accredited in Montana. Offers a diploma program.
Abbington Hill School
E-mail correspondence school, offering national and New Jersey state correlated curriculum and counselor support.
Alger Learning Center and Independence High School
Correspondence school offering K-12 courses. Provides for custom curriculum if requested. Washington state accredited.
Blueprint Education
An accredited distance learning school for grades 7-12 with both online and correspondence courses. Educational services for curriculum design, charter schools, homeschooling, distance learning and driver’s education.
Bridgeway Homeschool Academy
Provides full homeschool curriculum and correspondence teaching for grades K-12, learning disabilities help, adult diplomas and online learning-certification courses.
Calvert School
Provides homeschool curriculum for elementary and middle school students.
Citizens' High School
Complete program of correspondence courses at the high school level. Accredited in Florida.
Clintondale Virtual Schools
Provides full online high school diploma program for grades 9-12. Accredited in Michigan.
Clonlara School
Alternative school, homeschooling internet distance education elementary and high school diploma program enrolling families worldwide.
Distance learning high school, serving the home school community, and public school districts, with online courses and an accredited degree program since 1994.
Cool School
Online courses for Oregon middle and high school students. Not a full curriculum or diploma program, but many courses offered.
Dennison Online Internet School
High school distance learning program for English literate students worldwide.
Desiderata School Inc.
Desiderata offers K-12 programs both online and through traditional correspondence, as well as local programs in Colorado and Wyoming. Currently serving students in over a dozen states and three countries.
3DLearn Interactive Academy
Offers accredited 7-12 distance learning in a interactive 3D virtual reality school.
Eagle Christian
An internet school offering a complete high school and junior high school program over the internet.
Escondido Tutorial Service
Correspondence Christian tutoring and study guide service for homeschooled high school students.
Evergreen Internet Academy
An online school which offers a full curriculum to middle and high school students. A Washington state diploma program is available.
Future's International High School
Provides a college preparatory academic program supported by real-time online individualized instruction.
Global Village School
A distance-learning diploma program. Online and text-based curriculum promoting peace, understanding, and respect for all.
Indiana University High School Diploma Program
Program offers correspondence courses for students grades 9-12. A full curriculum is offered as is an Indiana accredited high school diploma.
Internet Home School
Direct online K-12 instruction in all subjects specializing in concurrent and early college enrollment.
John Adams High School
High school diplomas for homeschoolers awarded through testing.
The Jubilee Academy
A Christian online and correspondence curriculum for students grades K-12. Offers a Pennsylvania accredited diploma.
Keystone National High School
Providing a blended correspondence-based independent study curriculum with internet-based home education. KNHS and e-school supports home schooling, alternative education and online curriculum.
Kolbe Academy
A Catholic school which caters to students grades K-12. Offers full print based curriculum for parents who homeschool their children. Also offers an on-site school setting for children in California.
Laurel Springs School
Private distance-learning school for K-12 children.
Liberty High School
Offers program for adults seeking to complete their high school education, approved by the Vermont State Department of Education.
Louisiana State University High School
Program through Louisiana State University. Offers online and traditional correspondence courses for students in grades 9-12. A Louisiana accredited diploma is awarded upon completion of program.
The Mesa Distance Learning Program
Offers online schooling to 7-12th graders. A full curriculum is available. Students are awarded an Arizona accredited diploma upon completion of program.
Mother of Divine Grace School
A Catholic school which provides K-12 curriculum and support for parents who homeschool. This is an accredited, diploma granting institution located in California.
North Atlantic Regional High School
Located in Lewiston Maine, offers consultation, tutorial services, college planning and home schooling.
North Dakota Division of Independent Study
North Dakota certified online and traditional correspondence program for grades K-12. An accredited diploma is awarded upon completion of program.
North Texas Academy
A distance education program for those desiring to complete high school and earn a diploma. A teacher monitors all work and assignments are sent every two weeks.
NorthStar Academy
A private Christian on-line school offering programs of study based on the USA, Canadian, and UK curriculum models.
OU Independent Learning High School
The University of Oklahoma Independent Learning High School offers students grades 9-12 the opportunity to earn an accredited high school diploma via correspondence and online courses.
Park City Independent Online High School
Accredited program with full curriculum diploma program, or choose individual courses.
Pearblossom Private School
Traditional correspondence and online school for grades K-12. Offers a California diploma upon completion of program.
Plano Home School Academy
Correspondence school for students grades K-8. Accredited in Arizona. Students who complete this program may transfer into the partner high school, North Texas Academy.
Plano ISD eSchool
Online high school courses accredited in the state of Texas.
St. Thomas Aquinas Academy
A Catholic, classical liberal arts program for the independent homeschooling family, grades K through 12. Independent private school registered with the State of California.
Texas Tech Outreach and Distance Education
Offering a correspondence program for students K-12, culminating in a high school diploma.
University of Texas at Austin High School
Offers distance education for K-12 students, college students, and adult learners. High School Diploma Program available.
HUUmans on the Web
A voice for alternatives to traditional public schools and for school reform ideas that include homeschooling as a viable educational choice.
Spiritual Education Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans for spiritual, moral, and character education.
Chinuch at Home
Jewish educational resources including products, forums, annotated links, discussion, and polls.
Educating the Muslim Child.
Arabic learning materials and Islamic lesson plans for home educators. In a weblog format.
Islam Sisters Madrasa Homeschool
This egroup has unit study information, Islamic resources, and messaging.
Islamic Home Schooling Advisory Network
Information, advice, support and resources for Muslims who are educating their children at home or who are seeking other alternatives to mainstream schooling.
Muslim Home Education Network of Australia
Provides information and general resources for members of the Muslim community for home education in New South Wales (Australia).
Muslim Home School Network and Resource
MHSNR provides Arabic translations of information on home schooling.
Muslim Home School Network and Resource
Information for Muslim and non-Muslim teachers seeking educational material on Islam, and resources for home education.
MuslimToday Homeschool
An egroup sponsored by Muslim Today.
Talibiddeen Jr Academy
Muslim homeschool resources. Contains links to various subject areas including Arabic, math, phonics, and preschool.
Yahoo! Groups: Arabic Learning Materials
Online support group for those homeschoolers teaching their children Arabic.
NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network (NATHHAN)

Another Path - Homeschooling Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children
A guide to homeschooling deaf or hard of hearing children.
G. Whiz Educational Resources
Homework and classroom assignment tools for dyslexic children.
Homeschooling Boys
Advice from Janie Bowman on homeschooling ADHD boys.
Homeschooling Children with Special Needs
Articles, links, and booklist.
Homeschooling Kids With Disabilities
Support and information for people homeschooling their children with special educational needs. Email list, classified ads, message board, and links.
Homeschooling Your Special Needs Child
A for-fee online course designed for the parents of special needs children to help them decide if it's right for them, how to get started, effective strategies for the parents and students.
How to Teach ADHD/ADD Children
Tips on how to teach highly distractable (ADHD/ADD) children from a homeschooling mom.
Learning Abled Kids
Provides information, curriculum resources, support, and tools to help parents and teachers of children with specific learning disabilities.
Therapeutic Homeschooling
Information for parents homeschooling or considering homeschooling their children with bipolar disorder. Waldorf Education is the underlying education methodology.
Cerebral Palsy Grassroots Organization
Message board for parents who are homeschooling their disabled children.
MSN Groups: Homeschooling The Child With Special Needs
An online community for parents homeschooling ADHD, dyslexia, and other special needs children.
Topica Lists: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Home Educators
Email support for parents coping with the special challenges of teaching children afflicted with FAS.
Yahoo! Groups: CM Special Kids
An email list for those using Charlotte Mason homeschooling methods for special needs children.
Yahoo! Groups: DevDelay6andunder
Email list for parents of special needs and developmentally delayed children aged six and under.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling Kids with Disabilities
Email list for parents/grandparents/guardians who are homeschooling children with special educational needs, and professionals in the disabilities field.
Yahoo! Groups: HSKids-SpecialNeeds
Email list for homeschooling parents who are educating their kids with special needs.
Alternative Learning Foundation
ALF supports alternative learning concepts, and provides introductory information and resources.
Can a Christian Be an Unschooler?
A rebuttal by Patrick Farenga to Mary Hood's assertion that Christianity and unschooling don't mesh.
Family Unschoolers Network
Newsletter articles, reviews, resources, and message boards.
Home Sweet Home-School
Resource links, articles, unschooling and encouragement forums, and virtual field trips.
John Holt and Growing Without Schooling
About educator Holt, his philosophy and his legacy. Includes information about unschooling, books by and about Holt, and limited archives from the magazine Growing Without Schooling (1977 - 2001).
Life Learning
Information and resources related to homeschooling and unschooling including crafts and self-led learning activities for kids, support and discussion for families applying unschooling principles. Additional weblog-style information on recipes, natural liv
Natural Learning Page
An essay taken from Amy Bell's internet presentation, defining unschooling as children determining what they learn, when they learn, how they learn, and why they learn.
Radical Unschooling
Unschool parent Sandra Dodd's essays on her experiences, how people learn, and related topics, with links to other resources.
The Unprocessed Child: Living Without School
Valerie Fitzenreiter's book which explains how she unschooled her daughter, Laurie Chancey, from birth to college.
Unschool Radical - Unschooling in Surburbia
News, events, ideas, and thoughts on unschooling. In a weblog format.
UnSchoolers Online
News, articles, links, support groups, and resources.
Unschooling America
Dayna Martin shares her weblog, articles, and chats about her educational philosophy and attachment parenting
Unschooling or Homeschooling: What's the Difference?
Gail Withrow explains the difference between unschooling and homeschooling. Unschooling is letting the child lead and control her own education. With homeschooling the ultimate control and responsibility for education rests with the parents, not with th
Unschooling Sermon
A definition of unschooling from the pulpit of Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church.
Articles, online forum, and other resources for unschoolers.
Waldorf-Enlivened Unschooling
An information and family page from Terra So Luna's tribe. Included are book reviews, helpful hints for the elementary grades, why Waldorf fits perfectly with paganism, and calendar-based activities.
What God Thinks about Unschooling
Harvey Bluedorn of Trivium Pursuit argues that unschooling is incompatible with Christianity.
What Is Unschooling?
In this Home Education Learning Magazine essay, Karen Gibson explains unschooling as trusting that your child will learn what he needs to know for his own life, in his own time frame.
What the Bible Teaches to Home Schoolers
Unschooler RM Baseman argues that Christians must not educate their children in a restrictive, stiff and authoritarian manner.
Wikipedia: Unschooling
Article from the free online encyclopedia.
An Unschooling Life
Joanne shares her unschooling journey after removing her three adopted children from government school.
Joseph Louis McLean's Homepage
Musings of a grown-up unschooler.
Nurturing Children's Natural Love of Learning
Jan Hunt describes her philosophy of child-led learning.
School is Out
Novelist Denis Johnson uses humor to describe his family's experience unschooling.
Three Loose Nuts: A Prairie Home Compendium
Secular unschooling on the Canadian Prairies. In a weblog format.
Tiny Grass
A family weblog about crunchy unschooling, attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and natural living.
Unbridled Learning
Sarah shares her family's unschooling journey including tae kwon do, hockey, and working from home.
Life Learning Magazine
Bimonthly subscription magazine dedicated to providing trustworthy, inspiring information and a forum for discussion about self-directed, life-based learning. Includes index of articles in current and past issues.
Live Free Learn Free
Bi-monthly print magazine paired with an online collection of resources for unschoolers and relaxed homeschoolers. Some articles available online.
The Breathing Room
A site for the encouragement and education of Charlotte Mason homeschoolers.
Catholic Charlotte Mason
Trailguides, reading lists, and recommended activities for home education the CM way.
Charlotte Mason Research and Supply Company
Karen Andreola's CM site including book reviews, speaking schedules, and resources.
Getting Started with Charlotte Mason
Information on how to jump start a CM education including narration, copywork, and scientific topics.
Mater Amabilis - A Catholic Charlotte Mason Curriculum for the 21st Century
A free Catholic curriculum and resource guide for those homeschooling the CM way.
Resources and information on the Charlotte Mason method, by Penny Gardner, the author of "Charlotte Mason Study Guide."
Yahoo! Groups: Charlotte Mason Study Group
CMSG is an online Christian support group for those homeschooling with living books.
The Education Revolution Magazine
The networking magazine of the Alternative Education Resource Organization. Includes articles about public and private alternative schools and homeschooling.
Germany: Heidelberg Homeschool Group
Photos, information, book reviews, field trip opportunities, and classes from this Christian, U.S. Military affiliated homeschool group in the Heidelberg, Germany area.
Homeschoolers and the United States Military Academy
United States Military Academy Admissions Field Force shows you how to go forward with the West Point Admissions process.
The Military Homeschooler
A secular and inclusive information site serving American military homeschoolers around the world. From an unschooling perspective.
NHEN: Military Homeschoolers
Resources, boards, articles, and local contacts.
Schofield Barracks, Hawaii: Hawaiian Grace
An egroup for this Christian homeschool support group.
United States Air Force Academy: Home Schooled Student Guidelines
USAF Academy Admissions Office's guidelines on academic, athletic, and extracurricular requirement and suggestions.
United States Naval Academy's Guidelines for Homeschoolers
Detailed curriculum requirements for potential cadets, from the Admissions Office of USNA.
West Point Homeschoolers
A listserv for USMA homeschoolers, potential homeschoolers, and their families.
Yahoo! Groups: Alternative Military Family
An email list for homeschooling, homeopathic, breastfeeding, and home-birthing families.
Yahoo Groups!: Heidelberg_Homeschoolers
A Christian based support group in the Heidelberg/Mannheim area.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschool Military
An inclusive email group purposed to the unique challenges and advantages of home education in the Armed Forces.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling in the Military
An inclusive email list for homeschoolers and teachers.
Yahoo! Groups: Homeschooling Military Families
An inclusive general discussion list.
Yahoo! Groups: Military Homeschool
A Christian email group whose purpose is to support, encourage, swap curriculum, pray, and share praises.
Yahoo! Groups: Military HS Families
A Christian email list for military families who are homeschooling.
Yahoo! Groups: US Military Homeschool Families
An inclusive Christian email list.
Washington Post | Mustering for School at Home
Staff writers Nancy Trejos and Steve Vogel report on various military homeschoolers and why homeschooling is growing at a rapid rate among military personnel. Requires free registration to view. (April 6, 2000)
HSLDA | Military Home Schooling Overseas
A special report from the Home School Legal Defense Association. (November 4, 1999)
Pointer View | Giving New Meaning to the Term Homework
An article that reports on the growing number of homeschoolers at West Point. (September 3, 1999)
Department of Defense | Policy Memorandum on Homeschooling
Explains the DoD position on homeschooling. (January 1, 1999)
The Youngblood's Homeschool Page
One Navy family's homeschooling adventure. Includes a typical day's schedule, reasons for homeschooling, and curriculum suggestions.
OmniNerd : The Breed Known as Homeschoolers
Catherine Christiansen's article about going to school in your own home.
Homeschooling 101: Why We Do It
Part of NPR's three-part series, "The Changing Face of America," on how education has changed in the past fifteen years. (February, 2001)
Parent and Child Educational Services (PACES)
Offers a weekly Classical school for homeschoolers grades K-12 in the greater Houston area. Additionally, distance learning classes are offered via Internet, along with educational consulting and assistance.
Friendship Baptist Church
Pastor Richard A Black Sr.
The Web's biggest and best stores!
Westbank Homeschool Organization, Inc.
WHO Inc. is a support group that exists for the purpose of providing service and support to home educators.
Homeschooling Forums

Malaysia Homeschool Family

Christian Home Schoolers Resources
Christian home schoolers resources offers support and products to parents that home school their children.
PATH - Plano Association of Texas Homeschoolers
A Christian-based homeschool co-op providing education and learning for its members' children.
Homeschooling Ideas

YourTeacher Online Math Help: Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 ...

The Ultimate Field Trip by 3D Travel Company
Join the more than 1,000 homeschoolers who have participated in the Ultimate Field Trip since it began!
Current Issue
The Erskine Family
No Greater Joy: Magazine
No Greater Joy is the ministry of Michael & Debi Pearl under the auspices of No Greater Joy Ministries Inc.
Home School Book Fair
Annual book fair. Links to other curriculum fairs and homeschooling conventions.
Free Homeschooling Curriculum Materials - A to Z Home's Cool ... -- Homeschool Curriculum Reviews
Lots and lots of homeschooling curriculum reviews written by homeschoolers who have used the homeschool curriculum themselves. Click on in and visit us!
Home schooling, Homeschooling Online, and Homeschool Virtual ...
Homeschooling online information. Get all the facts about Homeschooling and the online Home School Curriculum. Full information on available courses, ...
Homeschool Curriculum Excellence - Robinson Self-Teaching ...
An Excellent K-12 Home School Curriculum Developed by a scientist and his six children. I N T R O D U C T I O N Home Schooling for Superb Educational ...
Griggs University : Home Study : Accredited home schooling ...
Accredited homeschool curriculum and courses for elementary, junior high, high school and ... Elementary Home Schooling · High School Home Schooling ...
Homeschooling Books - Supplies, Curriculum, & Textbooks for ... offers the best homeschooling supplies, curriculum, and textbooks for high school, middle school, and preschool home schooling.
Tammy's (Mostly) Homeschooling Curriculum Reviews
A home schooling mom's curriculum and book reviews -- lots of home schooling curriculum reviews in many categories. C'mon in and take a look around!
Homeschool Curriculum - Choosing Homeschooling Curriculum
Need help choosing your homeschool curriculum? Find information on choosing your curriculum for homeschooling, finding curriculum publishers, unit studies, ...
Homeschoolers Trading Zone - Buy and sell your used homeschooling ...

Home School Advisor - Homeschool Curriculum - Homeschooling Curriculum
Homeschool curriculum, advice and resources. ... State homeschooling laws, homeschool organizations, local support groups and more. ...
Easy Homeschooling - FREE homeschooling resources and EASY ...
Three Easy Homeschooling titles: Techniques, Companion and Curriculum, + Devotional Fields with God. All four books ($69.88 value) for only $50.00! ...
Home Schooling Curriculum and Lessons - Education Atlas
Online directory of home schooling curriculum and lesson websites, resources and information guides. - home schooling, homeschool curriculum ... offers over 20000 products for home schooling, homeschool curriculum, microscopes.
Home Schooling Curriculum
Home Schooling Curriculum: Find extensive info about home schooling curriculum.
Secular Homeschool Curriculum: Homeschooling Material for Non ...
Finding homeschool curriculum without references to religion can be a challenge. Education at home doesn't have to be religious.
Homeschool Supercenter
Deeply discounted home schooling products, homeschool books, and homeschool curriculum of all kinds - Secular Curriculum and Bible-Based Curriculum! ...
Classical Christian Homeschooling: Classical Curriculum & Online ...
Curriculum suggestions and reviews, scope and sequence, and an online catalog for homeschoolers using classical education, from Classical Christian ...
French Curriculum, Easy, Christian - Le Francais Facile!
Phonetic French Homeschooling Curriculum. News Flash! Le Français Facile and El Español Fácil have placed 2nd in the Practical Homeschooling Magazine 2008 ...
Homeschool Curriculum -
Ancient Civilizations & the Bible: Full Family Curriculum Pack ... Saxon’s incremental approach has worked for countless homeschooling families. ...
Home School College Connection - Home Schooling Curriculum
The homeschooling curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of college-bound students. Whether you want to attend a two-year college or four-year university, ...
Main Page - KnowHomeschooling
Homeschool Categories And Articles. Homeschooling Curriculum ... You can use the search box to search this wiki for homeschooling information, or search our ...
Homeschool Program - Christian Homeschooling Curriculum Online
Our homeschool curriculum includes over 150 year-long homeschool courses to choose from. Please feel free to browse these homeschool courses.
Beginning Homeschooling: Find Curriculum, Books, and Advice
EHO Lite is a site for those considering homeschooling, just starting out, or looking for resources to assist with decisions about homeschool curriculum.
NMFA - National Military Family Association serves military ...
NMFA provides resources and support to spouses and children of Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, NOAA and PHS. NMFA initiatives include free ...
NMFA Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program

The Military Family Network at
The Military Family Network is a website providing quick and easy access to comprehensive community and business information and resources for members of ...
Military Family Research Institute
Research, news, and information for individuals charged with improving policies and practices focused on military quality-of-life.
Photos for Slide
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Military Family Resources @ 1-877-813-4662

Click here to go to the Military OneSource website or call 1-800-342 ... If you are a Service member or family member you qualify under the Uniformed and ...
Family Support During Deployment
Today's military family faces a lifestyle that is comprised of frequent .... Military Community Programs. Family support is an integral part of the ...
Family Support Services - Military Benefits -
Once a servicemember is mobilized, family members may find they need assistance with a particular problem or be in need of general support.
Military Spouse and Family - Benefits & Resources

Minnesota Military Family Foundation
The Minnesota Military Family Foundation is a community-supported fund. Contributions are made by people who understand that there are many sacrifices that ...
Military Family Resources
This page is dedicated to making life a little bit easier for the military family. For now these links should provide some good information about some of ...
Military Family Support Information
Military Children and Youth. This site, developed by the Military Family Resource Center, provides information on military children and youth issues, ...
Military Family Program - Joint - Navy, Marines, Air Force ...
The FLAGS program is an integral part of the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) Military Family Program (MFP). Spouse Leadership Course There is a spouse ...
USAWC Military Family Program - Wounded Service Members Employment ...

Army Reserve Family Programs - Online
Find out what you need to know about mobilization, deployment, benefits and entitlements. This is the gateway to Army Reserve Family Programs information ...
The First Lady of Minnesota - Mary Pawlenty :: Military Family ...
Mary Pawlenty started the Military Family Care initiative to connect volunteer organizations and Minnesota military families.
Military OneSource
Military OneSource provides free monthly newsletters on a variety of topics. ... Army Family Reserve Programs · Army National Guard ...
Military Family Relief Fund
A portion of tickets sales will benefit the Arizona Military Family Relief Fund. Contact Bob Hamer at (602) 379-7527 or to secure ...
U.S. Army HOOAH 4 HEALTH Deployment Guide - The Emotional Cycle of ...
Education of health care providers, military leaders, Soldiers and Family members to anticipate these stages is crucial to ensure the Soldier's safe return ...
HP Rotary Military Family Support March
Welcome to the Hawks Prairie Rotary Military Family Support March website. The Hawks Prairie Rotary Foundation is helping local families of those serving ...
Deployed Military Family Support: Service Specific Information
DEPLOYED MILITARY FAMILY SUPPORT. spacer. spacer. spacer. bullet, General Information. bullet, Service Specific Information ...
U. S. Military Family
Welcome to THE resource center for military families. We offer free expert advice and affordable services for many of your needs: before, during and after ...
Military Family Support
The purpose of Operation Family is to offer an alternative to military divorce by providing tips, suggestions and real life successful experiences other ...
Military Family Support ::: The Official Site
Military Family Support is traveling to fifty cities in America to raise money and ... Military Family Support is proud to partner with Coins 4 A Cause! ...
Missouri Military Family Relief Fund
Official State of Missouri Office of the Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder.
Military Family Assistance
Military Family Assistance. ... Data & Statistics · Department Info & Services · Early Learning / Prekindergarten · Family & Community Outreach · Media Room ...
Military, Veteran and Family Assistance Foundation
'The Military, Veteran and Family Assitance Foundation;' 'The Phoenix Project Retreat;' 'Retreats for the Reintegration of Combat Vetetrans and their ...
Military Family Support Centers, Inc.
Military Family Support Centers, Inc. P.O. Box 1122 710 Apperson Drive Salem, VA 24153-1122 ...
Kentucky: Department for Military Affairs - Military Family ...
New Military Family Assistance Trust Fund available to Kentucky Servicemembers. Grants available up to $5000 per year for hardships and emergencies caused ...
Fort Lee Military Family Housing - Home Page
A partnership between the U.S. Army, Hunt, Pinnacle, and Falcon Properties is proud to announce the start of a new era in military family housing at Fort ...
AFTB: Army Family Team Building
Provides training and knowledge to spouses and family members to support the total Army effort. History of organization, programs, announcements, gallery, ...
Military Family Coloring Pages (Printable)
Free Military Family Coloring pages. All Military Family coloring pages are printable.
Conference NCHE: North Carolinians for Home Education

Home School Book Fair : Exhibitors
Audiotapes of the top 60 workshops at the Home School Book Fair ... Training, math and reading aids for home schooling children with (and without) ...
Home School Book Fair : Speakers

7 Ways to Make the Most Out of a Homeschooling Book Fair ...
Homeschooling Book Fairs and/or Conventions can be quite large and overwhelming, especially to a first time homeschooler. Many people go with the intention ...
Maidens of Worth: Homeschooling Book Fair
May 10, 2008 ... Yes, the homeschooling fairs are so much fun! Kasie: Yes, I have many wonderful memories of time spent walking with friends at the book fair ...
Kentucky Book Fair · Home
Welcome to the home page of the 27th Annual 2008 Kentucky Book Fair! ... The Kentucky Book Fair, Inc. invites public schools (K – 12) and public libraries ...
Electronic Device Stirs Unease at Book Fair | LISNews
Electronic Device Stirs Unease at Book Fair ... Home schooling · University of Illinois-Chicago Archives of CAC to ReOpen · The Second Amendment ...
Families in Schools Website - Feria Del Libro: A Family Book Fair 2008
The 6th annual Feria del Libro: A Family Book Fair is a community-wide event promoting a culture of literacy at home and academic achievement at school, ...
International On-line Homeschool Book Fair
... Book Fair. Our magazine contains the materials we offer homeschool families and many articles and information about the abundant life and homeschooling. ...
Homeschool Nations - Indiana - Homeschool Book Fair - Indianapolis
Feb 12, 2008 ... Wisdom Builders Homeschool Book Fair Tuesday, March 11, 9am-2pm ... Do you have questions about homeschooling in Indiana? ...
Sonlight Curriculum : Event: 2008 Homeschooling Works Book Fair ...
Event: 2008 Homeschooling Works Book Fair (HSWBF). March 15, 2008. Details Date: March 7-8, 2008 Venue: Costic Activities Center in Farmington Hills, MI ...
Homeschool math curriculum guide - reviews, descriptions, articles ...
How to choose a math curriculum for homeschooling - articles on curriculum issues, plus descriptions and reviews of the most popular homeschool math ...
Homeschool Math - free math worksheets, ebooks, lessons ...

Homeschool Math Curriculum - Time4Learning
Kids Learn Homeschool Math Curriculum with Time4Learning's homeschool math software. To help kids learn math at home, parents and schools point to ...
Sonlight Curriculum : Homeschool Curriculum Packages: Math ...
Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. offers several homeschool math programs. If you are searching for a math curriculum for homeschoolers, visit to learn ...
Homeschool Curriculum Guide - Math, Grade 4
math curriculum 4th grade choosing homeschool. ... Choosing your math curriculum can be overwhelming. Here is an overview of the top math curricula ...
Home Sweet HomeSchool -- Curriculum, Unit Studies....
Miquon Math Materials a mathematics laboratory program for the primary grades ... TRISMS Home Page homeschooling curriculum for middle and high school ages ...
Harold Jacobs Mathematics Human Endeavor Curriculum | Lamp Post ...
Liberal arts math curriculum explores math topics not covered in algebra and geometry that is used by homeschool students. On sale at Lamp Post Homeschool ...
Home Schooling Curriculums Home Schooling Math Books Auditory ...
Whether you're looking for phonics curriculum, reading curriculum children's learning games, or homeschool education products such as math curriculum, ...
Homeschool Projects & Curriculum
Free Homeschool project & curriculum using balloons as the main educational ... to understand basic geometric shapes with regarding to mathematics symbols. ...
Homeschool Math Curriculum Reviews: How to Evaluate Reviews for ...
Learn what to look for in a math curriculum and how to read curriculum reviews to decide which homeschool math curriculum is right for your family.
Saxon Math / Saxon Phonics Homeschool Curriculum
Saxon Math & Phonics homeschool curriculum. Math K-3, 54, 56, 76, 87, algebra 1/2, algebra, advance math, physics, calculus. Phonics K-2 & - 12k - Cached - Similar pagesgoogle.y={fir
HomeschoolViewTube | A Place to Share, Show & Teach
Watch what you want, when you want! Upload Quickly upload and tag videos in almost any video format. Share Easily share your videos with everyone, ...
First-School Preschool Activities and Crafts
Free preschool printable activities, crafts, lesson plans, ... First-School's content is ideal for home schooling, preschool and kindergarten teachers, ...
Homeschooling Adventures on the Web!
All your homeschooling needs in one spot. FREE worksheets, lesson plans, activities, laws. Tons of links to everything educational.
Lesson Plans for Free - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Methods
An excellent source of support and encouragement for homeschooling! Subscription Form. .... Free monthly activities, lesson plans, and brain teasers. ...
EasyFunSchool - Even More Fun Summer Activities - FREE ...

Online Games - Educational or Just for Fun!
Filed In:. Student Clubs / Activities> Online Educational Games ... Homeschooling Newsletter - Sign up! Discuss in My Forum ...
Homeschooling Math - Fun and Games

Find Affordable Homeschooling Activities For Your Family!
Homeschooling activities abound for your home schooling family and the best part? They don't have to cost that much!
Everything Homeschooling | Homeschool Curriculum, Lessons, Activities
Everything Homeschooling - Online homeschool curriculum, homeschool lessons, homeschool activities, hands-on homeschool, homeschool learning for homeschool ...
Homeschooling Activities
If you have homeschooled your kids before, then you will understand how anxious you are when you begin the session. You try to come up with many ...
Homeschooling Activities - Eco Forum
A Green and Eco conscious community that features magazine articles on healthy lifestyle and recipes, members blogs, groups, community forum to share ...
SHARE - St. Louis Homeschooling Activities Resources and Encouragement
The majority of us are Christians and we do start and end our activities with prayer. We all believe that homeschooling is a wonderful lifestyle. ...
Home schooling Activities How to Make Your Own Kite or Build a ...
Kite on a Roll offers Home schooling Activities How to Make Your Own Kite or Build a Kite, and much more.
Successful Homeschooling
Activities are not fun if mom is screaming, "Hurry up and get your shoes on so we can go!" We also need to set aside time for actual HOMEschooling. ...
Homeschool Hangout Bookstore
The Homeschool Hangout Bookstores carry thousands of home school books and related products. The Homeschool Hangout offers enrichment classes, tutoring, ...
A Beka Book Home Page
Find a Home School Materials Display in your area ... Home School Mom And Son. Excellence in Education from a Christian Perspective. New and Revised Items ...
New Beginnings Homeschool Discount Bookstore
Homeschool Books These are a few of my favorite homeschool books Buy Today Autographed Copy of my book. HOMESCHOOL-A New Beginning! ...
Top Ten Homeschooling Books -'s Bookstore's Bookstore. Top Ten Homeschooling Books. So You're Thinking About Homeschooling: Fifteen Families Show How You Can Do It by Lisa Whelchel ...
Homeschool and Educational Supplies
Browse through our huge selection of homeschool books for students and teachers. We carry everything from cassettes, videos, books, activity kits, ...
Usborne Homeschool Books: Our Online Store
Usborne Books: our secure online store carries the complete line of Usborne's award-winning educational children's books.
Homeschool Potpourri Bookstore
Charlotte's Classical USED BOOKshelf is located in Kirkland, Washington.
HomeSchool Web Site Links
God's World Books - A one-stop source for home school resources. ... Great Homeschool Books - Shepherd's Nook is a Christian Bookstore specializing in new ...
Homeshcool Curriculum and New and Used Books
If you are looking for homeschool information, this is the place. Homeshool curriculums, used homeshcool books and new books too.
LocalHS Homeschool Book Store - Local
Choose from the best selling homeschool books to help you get started homeschooling from preschool through high school, and new books recommended by Local ...
Home School Bookstore - Cayce SC - Book Stores - (803) 227-2665 ...
Looking for information about Home School Bookstore in Cayce SC? Open List offers business information, reviews, and recommendations about this business and ...
Homeschool Nations - Kentucky - NEW Home-School book store
For great selection and quality service the Home School Bookstore is here to meet your needs. We offer a good selection of both new and used books. ...
New & Used Books & Supplies By Moore Expressions
New and Used Books for Homeschoolers "Our catalog is their catalog" 6070 Indian River Road, ... Serving the Homeschool Community for over 20 Years. ... - Homeschool 9th grade curriculum bookstore
Not sure what homeschool curriculum to choose? See what we recommend. Usborne Books High quality, beautifully illustrated, award winning children's books. ...
Cedar Springs Christian Stores
Christian Books, Music, Bibles, Gifts, Home School Products
Christian Books, Music, Bibles, Gifts, Home School Products
Hackman's Bible Book Store. Joe & Marcia Hackman invite you to view this DVD documentary of the history ... Make This Your Home Page · Devotions For Today ...
ROCK Solid - Quality Home School curriculum at prices you will ...
R.O.C.K. Solid has been serving the Home School Community for over 10 years with quality curriculum at "prices you ... R.O.C.K. Solid Christian Book Store ...
Homeschooling - Great Books Academy
The Great Books Homeschool Program is a nursery-though-12th-grade curriculum .... A Complete Homeschool Program for Nursery-12th Grade. •. Great Books High ...
Used Curriculum Swaps - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschool Curriculum ...
Buy and sell used homeschool curriculum and books at swaps, auctions, ... We are the largest homeschool bookstore for new and used homeschool books in ...
HSLDA | Bookstore Catalog
Home School Legal Defense Association--25 Years of Serving the Homeschool ... Buy Homeschool Heroes and get The Heart of Homeschooling for only $6! - 34k - Cached - Similar pages12345678910
Bob and Maureen Hoffman
Missionaries to Cyberspace
CM Series
The Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte M. Mason. It is with pleasure that this online version of Charlotte Mason's six-volume book series is ...
Charlotte Mason Method - A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling
What is the Charlotte Mason method of education and how do I apply it to our homeschool? Links from your Homeschooling Guide, Ann Zeise.
Charlotte Mason Method Homeschooling - Home - Simply Charlotte Mason
Charlotte Mason method homeschool helps. Free curriculum guide, living books, narration / dictation ideas, copywork, CM Organizer, Book of Centuries.
Resources for homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason Method.
Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Books Charlotte Mason was an innovative educator who developed a unique approach to education. Many homeschoolers are using ...
Homeschool World: Practical Homeschooling Articles: The Charlotte ...
What did Charlotte Mason recommend to take the place of classroom lectures? ... Subscribe to Practical Homeschooling today, and you'll get this quality of ...
What's the Charlotte Mason Method? Learn More about this ...
The Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling is a form of classical education. ... One of the marks of the Charlotte Mason homeschooling method is teaching ... : charlotte mason homeschooling
Schools and Education : Charlotte Mason Homeschooling. You are anonymous. Click here to login · Get code to add this circle to my blog ...
Charlotte Mason Research & Supply Co.
Ten years ago I began applying Charlotte Mason's philosophy and method of education to my homeschooling endeavors. Some things like
The Charlotte Mason Method - Your Homeschooling Advisors ...
Both "A Charlotte Mason Education: A Homeschooling How-to-Manual" (Book 1), and "More Charlotte Mason Education" (Book 2) can help you give your child the ...
An Introduction to the Charlotte Mason Method—LDS Homeschooling in ...
Charlotte Mason taught in traditional schools, but her methods translate beautifully into homeschooling and are popular among among homeschoolers. ...
Homeschool Reviews - Charlotte Mason
The Original Homeschooling Series (in 6 volumes) by Charlotte Mason ... For additional Charlotte Mason homeschooling resources please visit ...
Homeschooling : Charlotte Mason Curriculum and Education, Help ...
The Charlotte Mason method of education is described in detail. Homeschooling distinctives and strengths are presented. Free homeschooling resources are ...
PURLs of Wisdom Blog » Charlotte Mason Homeschooling
Charlotte Mason homeschooling articles and resources can be found at this website of an author who has written many books on Charlotte Mason for ...
Why Home Schoolers are Turning to Charlotte Mason Methods - A ...
One of the fastest growing methods of home schooling in the United States and around the world.
Charlotte Mason - Homeschooling
Charlotte Mason at Homeschooling : ... From the editor of the Charlotte Mason Monthly newsletter. Ambleside Online star
On Our Journey Westward - Charlotte Mason Carnival - Thankful ...
I'm a homeschooling mom to three of the sweetest children - 11, 8 and 1. We use a very eclectic style - mostly Charlotte Mason mixed with classical. ...
The Charlotte Mason Approach to Homeschooling « Sabrina School
I was recently reading about homeschooling approaches, and a found one that seems to really be near to what we are trying to do. It is the Charlotte Mason ...
Homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason method |
Free homeschooling resources, including unit studies, lesson plans, worksheets, homeschool planners, and software downloads. Over 400 pages of education - 21k - Cached - Similar pages12
Incredimail Skins - Holiday Skins - Halloween - Franken Family IM ...
This skin features 2 comical Cuddle Teddy bears dressed up as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. The skin itself is made up in our 3D quality ...
Eluria's IncrediMail Web Ring
Enchanted1 Designs, Yahoo Skins/Themes, Incredimail Letter Styles, Tuts, Games Section 4 the whole family, Color Cube, Various Messenger Emote Info & much ...
Free Disney Incredimail Letters | Family, Cartoons, Disney and ...
Finally I am trying the new venture of creating my own IM Letters. I am just a novice Incredimail user. But I just bought the Incredimail premium bundle ...
IncrediMail Best Groups List By RuRu
Our prayer and support group is for people who use INCREDIMAIL. We are a family site and a Religious Based Group. We are here to support each other in ...
incredimail | stationery | outlook | graphic | sigtags | animations
Totally Different Incredimail Letter Designs! Unusual! Colourful! Exciting! and all are FREE for you to download. Family safe site More. ...
IncrediMail Letter Stationery | Bailie's Bits Australia
IncrediMail - Fun Exciting Incredible. Download Free IncrediMail Letters. "Family Friendly Site". Dog Notifier Duck Notifier Cuckoo Clock Notifier Pirate ...
Kids Domain Downloads - IncrediMail
"IncrediMail". E-mail no longer has to be plain and boring, add your own personal touch to each e-mail you send. This demo will have everyone in the family ...
Illuminated by Kandlelight's Topsites! - Rankings - Incredimail ...
PSP tuts, SBP presents, Help pages. NO ads - NO membership fees! Family friendly site Category: Incredimail ~ General, 0, 0, Stats ...
Family incredimail Software Archives
Family incredimail Software Archives. ... family incredimail software download. Over 60000 software free download. Bookmark this site ...
Dover Baptist Bible School (kjv)
Free bible courses
The Shepherd's Journal
Bible studies, sermons, and devotionals
The Secular Home School | documenting the home school experience
documenting the home school experience. About Us · Our Mission · Forums · Curriculum · Articles · Lesson Plans · Calendar · Sixth Grade · Seventh Grade ...
Make-A-Plate and Photo Plate; Products for Kids Projects and ...
Makit is the manufacturer of the Original Make-A-Plate and other kids projects helping you make memories that last - 17k - Cached - Similar pages
Christnet Banner Exchange
Home · Statistic; Users. Join as exchange user · Join as advertiser · Log In · Password reminder. All Ads. 468x60. Top Users - 8k - Cached - Similar pagesIn order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted s
Fresno Family -- The Central Valley's BEST Online Parenting Resource!!
Kids, parents and the whole family alike can enjoy the things available at ... IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: I need to make it very clear to all my site visitors ...
Children's (Kids) & Family-Oriented Films
Children's (Kids) and Family-Oriented Films are non-offensive, wholesome, and entertaining films (usually rated G for 'suitable for general audiences') that ...
A Kids First Soccer Site
... family oriented activity, that provides for child-parent bonding, team work and ... The Kids First Soccer site is a
Volume 21 Issue 3
Ministry Newsletter
The Homework Programme - Virtual Private Maths and English Tutor ...
If your child's teacher frequently goes too fast, or your child forgets something the moment they leave the classroom, they could be falling behind in Maths ...
Shady Grove Baptist Church
Baptist church in kennett missouri, serving the community since 1857
Home School Family
Jeff looks forward to being a bigger part of the homeschool experience. For this trip we will be taking a break from our normal school work and attempting ...
FamilyNet International
FamilyNet Mailing List Subscription Page
EarthSchooling & Waldorf Enrichment
Bringing Waldorf & Earthschooling to homes around the world since the year 2000...
Regaining Intellectual Superiority
through home education
is a powerful language that can:
More Information about Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
A critical look at HSLDA, and examination of legalities of homeschooling.
Educational Diagnostic Prescriptive Services
Learning styles assessments, vocabulary curriculum, homeschool testing, solutions to learning problems and ADHD, and Person Optimized Curriculum.
GPA SmartStore
Source for homeschooling needs, including books, educational software, worksheets, and lesson plans.
Homeschool Yearbooks
Offers publishing to homeschool groups, coverings, and support groups. Multiple options available from cut and paste to digital lay-out and design.
Homeschooling on a Shoestring
This site helps homeschoolers to find freebies or low cost materials for their school. Also features recipes, craft ideas, articles and stories.
Johns Hopkins University Diagnostic and Counseling Center
Offers the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) and Sequential Tests of Educational Progress (STEP) via computer, and other aptitude and achievement tests at their location.
The Library Shelf
Offers used text books sorted by grade, subject, or publisher.
Members enjoy the ability to download and print educational worksheets and lesson plans. Purchase educational PowerPoint presentations on CD and DVD.
Classical LDS Home Schoolers
Discussion for those who home school their children using the Classical Education or Trivium approach.
Gifted LDS Homeschooling
A support group for LDS parents who are homeschooling gifted children. Devoted topically to giftedness and gifted issues.
Homeschoolers Of Latter Days (HOLD) / LDS
Email list for Latter-day Saint homeschoolers like-minded individuals.
Discussion for home schoolers who are using the methods of Charlotte Mason.
LDS Home Education
Discussion for LDS Church members who homeschool their children limited to those who are actually teaching their children at home.
LDS Home School
Discussion for families who home school or are thinking about home schooling.
LDS Home School Moms
Discussion for mothers who are home schooling.
LDS Homeschool Moms
Forum for homeschooling mothers, especially LDS Church members, to share thoughts, ideas and frustrations about homeschooling, parenting and life in general.
LDS Homeschoolers in California
Find or start local homeschool support groups, ask questions and get advice, learn about homeschool resources and conferences, share ideas and make new friends.
LDS Michigan Homeschoolers
For LDS homeschooling parents in Michigan, whether thinking about starting, newly started, or experienced. Discuss, learn, and share ideas about both the temporal and spiritual aspects of homeschooling.
LDS Oregon Homeschoolers
Place for Oregon parents to share ideas for activities, organization, scheduling, and other issues.
LDS School Teachers
Discussion for any kind of teacher, public, private, home, and charter, from an LDS perspective.
LDS Total Home School
Discussion for families that have all of their children in the home school, and none of them in the public schools.
Liahona Riverside
Discussion for LDS home schoolers in the Riverside, California area.
Saints and Scholars
Discussion for those who home school academically advanced students.
American Distance Learning Academy
K-12 online school. American high school diplomas available to students worldwide.
American Montessori Consulting
Montessori homeschooling information.
Articles for Homeschoolers
Computer articles for homeschooling.
Budget Homeschool
Links for purchasing homeschool materials.
Connect The Thoughts
Homeschool curriculum ages nine to adult.
Connections Academy
Online courses for all grade levels.
Custom Homeschool Curriculum
Offers curriculum advice based on learning styles research.
First Step
Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Ages 4-8
Great Commission Languages
Publisher of foreign language curriculum based on an explicit phonics model.
Homeschool Civics Curriculum
Homeschool civics, criminal law, civil law, and other legal study curriculum.
Homeschool Curriculum
Links to various homeschool curriculum, resources and group sites.
Oak Meadow
Offering both printed and online holistic curricula for K-8 and high school. Includes samples, PDF catalog and details of the accredited distance education school.
Pandia Press
Features secular classical history and science curricula, History Odyssey and R.E.A.L. Science. Includes samples, scope and sequence documents, links to reviews and information about timeline sales.
Rosetta Stone Homeschool
Foreign language curriculum.
Textbooksheaven Textbook Super Store
New and used textbooks, teacher's editions, curriculum and pre-packaged sets for homeschooling.
Whizz Education
Provides online math tutoring for children age four to eleven.
Unit topics include apples, butterflies, pets, and nutrition as well as information on how to start lapbooking folders.
Pimsleur Language Courses
Educational language learning courses for all ages.
Pimsleur Method Language Programs
Online store for Pimsleur foreign language audio CDs.
Downloadable unit studies and free worksheets.
Homeschool Writers: Writing Resources and Contests
Writing contests and resources for homeschoolers. Full chart with organized descriptions of great contests as well as a free deadline reminder. Includes favorite homeschooling writing, grammar, and vocabulary recommendations.
MY Access Writing Instruction
MY Access! Home Edition integrates writing with any curriculum to help a child improve academic confidence. Effective for homeschooling or tutoring.
The One Year Adventure Novel High School Writing Curriculum
An award-winning novelist guides your student through writing his/her original book in one year. High school writing curriculum includes lessons on DVD, textbook, workbook, teacher's guide, and additional resources.
Math Path BAC
Basic arithmetic homeschooling or tutoring resource for parents of k-3 children.
Math Songs that Teach Facts
Music and songs to teach math concepts on an elementary, junior high and high school level.
Noetic Learning Math
Interactive math learning activities, practice, and self-paced online learning programs.
St. Louis Homeschool Resources, Inc.
Welcome to St. Louis Homeschool Resources, Inc! ...come and browse our products! Come and visit us for your hoilday shopping! ...
Family Integrated Churches
NCFIC, National Center for Family Integrated Chuches, Wake Forest NC
The Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Family | Official Website
Children are a heritage of the Lord... Psalms 127:3
Solve Family Problems
A Ministry of Dr. S. M. Davis
South African Homeschool Curriculum
An estimated 100,000 families are homeschooling in South Africa.
Homestead Homeschool
Love to Learn
Simple. Automatic. Secure. The way online backup should be.
NEST Learning
Over 10,000 New Products
Homeschool Rewards and Benefits
If you should choose to homeschool, how would you do it? And why? Home educating your children can be a very rewarding experience. Or it can be terrifying.
The Simple Home School
Homeschool Done the Simple Way!
Volume 22 Issue 5
May 2009
Master Mind Learning System
Accelerated Learning | New Home Study Program | Home School Resource
Homeschool Software Junction
Homeschool Software and Computer Learning Programs
That Resource Site For Homeschoolers
Free homeschool resources for catholic homeschoolers
FamilyNet Newsletter July 2009
Volume 22 Issue 7
The Family Adventure Project
The Family Adventure Project is a family venture to promote the benefits of active, adventurous family experiences.
Schoolside Press
Schoolside Press is an independent publisher. We offer quality educational products that spur the student’s imagination and creativity to make learning a unique visual experience. To quote the main character of our first book, “Imagination is the magi
F.A.I.T.H. homeschool program exists to provide educational classes in a Biblically based teaching environment, extra curricular activities, group field trips, sports and commencement for homeschooled students in grades K-12.
Home Education Can Be Enterprising And Fun
Helping to keep the home in school and in business.
ABC Toon Center
Includes games, puzzles, cartoons, read-a-long picture stories, and music for children of all ages.
American Folklife Center's Collections and Special Presentations
An amazing collection of folk music, stories, photographs, and traditional artwork from across America.
Art Index
Directory with lots of links to galleries and museums.
The Art Window
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Offers initial experiences into art terminology, principles and techniques and utilizes multi-cultural student work as teaching displays.
Simple games and a gallery of art and stories created at the Artissimo kiosk in the National Gallery of Canada.
Arts Alive
The National Arts Centre of Canada presents music, dance, and English and French theatre. In English and French.
A huge collection of images of architecture across the world collated at the Australian National University.
Offers jokes, crosswords, coloring, stories, recipes, crafts, safety tips, pet names and other entertaining activities.
Kids free on-line games, puzzles, mazes, screen savers, stories, postcards, and holiday fun.
A BBC initiative encouraging 13-19 year olds throughout the UK to get involved in dance, film, art and music.
CBBC - Art
Interactive site tells about the personalities of artists, introduces their work and offers all sorts of interesting
Chateau Meddybemps
You'll meet amusing characters, try some fun learning activities, read original stories, and encounter some pretty humorous ideas.
The Children's Film Unit
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Provides children aged 10 -18 an opportunity to participate in professional film and video workshops. A registered educational charity.
Creative Art Space for Kids
Features children's art work from CASK, children's art exhibitions, and art classes.
Fairy Godmother
mall>[ Kids ] - Wishes and stories about how to make ordinary moments magical.
Family Fun
mall>[ Kids ] - The Art Institute of Chicago offers exploration of the center and online games.
mall>[ Kids ] - Offers lots of fun, creative activities, games, jokes, and trivia.
Interactive activities designed to inspire a love of learning and art.
Incredible Art Department
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Includes art trivia and news, an overview of careers in art, and lesson ideas. Also accepts student art submissions.
mall>[ Kids ] - Allows kids to share their original artwork and writings online.
Kids Space
mall>[ Kids ] - An educational learning site devoted to bringing out the creativity in kids of all ages around the world. Invites children to share their stories, pictures, and musical compositions.
Kids Who Care
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - An international performing arts organization that provides training in theatre, dance, music, and art. Site includes information on classes, camps, and touring company.
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Games and activities, offers a maze, online coloring and games, fun with shapes, I Spy, plus cute animations and sounds.
mall>[ Kids ] - Games and a coloring page based on works of art. | Red Studio
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Explores issues and questions raised by teens about modern art, today's working artists and what goes on behind the scenes at a museum. Contains interviews and interactive activities.
Mount Spressmore - CYKE
mall>[ Kids ] - Provides a playground for kids where they can find art galleries and submit works of art that will be added to the "Art Cave."
mall>[ Mature Teens ] - An online community and magazine for teens and young adults who are interested and involved in the performing and fine arts.
National Gallery of Art NGAkids
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Includes interactive discussions of paintings and sculpture in the National Gallery of Art, educational activities, and an animated musical story.
National Gallery of Canada: CyberMuse
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - A look at various media, Canadian landscapes, careers at the National Gallery, and artistic elements and styles.
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Offers visual arts and art history references and resources.
Our Museum of Art History
mall>[ Kids ] - Virtual museum created by a third grade class presents the art forms of six different cultures.
Picturing Women
mall>[ Mature Teens ] - Interactive exploration into how women are figured, fashioned, turned into portraits, and told about in words and pictorial narrative. Part of an exhibit at Bryn Mawr College, the Library Company of Philadelphia, and the R
Telfair Artyfacts
mall>[ Kids ] - Based on some of the works in the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, GA. Includes interactive activities for kids as well as and teacher's resources.
Web Gallery of Art
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Virtual museum of European painting and sculpture of the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque periods (1100-1800). With commentaries on pictures, biographies of artists, and guided tours.
The White Boxer Chronicles
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - The photographic adventures of two real white boxers, Charles-Clyde and Mavis. Includes holiday fun, projects, coloring pages, calendar, and boxer cartoons.
Women Artists in Canada
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Works of women artists in diverse media, plus biographical information about the artists, essays, and a bibliography.
Young Naturalist Awards
mall>[ Kids ] - Collection of the winning entries from the American Museum of Natural History's national art and writing awards program for 7th to 12th graders.
The Zinglers
mall>[ Kids ] - Offers stories, music, color pages, and online activities.
MoMA: Art Safari

The Ateneum for Children
The children's discovery museum of the Finnish National Gallery.
Boston Children's Museum
Exhibits focus on early childhood development and the three themes: arts, culture, and science. Offers admission, program, and membership information.
Bridgeport's Discovery Museum
Connecticut's adventure in art and science. Planetarium shows daily, the challenger learning center, hands-on science and art exhibits, and school programs.
The British Library
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Collections and resources for kid and teens.
Brooklyn Children's Museum
Explore the role of the objects in people's lives and the clues they offer about individuals, cultures, and history. Located in Brooklyn, New York.
The Capital Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids ] - Kids are invited to send in their ideas about things they would like to see and do at a museum. Also includes a free newsletter.
Chicago Children's Museum
Features thirteen permanent interactive exhibits on three floors and provides information about activities, birthday parties, rentals and membership.
Children's City
Contains several exhibits and programs on applied sciences, nature, space exploration, human body, local and international culture. Located in Dubai.
Children's Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill
Offers educational entertainment at its hands-on best. A hands-on museum for infants to 10 year olds, the Discovery Museum offers fifteen larger-than-life, kid powered, interactive exhibit areas. Located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose
Plan a visit, find resources for parents, teachers, and youth, and explore interactive activities for children. Located in San Jose, California.
Children's Museum - Lake Charles, Louisiana
Presents exhibits, location and membership information.
The Children's Museum in Easton
mall>[ Kids ] - Offers general information about the museum's hours, exhibits, and contact information.
The Children's Museum of Durango, Colorado
mall>[ Kids ] - An educational and playful place for children of all ages with hands-on learning and interactive exhibits. Located in Durango, Colorado.
The Children's Museum of Houston
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Children's museum and library. Feature exhibit information, activities, membership, and volunteer opportunities.
Children's Museum of Illinois
Explore two floors of hands-on interactive exhibits for children and families in Decatur, Illinois.
The Children's Museum of Indianapolis
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Offers non-traditional learning opportunities for children and their families. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Children's Museum of La Crosse
A regional family place where the young and the young at heart can explore, create, experiment, learn and exercise their imaginations. Check their events and exhibits and find fun stuff to do. Located in La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Children's Museum of Los Angeles
The mission of the Children's Museum of Los Angeles is to entertain, educate and empower children and the grown-ups who care for them.
The Children's Museum of Maine
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Offers many hands-on exhibits, including farming, fishing, a fire engine, banking, shopping, computer lab and space shuttle experience. Includes hours, admission rates and directions.
Children's Museum of Manhattan
Five floors of literature, science, media and art exhibits, and programs, in New York City.
Children's Museum of Oak Ridge
Tennessee museum offers learning opportunities in the arts, sciences, and history. Site gives information on classes, exhibits, and volunteer opportunities.
Children's Museum of Portsmouth
Exhibits, calendar, general information, online information request. Located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Children's Museum of Southeastern Connecticut
To engage, encourage, and challenge in the arts, sciences, safety and health, and culture and history. Located in Niantic, Connecticut.
Children's Museum of the Arts
A place in NYC's Soho where children can create.
Children's Museum, Seattle
The region's preeminent private, nonprofit learning institution focusing on interactive arts and humanities exhibits and programs for children and their families. Located in Seattle, Washington.
Discovery Center
mall>[ Kids ] - Photographs and descriptions of new exhibits and programs from this children's museum in Binghamton, New York.
Discovery Creek Children's Museum of Washington
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Where history, nature, and the arts come to life for children and adults to explore. Innovative programming, outdoor nature experiences and seasonal nature camps. Outdoor adventure experiences include rock-climbing, canoeing
Discovery Gateway
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Interactive learning zone where children and adults can explore, imagine, create, and discover together. Located in Salt lake City, Utah.
DuPage Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Explore three floors of art, math and science exhibits. Features a virtual tour, news, programs, memberships and volunteerism. Located in Napierville, Illinois.
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Creating opportunities for inspirational discovery and the joy of lifelong learning through interactive experiences in science, technology and art.
Explore & More...a Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Each exhibit features multi-cultural components, teaching children more about the world around them.
Explorium of Lexington
mall>[ Kids ] - Located in Kentucky. Interior map, exhibits, events, and hours.
Family Museum of Arts and Science
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Touch a tornado, make a cloud, experiment with music and sound and investigate the workings of the human heart. Located in Bettendorf, Iowa.
The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Omni Theatre and Noble Planetarium in addition to the science and history museum. Includes a number of children's exhibits. Located in Fort Worth, Texas.
Ghost of the Young - Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - A tour in the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco through an interactive comic book.
Gilbert House Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Hands-on children's museum with interactive exhibits in the sciences, arts and humanities. Located in Salem, OR.
Grand Rapids Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Know what's happening at the museum, new exhibitions and how to get there. Located in Grand Rapids, MI.
Gulfcoast Wonder and Imagination Zone
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Hands on science and learning center for kids and their families. Located in Sarasota, Florida.
Hands On Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Located in Olympia, Washington. Find about their current exhibits and opening hours.
Imagine It!: The Children's Museum of Atlanta
mall>[ Kids ] - Visitor information, exhibits, event calendar, kids section, resources for parents and teachers.
International Wildlife Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Over 400 kinds of mammals, birds, insects, and prehistoric animals from all over the world most displayed in their natural habitats. Located in Tucson, AZ. Site includes virtual exhibits and kids-only area.
Koch Family Children's Museum of Evansville
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Offers program, exhibits, events, and membership information. Located in Evansville, Indiana.
Kohl Children's Museum on the Web
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Exhibits encourage the building of strong social skills by creating situations that require children to help each other and work as a team. Located in Glenview, Illinois.
Lincoln Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Dedicated to creating a dynamic place where children and families can explore and discover the natural, technical, cultural, and creative aspects of the world. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Logic Puzzle Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Provides hands-on activities in Burlington, Wisconsin. Find details of the collection, hours, events, and driving directions.
The Louisiana Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Includes interactive games for kids, a grown-up wing, and a calendar of events. Located in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Minnesota Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Geared towards children ages six months through 10 years. Many interactive exhibits. Material for parents and educators, descriptions of events and exhibits, prices, map, ánd hours.
Monkey Visits Museums
mall>[ Kids ] - Travel along with monkey as he visits the Arkansas Art Center.
Museum of Web Art - Kids Wing
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - The Kids Wing of the Museum of Web Art is well supervised by Dot, the Fun Activities Director. Presents art created exclusively for the Web environment, such as buttons, counters, splash pages, and wallpaper, in a bright, eas
National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Museum of kids books. Contains author biographies, information on exhibits and visiting hours. Located in Abilene, Texas.
Natural History Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Kid's guide to museum in London, England. Includes a list of ten cool things to see, and a details of fun activities.
Niagara Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Presents activities, online games, programs, and resources for parents and teachers. Located in Welland, Ontario.
Pittsburgh Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Language arts, local history, creativity, and cultural diversity.
Please Touch Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Hands-on museum where adults and children can learn and explore together. Information on exhibits and the chance to win tickets. Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Port Discovery
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Offers interactive exhibits for the whole family and hands-on activities that run non-stop daily. Located in Baltimore, Maryland.
Portland Children's Museum 2nd Generation
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Provides virtual tour, workshops, program information, group tours and birthday parties.
Smithsonian Institution Education
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Activities for kids and teens at America's national educational facility with 16 museums, 9 research centers and 96 affiliates around the world.
St. Louis Children's Museum - The Magic House
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Lists hours, map, current exhibits, calendar of events, and hands-on activities.
Treehouse Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids ] - Features elevated house, an indoor world village, garden, kitchen, music room and coloring room. See a replica of the Oval office, one room school, and a large US map. Located in Ogden, Utah.
Tucson Children's Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Offers adventure learning, interactive exhibits and appropriate programming in Tucson, Arizona.
The Witte Museum
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Museum featuring scientific and historical exhibits for the whole family. Site includes a calendar of events and programs, volunteer and contact information. Located in San Antonio, Texas.
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Explains an easy science experiment that can be done by anyone at home and describes camps and programs for older kids, offered by this museum in Bloomington, Indiana.
mall>[ Kids ] - Hands-on Children's Museum focusing on science, history, and art for children ages 3-10. Site offers sneak preview tour and interactive activities. Located in Kansas City, Missouri.
WOW! Children's Museum [World of Wonder]
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Hands on, interactive, discovery museum in Louisville, Colorado. Educational and imaginative exhibits and art displays.
Budding Writers
Budding Writers is a free writing forum for young people.
The Elf and Toadstool Canadian Writing and Illustrating Centre
mall>[ Kids ] - Young and not so young visitors will always find great links to children's writers and illustrators from Canada and around the globe.
Global Story Train
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Write the first, second or last chapter of a story that has been started and worked by other children around the world.
Junior Writers Guild
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - A place for 12- to 20-year-olds to have their original poetry, fiction, and song lyrics published online.
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Publisher of books and stories by kids, for kids, since 1995. Active community of young writers ages 8 to 15 submitting stories, reviews, and opinions daily.
Kids on the Net Creative Writing
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Read other children's stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction from all over the world, submit your own writing, read jokes, and read articles on how to write.
Launch Pad: Where Young Authors and Illustrators Take Off!
mall>[ Kids ] - Launch Pad: Where Young Authors and Illustrators Take Off! publishes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, book reviews, and artwork by children ages 6-12.
NYPO Writing Circle
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Creative writing site including jokes, text messages, stories and poetry.
Stone Soup
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - An online magazine by young authors and writers that has references for publishing in print materials.
Stories Galore
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Includes short stories, poems and book reviews.
Teen Voices Online
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Online version of print magazine centered around teen girls and their achievements, by teen girls, submissions accepted.
mall>[ Kids ] - Creative community allowing kids to write, illustrate, share, and publish their own books.
Wonder Writers
mall>[ Kids ] - Wonder Writers is a portal for young writers of all ages to submit and share their writing. We evaluate the writing and declare the winners. Winners get published in a book and online, and all proceeds from book are donated to char
Worldwide Children's Poetry for Peace
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Solicits and publishes inspirational poems written by children all over the world.
mall>[ Kids ] - Enter your poems and short stories into our online competitions for school students of Australia and USA.
Writer's Refuge
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - A site for kids and teens to submit their stories and poems and talk to kids with their own interests on an active message board.
Writing Club for Teens and Kids
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - A place for teens and kids to share their work, comment on other members' work, make new friends who share similar interests, and enjoy a great community!
Writing Fix: Community of Student Writers
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Young people of all ages can come to this forum to talk about things they enjoy writing, as well as finding out how to put their thoughts into words.
Yosemite Dreamin'
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Poems, stories, images, and book reviews inspired by Yosemite National Park.
Young Poets
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Original poetry written by children ages 7-18, cartoon and movies reviews, on-site games, and literary links.
Young Writer
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - UK magazine which encourages submissions from children. Features book reviews, published competition winners and story of the week.
Young Writers Online
mall>[ Kids ] - A forum and website for young writers. Designed to provide a place for writers of various ages to go to write and critique one another to develop their craft.
mall>[ Kids ] - Poems, riddles, stories, jokes, riddles, and comics written for and by children.
Kid Stories
mall>[ Kids ] - Created by and for kids. Publish stories online.
Kids Bookshelf
mall>[ Kids ] - Publishes children's stories and drawings as well as class projects. Offers monthly contests and drawings for prizes. Also has children's book reviews.
Kids Can Publish University
mall>[ Kids ] - Kids experience publishing thrills through free contests. Kids stay on the “write” track with Kids Can Publish University, an organization that promotes literacy and a love for writing and illustrating through free monthly cont
Kids Haven
mall>[ Kids ] - Publishes prose and poetry written by kids for kids.
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - An Australian children's ezine featuring poetry, short stories, pictures, book and movie reviews, games, and articles.
Write Me a Story
mall>[ Kids ] - Provides a weekly story starter, then randomly selects five pieces to feature on the web.
Abiator's Story Chest
Original stories by kids that cover a range of genres. Several include quizzes on the story.
The Adventures of Fred and Chloe
mall>[ Kids ] - A children's bedtime story about an enterprising young boy Fred and his dog Chloe, and their experiences exploring space in their homemade rocket ship. Based on actual bedtime stories created by a mother and her 5 year old son
Children's Stories
Children's stories that are sent in by readers are shown.
Kila's 6th Grade Authors and Digital Illustrators
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Mr. Sinclair's 6th grade students publish creative stories on the web complete with illustrations created using PhotoShop.
Mysteries by Kids
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Features stories written for and by kids. MysteryNet provides the starter, then kids finish it. Also offers solve-it-yourself mysteries and step-by-step directions for magic tricks.
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - A showcase of fiction writing and poetry, post up to fifteen writing pieces to be read and published on the web.
Merlyn's Pen
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Features a searchable library of teen-authored works which can be read online at no charge.
Noble Online
mall>[ Teens ] - Explores the writing process and provides opportunities to fine tune skills. Students may write on weekly topics, submit their work for publishing on the site, and receive feedback.
Pomegranate Words Writing Contests
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Offers free monthly contests for poetry and fiction for teens 19 years old and under.
The Squid
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - An online magazine publishing the stories of young writers, with submission guidelines and author interviews.
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Publishing original compositions and book reviews, with discussions, contests, workshops, and links to author home pages.
The Young Writers Club
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - A online postboard community for teens to get feedback on their writing and talk about writing in general.
Young Writers Society
mall>[ Mature Teens ] - Provides forums, newsletter, ezine, contests, blogs, a chat, and online resources for people aged from 13 to 25.
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Accepts submissions from teens around the world. Publishes stories, articles, poems, and editorials.
History of breakdancing.
A Brief History of Square and Round Dancing
Learn how this American style of dancing has its roots all the way back to Rome.
Bugs Bunny as the Hillbilly Hare
Script from a square dance sequence in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.
A Child's Book for Learning 16 Rhythmic Dance Steps
Learn these dance steps from the pictures and directions, then practice the simple dances. Online in Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.
The Csodakoszoru Children Folkdance Group
mall>[ Teens ] - A children's group from Hungary. Includes profile, image gallery, guestbook, links, messages, and events. [English/Hungarian].
Dance Kids of Monterey County
.Youth performing arts organization for ages 5 to 18 in Monterey County, California.
Dance Nova Scotia (DANS)
Information and resources about various dance forms in Nova Scotia.
Dance the Dream
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance site by a 13-year-old with tips, help, pictures, message board, polls, funny things, and everything about dancing.
mall>[ Kids ] - Features games, pictures, stories, and competitions for kids who love to dance.
Ed Gilmore's Caller Instructor Course
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - A history piece of a square dance caller's instructor course by a nationally renowned square dance caller, written in 1949.
Martha Graham (1894-1991)
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Founding her dance company in 1926 she became a driving force in modern contemporary dance in the 20th century.
Nordiska Folkdancers
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Presents the history, music, and costumes of folk dancing in Scandinavia.
Peak Invitational Dance Competition
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and traveling all over Canada.
Ruth St. Denis (1879-1968)
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - An article on the career of the first dancer who successfully combined theatrical and concert dance traditions.
Soaring Steps
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Educational creative and performing arts programs for youth in kindergarten through highschool in San Francisco Bay Area schools and communities.
Square Dance History in the U.S.
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - History of an American dance style.
Ted Shawn (1891-1972)
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Early pioneer in 20th century American modern dance; founder of Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival.
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance site for teenagers featuring interviews with dance stars, galleries of photos, games, quizzes, competitions, e-cards and career advice.
Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP)
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Official site of this American dance competition for ages 8 to 19 years old.
Agrippina Vaganova (1879-1951)
Biographical sketch of this Russian classical ballet dancer and teacher whose methods have become a major force in classical ballet training today.
Andros on Ballet
Articles on ballet history, technique and ballet artists.
Ballet Archive
A searchable and cross-referenced database of ballet history. Includes data on ballets, choreographers, dancers, companies, and schools.
Ballet Dictionary - American Ballet Theater
170 terms from the book
Ballet Terms
Glossary of terms used in ballet compiled by Francois Hofstede.
News, interviews, features and postings about all things ballet and dance in the UK.
Learn about the health, beauty, strength and performance aspects of ballet.
Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet
Schedule of events and information about performances.
Choreographers' Biographies
Some of the choreographers at the Nederlands Dance Theatre.
Articles, reviews, interviews, gallery of photos, monthly e-zine and forum.
Dance Notation Bureau
Recording dance movement on paper in a system called Labanotation.
History of Ballet
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - How ballet evolved from the courts of Renaissance Italy to the revival of interest in the 1960s.
New York City Ballet Company
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Located at Lincoln Center, the site contains schedules, ticket sales, repertory, dancers and a ballet trivia game.
Russian Classical Ballet
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Devoted to the Russian classical ballet, its history, outstanding choreographers, ballet teachers, ballet dancers, musicians, ballet education, a ballet magazine and photo gallery.
San Francisco Ballet
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Official site of the ballet company with schedule, news, updates, information about the ballet school, FAQs about ballet.
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Learn about ballet history, technique, great performances, dancers and preparation needed for a ballet career.
Universal Ballet Academy
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Ballet company with training and resident academic classes in Washington, D.C. Admission by audition. Formerly called Kirov Academy.
USA International Ballet Competition
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - A two-week, Olympic-style competition held every 4 years in Jackson, Mississippi where young dancers vie for gold, silver and bronze medals. Next competition 2006.
Lynne Ballet School
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Profile of school and teacher with a timetable of classes and news of current events. For ages 3 to adult. Located in Hong Kong, China.
National Ballet & Academy Trust of India
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Offers classes in ballet, jazz and contemporary dance. Includes instructor profiles, performance schedules, activities and photographs. Located in New Delhi.
The Royal Ballet School
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - A residence program with admittance by entrance examination that trains for a classical ballet career. Located in Great Britain.
Academy of Ballet San Francisco
Training both for the student preparing for a professional career and those who are studying ballet for its many other benefits.
Applegate Dance Studio
Creative movement, pre-ballet and ballet beginning at age 3. Contact information included. Located in Davis, California.
Ashburn Academy of Ballet
Pre-professional and recreational program in ballet, mostly, beginning at age 3 with creative movement. Located in Ashburn, Virginia.
Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education
Offers creative movement classes for ages 3-6, beginning ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance. Located in Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia.
Atlantic Coast Academy of Dance
Offers beginner through advanced level ballet classes. Includes class descriptions, schedule, events, registration form, information about summer programs, and driving directions. Located in West Barnstable, Massachusetts.
Ballet Academy of Texas
Pre-ballet and ballet ages 3 and up. Also tap, jazz, modern and hip-hop. Schedule and contact information. Located in Coppell, Texas.
Ballet Arts - School of Dance
Instruction in ballet, jazz and tap in Westlake Village, California.
Ballet Fusion
Ballet instruction for ages 3 and older in Horn Lake, Mississippi.
The Ballet Studio
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Organized as a non-profit to teach classical ballet to children from pre-ballet through advanced levels. Located in San Francisco, California.
Baltimore Ballet Company and School
Classes beginning at age 3 with emphasis in ballet. Also, modern, jazz, tap, lyrical, character, Pilates, and voice. Located in Baltimore, Maryland.
Brighton Ballet Theater
Dance education for girls and boys ages 2-19 in Brooklyn, New York. Offers instruction in classical ballet using the Russian Method.
Infinity Ballet Conservatory
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Creative and ballet classes from 3 years to adults. Contact information on site. Located in Apex, North Carolina.
Midtown School of Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Ballet classes for ages 3 to adult. Beginner to advanced students welcome. Located in Kansas City, MO.
North Central School of Ballet
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Preschool through professional, ages 2 and up. Also jazz, modern and hip-hop. Class and contact information. Located in N. Richland Hills, Texas.
Pacific Northwest Ballet School
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Beginning with creative movement at age 5 up through professional ballet training, site has brief biographies of faculty, registration and contact information. Located in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington.
Peabody Preparatory Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Established in 1911, pre-professional training in ballet, contemporary dance, tap, jazz and Spanish Dance in Baltimore, Maryland.
Peggy's Dance Studio
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Located in Baker/Zachary Louisiana. Dance instruction in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop and related disciplines for ages 3 through adult.
Rainier Ballet Academy
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Ballet, tap, hip hop and jazz school in Renton, Washington. Includes class descriptions, tuition, policies, class schedule, registration form, calendar and photographs.
Towson University Children's Dance Division
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Beginning at age 3 with developmental dance, leading to ballet, modern, tap and jazz beginning at age 7. Contact information included. Located in Towson, Maryland.
Tutu School
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Offers dance classes for toddlers and children, as well as ballet birthday parties, summer day camp, and adult fitness classes. Located in San Francisco.
The Washington School of Ballet
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Ballet training beginning with pre-ballet at age 6 and graded ballet beginning at age 8. School year and summer program. Contact information included. Located in Washington, D.C.
White Marsh Ballet Academy
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Instruction in ballet and other dance disciplines for students age 3 to adult. Directed by former ballerinas Sandra Prehoda and Shari Vasquez. Located in White Marsh, Maryland.
Folk Dancing in the Netherlands
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Features photographs and descriptions of traditional costumes.
From Russia with Love
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - This exhibition, at the National Gallery of Australia, displays the elaborate designs made for the Russian Ballet between 1909 and 1933. Includes costumes, drawings, photographs and theatre programs.
The Mariinsky Theatre's Costume Departments for the Kirov Opera and Ballet
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Detailed descriptions of their process for making ballet costumes and all the accessories for the dancers. Many photos.
Barbara Easton Dance Studio
Classical ballet, tap, jazz/funk, singing, drama, acrobatics. Located in Narellan Edensor Park and Wetherill Park, New South Wales.
Drake School of Irish Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Listing of classes in eastern and southern states for ages 5 and up.
Kerryn Leanne Dance and Performing Arts
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Instruction in jazz, tap, classical ballet, stretch techniques, singing, funk, acrobatics and cheerleading. For preschool and older. Located in Melbourne, Victoria Australia.
Narelle Aspinall's Capricorn School of Dancing
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - R.A.D classical ballet, F.A.T.D tap and jazz, contemporary and free movement dance classes beginning at age 3. Located in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia.
Red Shoe Dance Company Hong Kong
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Street and lyrical jazz, hip-hop and cheer-dance. Located in Hong Kong Island.
Touch of Class Dance Studio
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Includes Broomall, Downingtown, and Folsom studios teaching ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical and aerobics. Has a calendar and gallery of performances and classes.
The Gay Harris Dancers
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Tap, Jazz and Modern. Located in North Wales.
Lincolnshire Star Academy
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dedicated to providing quality education in the performing arts, which is complementary to, yet independent of academic studies. Located in Lincolnshire, UK.
Nicola Withers School of Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - For ages 3 and up, classes in tap, ballet, modern and lyrical with examinations recognised by QCA and now part of the National Qualifications Framework. Located in the United Kingdom.
Sarah Andrews Dance Academy
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Ballet, tap and modern classes beginning at age 3 in Harpenden, Great Britain. Online contact information.
Stomp! The School for Performing Arts
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Classes in street dance, vocal coaching and acting for ages 6 to 16 in Mill Hill, North West London, UK.
Valentine Walker Dance School Surrey
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Part time dance and performing arts school in Reigate, Horley and Brockham. Ballet, tap, modern, freestyle, theatre craft and musical theatre. Located in UK.
All That Dance
Neighborhood dance studio offering classes in tap, ballet, creative movement and more. Located in Seattle, WA.
Allison Darling School of Dance
Classes in jazz, tap, ballet, acro, hip hop, and highland. Ages 3 to adult. Located in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.
American School of Dance
Jazz-funk and hip-hop for girls, kindergarten through 12th grade in Fairfield County, CT. Non-competitive environment and numerous area locations. Summer camp in VT.
Breffni Academy of Irish Dance
Irish Dance Classes for boys and girls ages 3 and older. Various locations throughout South Florida. Contact information on website.
Broadway Dance and Fitness
Dance instruction for pre-K and up including ballet, pointe, hip-hop, break dancing, lyrical jazz and technical jazz. Located in Austin, Texas.
Broadway South Dance Studio
Dance instruction for ages 2 & up in ballet, jazz, hip hop, musical theatre, tap, contemporary and lyrical. Located in Mobile, AL.
The Bronx Dance Theatre
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Since 1976 the dance school has offered classes for ages three through adult in classical ballet, broadway, modern, tap and more. Contact information on site.
Capital City Dance Center
Instruction for ages 3 to adult in ballet, tap, point, lyrical, jazz and hiphop. Located in Concord NH.
Charlene's School of Dance
Ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and pointe. Studio located in Cresson, Pennsylvania.
Children's Center for Dance Education
Modern, ballet, tap and tumbling classes beginning at age 3, and the chance to perform in Evansville, Indiana.
Chris Collins Dance Studio
Classes in tap, ballet, jazz, point, lyrical, musical theater, pom pons, gymnastics, and rhythm tap in Alexandria, Virginia.
Colorado Centre of Dance
Dance studio offering classes for age 3 and older in ballet, tap, hip hop, jazz, lyrical and modern. Located in Golden, Colorado.
Dance Academy of Bellevue
All levels of ballet, tap, jazz and related disciplines for children and adults. Located in Bellevue, Washington.
The Dance Company - Marion, Iowa
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Classes in ballet, tap, pointe and jazz beginning at age 3. Contact information on web site. Located in Marion, Iowa.
The Dance Company of Indianapolis
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Lessons in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, acrobatics and preschool for ages 3 and older. Located south of Indianapolis, IN.
The Dance Connection
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Classes for all ages, beginning through professional in jazz, hiphop, ballet, tap and street dancing since 1985. Located in Scottsdale, Arizona.
Dance Designs
Offering tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, and lyrical from ages 2 and a half to adult. Located in Prospect and Louisville, Kentucky.
Dance Dimensions
Classes in ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, lyrical, and hip-hop for ages 2 and older. Contact information on site. Located in New Milford, NJ.
Dance Explosion School For The Performing Arts
Classes in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, tumbling and lyric for ages 4 to adult. Kinder Fitness and Dance program for ages 18 months to 4 years. Located in Dedham, MA.
Dance For Kids
Offers classes for children beginning at age two, including hip hop, jazz, ballet and tap. Also has a performance team for teens. Located in West Los Angeles.
Dance Fusion
Dance school teaching ballet, tap, jazz, combo, acro, hip hop and lyrical jazz in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Dance Tracks LLC
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance instruction for ages 3+ in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, ballroom, Pilates, yoga, poms and cheerleading. Located in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
The Dance Zone
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Instruction in jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, tumbling and cheerdance. Classes ages 2 and up. A competitive and recreational program in Henderson, Nevada.
Danz Groove
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance programs for all ages, beginner thru advanced. Jazz, hip-hop, pom, and private classes, camps, and competition teams. Located in Miami, Florida.
Dreamcatcher's Performing Arts Studio
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - A company and classes for students ages two and up in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, pom and lyrical. Located in Chandler and Prague, Oklahoma.
Drouin Dance Center
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Classes in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, creative movement, lyrical-modern and musical theater for ages 3 through adult. Located in Westbrook, Maine.
The Edge - Dance and Tumbling for Kids and Teens
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - This diverse program includes breakdancing, jazz, yoga and musical theater starting at age 6. Located in Eugene, Oregon.
Feet First Center for Contemporary and Classical Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Creative movement, ballet, modern, tap and improvisation for students aged 3-adult. Located in Phoenixville, PA.
Florida Dance Company and Ovations Competition Team
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - All dance styles taught beginning at age 3. Dance Masters of America board certified instruction. Located in Port Charlotte, Florida.
Gotta Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Dance studio in Plano, TX covering Tap, Ballet and Modern dance styles. Ages 3 to Adult. Home of the Plano Metropolitan Ballet.
Greeley Conservatory of Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Classes for ages 3 and older in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern and lyrical. Located in downtown Greeley, Colorado.
Hearts in Motion
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - School of music and dance beginning at age 3 in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop. Also, kindermusik for young children, and private music lessons on all instruments and voice. Located in Springfield, Virginia.
Inishfree School of Irish Dance
mall>[ Teens ] - Taught by Sean Reagan. Page includes feis results, bulletin board, dancers' information, class schedules. Located in New York.
Jackie's Dance Theatre
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Classes for preschoolers through teens in ballet, tap, jazz. Contact information on site. Located in Plant City, Florida.
Kari's Dance Academy
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance classes and summer camp for ages 7 and up. Located in Emporia, Kansas.
Kidz Kreative Zone
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Performing arts program offered through the school district Nite Owls program in dance, sign language and drama. Located in Lincoln, Montana.
Manhattan Motion Dance Studios
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Classes for teens and pre-teens in jazz, hip hop, ballet and tap. Located in Manhattan, New York.
Melanie's Dance Unlimited
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Instruction in ballet, jazz, tap, and hip-hop for ages 3 and up in Normandy Park and Des Moines, Washington.
Monica's Danz Gym
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance classes in ballet, tap, jazz and aerial dance for students ages 2 to adult. Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
MPSD The Maria Priadka School of Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Classes in ballet, jazz, tap and gymnastics as well as hip hop, lyrical and special kindergarten classes. Ages 4 to adults. Located in South Orange, New Jersey.
Old Bridge School Of Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - A complete dance education and training program for ages 2½ and older in ballet, jazz, tap, modern, acrobatics, hip hop, pointe, creative movement and competition team. Located in Matawan NJ.
Perform Art Studios
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Classes for ages 3 and older in R.A.D. ballet, non-syllabus ballet, pointe, I.S.T.D., jazz, lyrical, hip hop, tap and choreography. Located in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Performer's Academy Centre for the Performing Arts
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - DMA Certified Instruction in ballet, tap, jazz, baton twirling and related techniques for ages 3 and older. Located in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.
Premiere Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Offers ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe and baton for students ages two to adult. Located in Rancho Cordova, California.
School Of Performing Arts
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Individual and group instruction in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical and theater arts for all ages of children. Located in Naperville, Illinois.
Soul2Sole Dance, Inc.
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Ballet, hip hop, poms, jazz, tap. Located in Illinois.
Steps On Main Dance Studio
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Instruction for ages 2 and up in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, theater, cheer and poms. "Miss Denise" Saponara-Floramo owner/instructor. Located in Downers Grove, IL.
Susan Searles Dance and Arts Center
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Children's dance instruction in jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, and Irish step. Located in Pepperell, MA.
Ta-Dah Studio of Dance
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, movement and motion, cheer dance, and jump rope. Also birthday parties in Westford, Massachusetts.
University Center for the Performing Arts
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance classes in ballet, pointe, jazz, tap, hip-hop, modern, middle-eastern and flamenco. Summer camp program also available. Located in South Florida.
Upper Merion Dance and Gymnastics Center, LLC.
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance and gymnastics for preschool and older kids. Contact information included. Need PDF to read class schedule. Located in King of Prussia, PA.
Westchester Lariats
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance classes for children from kindergarten to 8th grade in folk dances from around the world, as well as American traditional, vintage and social dances. Also a dance troupe. Located in Westchester, California.
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Dance instruction for ages 2 and up. Classes taught by dance professionals from tap to drill team. Located in Dallas, TX Area.
Young Dance Minneapolis
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Modern dance for youth ages 4 to 18 offering community classes and performing Company. Emphasis in developing choreographic skills. Need-based scholarships available. Located in Minneapolis, MN .
Youth Ballroom Dance Academy - Dancesport
mall>[ Kids/Teens/Mature Teens ] - Latin dance instruction beginning at age 7 in cha cha, rumba, samba, paso doble and jive. Located in Columbus, Ohio.
A place where children can engage and participate with the built environment. Offer various building projects and information about architecture.
Area of Design
Provides information about American art and design, and features interviews with the United States' best designers and artists.
Bad Human Factors Designs
A scrapbook of illustrated examples of things that are hard to use with suggestions on how to improve them.
BSI Education
Provides information for 7-19 year olds about the use of British Standards in the design and manufacture of products.
Building Big
Learn about bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams and tunnels. Find out the facts about large structures around the world and how they are built.
Color Theory
Learn about the color wheel, mixing, schemes, and mood. Find activities, vocabulary, puzzles, and quizzes.
Design Addict: Index
mall>[ Mature Teens ] - A large source of information on 20th century designers and manufacturers. Includes the ability to search objects by period, function or material.
mall>[ Mature Teens ] - A magazine designed specifically for high school students interested in art, and their future with it after high school.
Harvard Design Magazine
mall>[ Mature Teens ] - From the Graduate School of Design, a magazine featuring essays, images, discussions, book reviews, and recent projects in architecture and the built environment.
Kids Cards 4 Christmas
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - Let your child design their very own Christmas card and in turn raise funds for your Local School or Nursery.
Kids Design Network
mall>[ Kids/Teens ] - DuPage Children's Museum offers design challenge activities where children can imagine design ideas to solve problems, draw designs, build and show them to others.
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - An educational database listing design classics with photographs. Search by timeline, designer or manufacturer.
Contemporary Fashion Archive
An international project providing information about designers whose work is characterised by an experimental and innovative approach.
3D Body Scanner
Describes the research at Cornell University to study the problems of clothing design and fit. Includes information on the history of customized clothing.
La Playa Game
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - An online fashion game for changing colors, layering, and transparency of fashion items.
The Museum of Costume
mall>[ Teens/Mature Teens ] - Provides information and photographs about fashionable dress for men, women and children from the late 18th century to the present day.
Oriental Costumes: Their Designs and Colors
mall>[ Mature Teens ] - Max Tilke's photo collection of traditional Middle Eastern clothing.
The HomeScholar
Homeschool High School | Homeschool Consultant | High School Transcript
Triple Clicks
Online Shopping Mall / Garage Sale
Amazing Bible
Bible, bible study, prophecy, end time events
Dover Baptist B.c.s.
Kjv independent fundamental baptist school
Ablaze Academy
Call us Toll Free at 1-877-899-9985
Collegiate Homeschooling
Collegiate Homeschooling provides inspiration, encouragement and instruction for obtaining college credit for high school, college or adult learners.
The Homeschool Handbook™
As we strive to inform, encourage and enlighten our national audience of homeschoolers we will maintain a professional commitment to publish articles that will educate, inspire and encourage our readership.
Wellspring Teaching Tools
Wellspring teaching tools is a developer christian homeschool workbooks, unit studies, worksheets, puzzles and games.
Fundamental Baptist Books
Fundamental Baptist, King James Bible Friendly Books, Home Schooling and Music
Baptist Barter
The FREE place for Independent Baptists to meet the needs of other ministries and Baptists while meeting their own needs to buy, sell and barter goods in an ...
Homeschool Netcast Network - Homeschool Netcast Network
The Homeschool Netcast Network is a site dedicated to providing relevent news and information in an entertaining way for homeschoolers.
The Unschoolers Emporium Will Help You On Your Unschooling Journey
Unschoolers have come together to help you learn about unschooling.
Learn Math - Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 & More
The TabletClass system is the easiest and most effective way to learn math on your own! Perfect for all independendent learners.
Back-to-Homeschool | A Magazine for Homeschooled Girls
Don't forget to keep spreading the world about BTH! Back-to-Homeschool Magazine isn't getting many subscribers lately, so keep spreading the word so that ...
A little corner to share the fun things we are doing in our homeschool adventures.
Montreal Homelearners
Centre Communide is a space for the homeschooling community in and around Montreal to get together and get organized.
How to Homeschool Today
Hello! My name is Cindy Downes, the creator of this website.
Carey Jane Clark
Carey is a homeschooling mother of three and author of the contemporary inspirational novel After the Snow Falls.
Homeschool Curriculum: Finding the Best Choices for Your Family
Lets Home School High School was created to provide information, resources, and a place to share and connect with other high school homeschoolers and their families.
King's Way Classical Academy
World's First Online Classical Christian Academy
The Evans Family
The Hesitant Housewife

Skip and Daisy: Learn To Read Phonics System
We offer an easy to use phonics based program that teaches children to read. Kids love the Skip and Daisy characters. Twin brother and sister pretend ...
Whole Brain Power Teaching strategies with high test scores. Fun ...
Teachers and homeschooling parents have found my strategies and techniques highly effective at motivating children to want to learn.
Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
Since 1979, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers has provided teachers and educators with practical, creative, and engaging PreK-6+ educational materials in ...
Party Rental Miami
Welcome to miami party rental group.
Total Transcript Solution
Make your child's college dreams come true! We have resources to create professional homeschool high school transcripts online. Order high school transcripts ...
Education Book Mix - The best education and refrence book reviews ...
Education book mix provides audio book reviews and summaries of education and reference books, including almanacs, atlases, maps, dictionaries, ...
eBooks for Teaching Math
Curriculum based eBooks for teaching grade 5 to 9 Math make a real difference in the classroom and for homeschool programs.
The Waldorf Connection
Waldorf Homeschooling- workshops & resources for Waldorf inspired home educators.
mcstutoring - helping students learn (math tutoring and test ...
Located in Huntington Beach, CA, provides private tutoring for math (including algebra, geometry, and calculus) and test preparation (SAT and ...
ACE Ministries
Interested in Home schooling in South Africa? We have over 1 200 satisfied home schoolers in South Africa, visit our site for more information.
Welcome to the Mathematics page at NC Wise Owl.
Home | The Math Learning Center
Curriculum Bridges Number Corner All Programs Workshops Support Bridges 1st Edition Bridges 2nd Edition Resources About Catalog Introducing ...
Agency Based Education
Offering families and educators a moral agency based education alternative to compulsory education.
Pitsco Education Online Store: Store
Product Categories Browse by Product Type What's New Clearance. Product Types Browse by Product Category What's New Clearance Aerospace Dragsters ...
Online Education Programs : Classical Education : Founding ... is your trusted source for online education programs, school tutoring, classical education, founding fathers, homeschool classes, Judeo Christian ... - An Open Marketplace for Original ... - Cached - -- 300000+ free and priced teaching resources created by teachers for download including lesson plans, unit plans, novel studies, ...
The Curriculum Corner: Weaving the common core into your daily ...
The Curriculum Corner is designed to provide free curriculum resources for teachers. These include literacy centers, math centers and lessons.
Educational Software - Maps, Learn to Read and More
Educational software for alphabet, phonics, letter sounds and learning to read. Online maps and map puzzles: maps of U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, South America , ...
Homeschool WA - Welcome to Homeschool WA
Homeschool WA - Christian Homeschool, ACE homeschool, ACE, Ace Curriculum, home school Perth, WA.
January 2010 Volume 23 Issue 1
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Lighthouse Homeschool Resources
HomeSchool Curriculum. Christian HomeSchool Curriculum. One of the most complete collections of homeschooling curriculum you will find anywhere online!
School At Home K-9, High School & Special Needs | Homeschool ...
Homeschool your K-9, middle school or grad student with full programs & electives. Premier special needs program. Organized classes & field trips. Read more.
Scripture Lady Sunday School Resources for Your Class or Home
Sunday School Resources for Your Class or Home.
Homeschool Curriculum | Homeschool Software | Homeschool ...
Shop a wide variety of New and Used Homeschool Curriculum, Homeschool Software and other Homeschool Resources. Instantly save up to 50% and more!
free homeschool math courses to include pre-algebra, algebra ...
My name is John Zimmerman and I constructed this site to give homeschoolers...
Advanced Training Institute International
Curriculum that is based on Scriptural principles.<div class=
Alpha Omega Publications
Provides various products and programs for grades K-12.<div class=
BJU Press
Textbooks, distance learning, books, music, videos, and online resources for Christian K-12 education.<div class=
Christian Liberty Press
Christ-centered educational books and support materials.
[!] Compass Learning Odyssey
Online homeschool providing a complete K-12 education.
[!] Computer Science for Home Schoolers
Beginning home school computer curriculum for Grade 5 and Up.
[!] Connect The Thoughts
Secular but religion-friendly complete core curricula for ages 5 to adult.
Curriculum Express
Online warehouse of curriculum.
[!]Custom Homeschool Curriculum
Offers curriculum advice based on learning styles research.
Providing online education for class 6 to class 12 using mindmaps, slideshow with animation and videos in addition to online tutoring.
First Step
Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Ages 4-8
[!]The Grace Academy
Offers multisensory material to facilitate children's homeschooling. Teaching assistance is available to parents.
Hands and Hearts
Sells a wide variety of hands-on homeschool materials.
[!]Hands on Homeschooling
Home school curriculum for preschool and kindergarten with hands-on activities and lesson plans.
Heritage Home School Academy
Curriculum packages for the home school family.
[!]Home School Curricula - Resurrection Resources
Christian and Messianic Curricula, books, and supplies.
[!]The Home School Learning Network
Enrollment program dedicated to home education.
[!]Home School Treasures
Vintage and new homeschooling books for purchase.
[!]Home4school Gear
Homeschool supplies and curriculum organized by subject and skills.
[!<br />
<a href=Homeschool 2.0
Project ideas, curriculum links, and resources for using technology with your homeschool curriculum.
The Homeschool Planbook
Planners for tracking lesson plans, grades, hours, and attendance.
<br />
<a href=Intellikit
Promotes thinking skills by discussing moral issues.
[!]Marie's Penmanship Series
Master the art of handwriting, calligraphy, and manuscript.
[!]Pandia Press
Features secular classical history and science curricula, History Odyssey and R.E.A.L. Science. Includes samples, scope and sequence documents, links to reviews and information about timeline sales.
Character curriculum and Bible studies for all ages.
[!]Ray's Arithmetic
Complete K-Calc homeschool math curriculum on CD-ROM. From the 19th Century.
Saxon Publishers
K-12 mathematics, phonics, and physics.
[!]Sing 'n Learn
Home school educational curriculum based on learning through song.
[!]Textbooksheaven Textbook Super Store
New and used textbooks, teacher's editions, curriculum and pre-packaged sets for homeschooling.
Train-Up a Child Publishing
Independent Bible curriculum for children, 3rd to 5th grade, especially for homeschoolers.
Whizz Education
Provides online math tutoring for children age four to eleven.
[!]Artistic Pursuits, art curriculum for homeschool and independent study
Art program for homeschool covering K - 12.
Online school supply store with a large selection of educational resources for teachers, parents and students.
Time Lines Etc. Fun home school history curriculum materials
FUN Time lines & history curriculum materials for home schoolers & other educators. All grades. Ancient civilizations, Middle Ages, U.S., Bible etc.
The Art of Eloquence
Curriculum that helps Christian parents teach their children to express themselves well. Materials teach effective communication through humor using a step-by-step approach.
Grammar Worksheets
Offers free worksheets on various elements of grammar and usage.
One Year Adventure Novel - Homeschool Writing Curriculum - Daniel Schwabauer
An award-winning novelist guides your student through writing his/her original book in one year. High school writing curriculum includes lessons on DVD, textbook, workbook, teacher's guide, and additional resources.
Razzle Dazzle Learning Company | student directed products that take the stress out of teaching writing
Our materials make teaching language arts and writing as productive, interesting, and stress free as possible. All of the materials are student directed so
Turbo Reader
A reading program that takes the learner through a specially selected sequence, from sounds to words to stories. For children learning to read or for teens and adults who need to improve reading skills.
How to improve your SAT score, middle school vocabulary words, high school, improve your vocabulary :: Word Web Vocabulary
Based on Greek and Latin root words, this 'Code-Breaker' curriculum, is designed for use within any Language Arts course in Grades 5-10. Its unique web structure teaches students how to decode thousands of words. It gives underachievers an oppo
The Writing Course
A homeschool writing curriculum designed to teach your child the essentials of writing; including grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the special magic of using natural language.
A hands-on approach to mathematics - RightStart Mathematics by Activities For Learning Inc.
RightStart Mathematics uses the AL Abacus to provide a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic experience.
Videotapes to "exercise and memorize" simultaneously. Information on products that teach students to memorize their math facts while engaging in physical exercise.
MathTV - Videos By Topic
Math Videos arranged by topic including introductory math, algebra, trigonometry and calculus.
Online Math Programs | Free Math Worksheet | Gifted Math | Math Contest - Noetic Learning
Online Math Programs. Free math worksheets, Summer Math Program, Math Contest, Challenge Math Online, Gifted Stduents
Numberline Lane - teaching and learning maths through stories
Teaching and learning maths through stories - mathematical story books and resources.
Math software, free arithmetic worksheets and fact pages.
[!]<br />
<a href=Noeo Homeschool Science Curriculum
Science curriculum for elementary home school students.
[!] SCITT® Kits Hands-on Science Kits
Science for Today and Tomorrow, “SciTT”, offers a complete hands-on science teaching system with all materials furnished and individually packaged for each activity, grades Pre K - 6.
Delta Education Science In a Nutshell Hands-On Science Kits For Classroom, Homeschool, Child Care Centers, After School Programs
Science unit study kits for grades 2 through 6. Available topics include Earth Works, Electricity and Magnetism, The Human Body, Simple Machines, Space Science, Water World, and Living Things.
Homeschool site with stories of families' experiences and relevant articles.
Home Page - Hands of a Child
Quality Home School Educational Lapbook Project Packs for all Grade Levels and All Subjects. Over 400 different Lapbooks and Notebooks to choose from!
Learn a New Language with Pimsleur Method CDs & MP3 Downloads
Pimsleur Method - Learn to Speak and Understand a New Language with Pimsleur Language Courses. Dr. Paul Pimsleur. Available on CD or MP3 Download. Pimsleur Method is an Authorized Pimsleur Dealer. Low prices and great customer service. on
Downloadable Teaching Materials (by
Buy or sell, new or used homeschool books and supplies. .<div class=
Home | Art Book Printing and Digital Book Printing | Bookmobile
Bookmobile has been the answer to all your printing needs since 1982. We offer a variety of services such as eBook conversion, app development, and more.
Guilt-Free Homeschooling
Veteran homeschool moms testimony and advice for making homeschooling guilt-free, successful, manageable, and glorifying to God. From a Christian perspective.
Homeschool Swap Board Forums
Homeschool Swap Board A great site to fill up on all of your homeschool, educational needs. Whether you are wanting to buy, actually buying, or selling materials, etc... Check out this site that is geared towards elementary, high school and beyond! - The Homeschool Encouragement Center - Encouragement and ideas for Christian homeschooling parents - Home Education Homeschool - Christian Home Education Homeschool Home Schooling - Educate and homeschool with fun and joy - Christian fa
Nightly chat topics, special guests, and daily encouragement.
HomeSchooling Exchange
A forum for educators, parents and learners to discuss and seek advice on education strategies, curriculum and all aspects of K-12 teaching and learning.
JustMommies forums have moved...
Curriculum swap, reviews, and encouragement from homeschooling moms.
Paula's Archives of Homeschool Advice
Advice from homeschoolers about vocabulary, timelines, games, preschoolers, art, lunch, literature for history, Sonlight Curriculum, socialization, laundry, 31-day prayer lists, and other subjects of interest to homeschoolers.
Teen Homeschool Hang:. HOME
The Teen Homeschool Hang is a website for homeschooled teens to connect with other homeschoolers from around the world. Ages 13-21 welcome!
Topica Email List Directory (HES)
Online support forum and mailing list.
[!]Topica Email List Directory (tiggersmom36)
Homeschool support for moms of teenagers.
[!] Topica Email List Directory (quakerhomeschool)
Online forum and mailing list.
[!]Topica Email List Directory (TeachingisFun)
Support group for homeschooling teachers.
[!] -- HomeSchooling Community
Community homeschooling discussion.
[!] Eleos
Home School Projects, Stories, Christian Education information, Creation Research
Homeschooling Book Reviews
Jane reviews homeschool, parenting, and pet books from a relaxed viewpoint.
Home - Apples of Gold Home School News
help and encouragement for homeschoolers. Articles, ideas, spiritual guidance. Questions answered. How-to homeschool.
Homeschooling Today | Where The Love of Learning Takes Root
Where The Love of Learning Takes Root
Learning Through History Home
Enrich your students history program with Learning Through History - bringing you the best in history resources, lesson plan ideas, activity suggestions, historical book and video lists and more. Great for home educators, social studies teachers, and all
An ezine To Encourage And Challenge Homeschoolers (T.E.A.C.H.) with articles, helps, curriculum suggestions, and homeschool support. From a Christian perspective.
Homeschool Diploma - Quality Graduation Products for Small Schools
Homeschool provides quality graduation items for small schools, including diplomas, diploma covers, embossers, caps and gowns, tassels, graduation announcements and invitations.
Homeschooling Your Deaf or Hard of Hearing Child - Deafhomeschool
Another Path at - A comprehensive guide to homeschooling your deaf or hard of hearing child.
G Whiz Educational Resources
Educational tools for classroom and homeschooling to help with Spelling, Grammer, Homework, Study Skills and more. Designed for Students with Learning Disabilities, ADHS, Dyslexia, Students and Risk and Homeschoolers
Resource Room: Homeschooling kids with Learning disabilities
From the Resource Room, multisensory learning for people who learn differently, or have learning difficulties
Journey Into Unschooling
Blog chronicling the learning activities and projects of an unschooling family across all subjects. Also includes reviews of materials used.
The Organized Unschooler
Articles and information about unschooling and alternative education in the US.
~ Welcome to UnSchoolers Online ~
Welcome to UnSchoolers Online - a website dedicated to providing helpful info on everything related to unschooling and homeschooling; local support group listings, news, articles, links, and more.
Unschooling America
Dayna Martin shares her weblog, articles, and chats about her educational philosophy and attachment parenting
Unschooling sermon
A definition of unschooling from the pulpit of Davies Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church.
On Early Academics
Harvey Bluedorn of Trivium Pursuit argues that unschooling is incompatible with Christianity.
Ambleside Online
Ambleside Online is a free homeschool curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason's classically-based principles to prepare children for a life of rich relationships with everything around them: God, humanity, and the natural world. Our detailed schedules,
reathing Room-Charlotte Mason
A site for the encouragement and education of Charlotte Mason homeschoolers.
Adventures of Rush Revere!
Join us on our next time-travel adventure! The Adventures of Rush Revere book series brings American history to life in a fun, engaging, and patriotic way. Visit us to learn more! Send Rush Revere, Liberty the horse, and the Adventures Crew a note while y
HEDUA | HEDUA: Everything for today's homeschool family
HEDUA: Home Educating Family Association is everything for today's homeschool family, from information to products making homeschooling easier.
The Alphabet of Mathematics
Homeschool Lesson Plans, Teaching Strategies, & High School Courses
Download creative homeschool lesson plans. Learn the best classical education teaching strategies. Find the perfect high school course for your homeschool teen. -- Homeschool Curriculum Reviews
Lots and lots of homeschooling curriculum reviews written by homeschoolers who have used the homeschool curriculum themselves. Click on in and visit us!
Great Homeschool Conventions
We believe passionately in the God-given right and responsibility of parents to train and educate their children. We are honored to partner with The National Center for Life and Liberty, as we promote and produce homeschool conventions.
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Welcome to Hip Homeschooling! Your source for curriculum, reviews, free resources, tips, and more!
Accredited K-12 Online School
Forest trail academy is a virtual school offering k12 online school education to the students of usa and worldwide.
Everest Academy
Everest Academy is an Alabama church school that provides freedom and support to all Alabama Homeschoolers. We offer tons of field trips and activities to all those homeschooling in Alabama.
PowerHouse Homeschooling
A Resource Site for Texas Homeschoolers
Homeschool Science Education
Free Homeschool Science activities and experiments. Online Science curriculum. Complete science kits and curriculum include all materials, step-by-step videos and unlimited support.
Classical Conversations | Classical Christian Community
We believe that every child is uniquely and wonderfully made and that parents can be the best teachers for their children.
Multiplication Chart
Free printable multiplication charts in a variety of high resolution formats
Forest Trail Academy - K12 Online School
Forest trail academy is an accredited online k12 school, offering students an alternative way to earn credits and k12 education.
Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool on
A complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum for your family and mine (by Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool)
Fully Accredited Online Home School
The ogburn online school is a premier online homeschool designed to fit the specific needs of each one of our students.
Simple Homeschool
Never let your schooling interrupt your education.
Timberdoodle Co - Homeschool Curriculum, Resources, Materials & Books
Timberdoodle Co provides only the best homeschool products and homeschool - Home Page
I've put together these pages to make it easier to share information I've gathered
The Most Common Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation Mistakes
Clear written communication is important for everyone, no matter what college or career path you choose. Mistakes with punctuation, spelling and grammar could lower school grades and limit career growth.
Easy Peasy All-in-One High School
An extension of the Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool
Home School - Calvary Christian Academy
Calvary Christian Academy - It's easier to build a boy than mend a Man
Virtual Homeschool Coop Coordinating Collaborations to grow the Homeschool Body of Knowledge
To build confidence and encouragement to homeschool parents across the globe.
Arlington Baptist School
The Home Oversight Ministry in Education
Northside Home School Association
North Charleston SC
Grace Baptist Church
Landrum South Carolina (SC)
Christian Home Educators' Fellowship - Conway Arkansas
Christian Home Educators Fellowship is a nonprofit organization for homeschooling families to unite under the common cause of exercizing our liberty to train up our own children.
Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) of L ouisiana
Christian organization comprised of Christian home school support groups from around the state.
MACHE homepage
Supports the Christian home schooling families in the state of Maryland.
Homeschool Books Homeschool Library Builder Homeschooling Books
Homeschool Library Builder is your resource for literature-based homeschooling! We offer thousands of discounted new and used living books and information on Literature based, Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschooling. We offer living books recommended
Milestone Books
We are an independent vendor of materials by Rod & Staff and other publishers.
Foundations in Personal Finance -
Dave Ramsey, America's trusted voice on money, is a National best-selling author and radio host. Learn to budget, beat debt, & build a legacy.
Bible Baptist Homeschoolers
St. Augustine, Florida
Grace Baptist Church - Home
Welcome. Hello and welcome to Grace Baptist Church online! We are a group of
Fundamental Gospel Baptist Church
We are honored that you are visiting our web site. Being an Independent
Andrea Mills
The kids really like these apples served warm. A scoop of fresh whipped cream
Landmark Baptist's School Curriculum
Homepage for Landmark Baptist's Home School Curriculum. Subjects, Features , Scope, and Ordering Information.
Memlok Bible Memory System
Take the 10 Minute Challenge! In 10 Minutes You Can Memorize All the Books of the Bible
Eagle Heights Christian School
Christian school providing quality education with a Biblical worldview and loving discipleship.
Enlightium Academy
Enlightium Academy offers an affordable K - 12 private Christian education.
Inspiring Jibberjabber
This site explores our homeschool adventures, curriculum reviews, toddler
Old Path Baptist Church
Adkins Texas (TX)
Homeschool Curriculum Reviews and Ratings
We review and rate Homeschool curriculum's or curricula so you don't have to. Read what others have to say about the curriculum you're considering before you
Homeschool Share (HSS)
An on-line cooperative effort of several homeschooling moms to provide free but quality literature-based unit studies and resources.
Notebooking Pages
Finding joy and freedom in your homeschool does not need to take years of experience, struggles, trial-and-error like it did for me.
Homeschooling His Children
Enhancing the Homeschool Experience.
Lets begin with the Title. I got the name Abreu Brand New because our last name is Abreu. Brand new because of who I was and who I am today.
Train 'Em Up Ministries
Tools for Teaching Children Bible Based Christian Character Qualities
NFC Academy
An accredited private school serving homeschool families all around the world.
Complete Bible Genealogy And Map 2
Contains all genealogies in the bible by generations and all the kings of the nations. done on excel in an easy to search format.
National Home School Association (NHSA)
The NHSA is the national headquarters for home schooling in America
Young Explorers
Live, Interactive, Online Classes!


Pasta Pets

Barefoot Boccie

Best Turkey Potpie

Polar Bear Cubcakes

UN Report: Go Dutch!

“Imagine if . . .”

Change Is Coming

Vaccines, Autism, and Parents

Should Parents Decide Curfew?

Protecting Kids by Preserving a Parent’s Right

There they go again!

Parental Rights Amendment Introduced

Home School Honor Society

Homeschooling Only One

Tricia Smith Vaugh and Kris Bordessa

Homeschooling Special Needs Kids

Tricia Smith-Vaughn and the CA Universal Pre School Debate

Jesscia Hulcy of KONOS

SBCHEA's Eliazbeth Watkins

Democrats Get Religion (sort of)

What if Michael Jackson were from India?

I’m still here …

Radical CS Curriculum Change at Ga Tech

Washington Post finds nice things to say about Christians

But can you get sweet tea in Dover?

We are now Apple people

“This product copiously leaks out of my nose whenever I read these reviews.”

Misused abbrevations/acronyms

OK, so it’s not so grand of an opening

Mini Football Subs

Maple Heaven Pear Pie

What Grade Are You In?

Parent Learning: A Homeschool Side Benefit

Inspiring a Reluctant Learner

Reluctant Learners

Naughty – or Developmentally Appropriate?

Inspiring a Reluctant Learner

Multi-Age Learning

Giving Homeschoolers Enriching Experiences and Opportunities.

How do we give our homeschooled children Christlike character?

2007 Annual Newsletter

The Starfish Parable

Welcome to the Starfish Country Home School Foundation

Mission Statement

Starfish Country Home School Vision

How Can I Make Homeschool through Highschool More Useful for You?

The Human Soul: An Ancient Idea

Extinct Tree From Christ's Time Rises From the Dead

Earliest Oil Paintings Discovered

Ancient Ceremonial Plaza Found in Peru

Hunt for Nazi Treasure On

Ancient Mayans: Temples for Everyone!

Iceman Mummy Had Moss in His Tummy

A Carrot for Your Patience

Good Fortune Walnuts

Joyful Tidings

Double Apple-Walnut Bread

Fireplace Dinner Recipes

Handsome Hangers

Darling Decorations

Slow-Cooked Chili

White Turkey and Corn Stew

Butternut and Ham Bisque

Meatless Borscht

More Super Soups

The Big Bailout: Product of a Flawed Democracy

Past Presidential Elections Far Nastier

Is Einstein the Last Great Genius?

Past Presidents: What Made Them Great?

Pine Cone Lessons

Chocolate Chip-Pumpkin Loaf

Coconut Kisses

More Beautiful Breads

Window Clings

Mini Wreaths

Reindeer Hats

Present Scramble

Secret Snowman

Christmas Tree Card Holder

New! Felt Winter Wonderland

Stocking Countdown Calendar

Christmas Choir

All Ornaments

Shimmering Shelfsicles

Candy Cane Cookies

10 New Holiday Traditions

UN Report: Belgium

Change Is Coming

My First Gingerbread House

Cookie Jewels

Muddy Snowballs

Santas and Heavenly Angels

More Christmas Cookies

Holiday Welcome Banner

Wooden Spoon Guess Who

Baked Ham

Succulent Succotash

History Repeats: How 2008 Reflected the Past


Draft Blockers

No-Sew Fleece Pillow

Emoticon Magnets

Reindeer Bag

Adorable Decorations

Sugar Chalet

Christmas Morning Gift Scramble

New Year's Countdown Box

Star Lantern

Felted Wreath

The Top 5 History-Makers of 2008

Top 5 Historical Discoveries of 2008

New Year's Noisemakers

Fun Family Calendar

Marshmallow-Toasting Snowmen

A Very Handy Hang-up

Cereal Box Crafts

Cozy Casserole Recipes

Holiday Cucumber Cups

Hoppin' John

New Year's Flower Hat

Tiny Taco Tarts

More New Year's Recipes

Personalized Magnets

Christmas Tree Gift Bag

Snowman Hat

Crafts and Stockings

Deadly Public School Time Outs for Special Needs Children

Christmas Made in China: Or How to Win the War Against Capitalism with Toy Soldiers

Lessons Learned: A Look at Early Childhood Education Settings

Ahhh, that's what they mean by socialization... a PTA mom, a 13-year-old public school boy, and the back seat of an SUV.

Considering Homeschooling Blog of the Week: Hymn Studies

Middle-schoolers suspended over classroom sex: Are you considering homeschooling yet?

Scripture of the Day: Luke 15:1-7

Britney Spears who? Miley Cyrus? Is that like a circus? I have better things to do on December 7th.

Considering Homeschooling Blog of the Week: Virtual Schooling

Today in History and the Power of Homeschooling

Christmas Production by Christian Homeschoolers

The Myths and Realities of Bipartisanship in D.C.

Vermont Cheddar Soup

Potato Gatto

Chili Pie with Cornmeal Crust

Spiced Hot Cider

More Winter Dinners

Sparkling Ice Crystals

Seven Snow Games

Italian-Style Turkey Meat Loaf

Winter's Coolest Fairs and Festivals

Grandma Kuck's Rice Pudding

Frosty the Cupcake

Baked Snowballs

Secret Snowman

Skating Party

A Divine Appointment

Are We Blessing Or Cursing?

Our Influence On Our Children And Grandchildren

UN Report: Italy

When Childbirth Was Natural, and Deadly

Clever Clothing Pole

Skateboard Shelving

Gear Gallery

10 Secrets of Organized Families

Cool Outdoor Play

God's Role in Presidential Inaugurations and Beyond

Ancient Amazon Warrior Statue Resurrected

New Public School "Kids Gone Wild" Trend: SEXTING

Tim Tebow: Homeschooling and Sports

Another Public School Teacher Seduces Another 13-Year-Old

Cracker Box Locker

Door Prize

Heartfelt Pancakes

Valentine's Day Party Ideas

Toddler Shoe Organizer

Handy Hang-up

Clip Art

Family Home Makeover

Classroom Valentines

Ultimate Women’s Expo

Crunchy Caramel Bars

Fan-Tastic Snowflakes

Pasta Snowflake

Star Lamps

Sweater Mittens

Much Ado About Nothing…Yet

Pirates Still Terrorize High Seas

Considering Homeschooling: Because It Produces Great Readers

Win the Battle Against Fat Cells

Peanut Recall

Excuses Kill Dreams

A Weekend Staycation

Pipe Cleaner People

Tissue Paper Flowers

Cheese Ball Snowmen

Winter Playground

Apple-Filled Crepes

Banana Boats

Bubbly Berries and Grapefruit

The Cherry Hungry Caterpillar

Valentine's Day Cupcake Contest

Bighearted Hello

Dynamic Duo

Video: Bee Mine Valentines

I'm Cocoa for You

Crayon Hearts

Sweetheart Roses

Hot Chocolate Mug Cakes

Why You Should Be Considering Homeschooling: To Save Your Grandchildren from Being Aborted

Cold Medicine

UN Report: Sweden

A Fit Superbowl Sunday Menu

Book Tells Horror of 18th Century Surgery

Ancient Lefties: The History of Obama's Handedness

HFCS is Killing Americans

How A Family Of Eight Economizes

Peanut Recall

Michael Phelps, Bongs and 6 Pack Abs

February Workout of the Month

Are you considering homeschooling? Attend a free 'Homeschooling 101' seminar in Southern California!

Charles Darwin: Strange and Little-known Facts

DNA May Reveal Origins of Medieval Manuscripts

Time To Put Darwin in His Place

Early Humans Had Nutcracker Jaws

The Most Tragic Love Stories in History

Guilt Free Fat Fighters

Weird Reason Breakfast is Boring

Cookbooks Making You Fat?

Tropical Pina Colada Shake

SCHSF 2008 Annual Newsletter

How to Become a Fit Parent

New Christian Homeschool Social Networking Website

The Shoe Fits! 1.5 Million-Year-Old Human Footprints Found

A Book for Children Whose Parents Are Considering Homeschooling

A 12 Week Challenge

Case Closed on Murders of Last Russian Czar's Family

March Workout of the Month

Dieting Spells Disaster - Part I

Get Tank Top Ready with Marci Lall

Shoes Found in 13th Century Trash Pile

The 300-year History of Internet Dating

47 Fat Loss Tips

Ancient 'Peking Man' Way Older Than Thought

Medieval 'Vampire' Skull Found

NC Judge Orders Homeschool Mother to Put Kids in Public School

Considering Homeschooling? How to Find Support in Homeschooling

Website Design and Maintenance

What If It Wasn’t Designed Primarily For Your Happiness?

North Dakota Home School Convention Starting Now - March 19-21, 2009

Africans Came with Columbus to New World

Considering Homeschooling? How to Find Support in Homeschooling


Out of Disk Space

Sneaky Fitness For Kids

IAHE Homeschool Convention

Grocery Savings

What Does an Egyptian Pharaoh Smell Like?

Hobbit Skeleton Replica Goes On Display

Eat Right While Traveling

Are you considering homeschooling?

Free Online Math Textbooks

Pirate Lapbook

Who Was Jesus, the Man?

Fight Fat with Fat

April Workout of the Month

Gardening, Groceries and Fat Loss

Grocery Tips?

God Has Answered When We Have Cried Out To Him

Jesus Has Risen!

Garden Planning

Three Subgroups of Neanderthals Identified

The Most Notorious Pirates Ever

Spanish Empire Bead Cache Found Off Georgia

6 Odd Historical Tax Facts

Tax Day: The Grumblings of a Revolution

Thanking God For My Computer

Childbirth Painful for Neanderthal Women, Too

Are you considering homeschooling?

Considering Homeschooling: Incubating Souls

Trove of Unknown Ben Franklin Letters Found

Controversial Hobbit Looks Tiny in Person

Graduation? But wasn’t it just yesterday…

Carnival of Family Life has Moved

Carnival of Family Life

Is Homeschooling Too Expensive in Today’s Economy?

Welcome to the Real World, Son

Southern California Homeschool Support Group Information Night

Giving an Account

The 10 Most Outrageous Military Experiments

Free Bird Font

Lessons Found in History of Flu Pandemics

Brick Wall Hits Home School

Are you considering homeschooling?

10 Ideas to Uncover Your Home Schooled Teen’s Interests

If you home school, it’s time for the Carnival!

How to Listen to One Brain Cell at a Time

Hyena's Laugh Actually Fighting Words

A Few Words For My Young Friends Before They Marry

Pushing the Limits

New Machine Pumps Disembodied Heart

Oldest Human Hairs Found in Hyena Dung Fossil

Why Teach?

Obsession with Naked Women Dates Back 35,000 Years

Return of the Montauk Monster: Same Ol' Myth?

Remove Not The Ancient Landmark

What Will Electric Cars Look Like?

Why 'Terminator' Is So Creepy

One Way to Eliminate Some Stress

Top 10 Greatest Explosions Ever

Real Soldiers Love Their Robot Brethren

Have You Ever Been Set Up?

Genes of 'Bearded Lady' Revealed

Lasers Could Find Friend or Foe Submarines Underwater

10 Events That Changed History

Earliest Known Case of Leprosy Unearthed

The Chemistry of Life: The Plastic in Cars

Caught on Video: Whales Steal Fish

Mystery of Giant Ice Circles Resolved

Are you considering homeschooling?

Southern California Homeschool Support Group Information Night

Considering Homeschooling: Incubating Souls

Tax Day: The Grumblings of a Revolution

Jesus Has Risen!

Considering Homeschooling? How to Find Support in Homeschooling

North Dakota Home School Convention Starting Now - March 19-21, 2009

NC Judge Orders Homeschool Mother to Put Kids in Public School

A Book for Children Whose Parents Are Considering Homeschooling

New Christian Homeschool Social Networking Website

Are you considering homeschooling? Attend a free 'Homeschooling 101' seminar in Southern California!

Why You Should Be Considering Homeschooling: To Save Your Grandchildren from Being Aborted

Considering Homeschooling: Because It Produces Great Readers

New Public School "Kids Gone Wild" Trend: SEXTING

Tim Tebow: Homeschooling and Sports

Another Public School Teacher Seduces Another 13-Year-Old

Homeschooling Increased 75% in Last Ten Years

New Year's Resolution: Be a Better Wife, Homemaker, and Home School Teacher

New Year's Resolution: Be a Better Husband

New Year's Resolution: Be a Better Parent

The History of Bankruptcy: Dungeons, Slavery and Executions

America's Loch Ness Monster? Or a Swimming Deer?

Do Dinosaurs Still Exist?

Cell Phones Allow Everyone to Be a Scientist

Secret Found to Flight of 'Helicopter Seeds'

Strange Lightning Looks Like Jellyfish

Plasma Waves Studied for New Electronics

New Hope for Ending Pointless Traffic Jams

Literature Based Themes

10 Historically Significant Political Protests

Train Up A Child In The Way He Should Go

Pitcher Plant Doubles as Toilet

Christian Boys–Their Hair and Clothing

Clean Cut Or The Scruffy Look

Toothy 3-foot Piranha Fossil Found

Teaching a Foreign Language in the Elementary Years

SOTW: Geography Software Download

Electric Airplane Sets Speed Record

Subdue Guilt about Art Instruction in Your Homeschool

Easy Art History and Appreciation

You CAN teach your children a Foreign Language: Part 1

What Supersonic Looks Like

MTV True Life Looking for Homeschoolers

July Newsletter

SOTW: Things to Buy Instead of Curriculum

Young Engineers Take LEGO 'Bots For a Swim

Mutiny or Murder: What Happened to Henry Hudson?

Do you twitter

Thunderstorm Alert System Could Thwart Plane Crashes

Copernicus Remains Verified by DNA Analysis

5 Must-Have, No-Cost Resources for Homeschooling

Freaky Robot Is a Real Einstein

Sperm Prefer Attractive Females

Freaky Robot Is a Real Einstein

Chemist Aims to Turn Molecules Into Motors

Mommy Time

Your Money?

Powerful Ideas: Military Develops 'Cybug' Spies

Cannonballs Really Could Sink Ships, Study Finds

SOTW: Algebra Class

SOTW: Shiver Academy's Book of Virtues Unit Study

Robot Model Hits the Runway

Homeschooling at the Speed of Life

The Anti Dr. Phil Show

Keeping Organized with Debbie Williams

Cindy Rushton

Christian Homeschoolers in Politics

Home School Honor Society

Homeschooling Only One

Tricia Smith Vaugh and Kris Bordessa

Homeschooling Special Needs Kids

Tricia Smith-Vaughn and the CA Universal Pre School Debate

Homeschoooling Only One

Jesscia Hulcy of KONOS

SBCHEA's Eliazbeth Watkins


Carolyn Venable

Kim and David D'Escoto

Dr. Fred Worth, Teaching Math in the Homeschool

Teenagers - You Could Direct Your Own Education

August Homeschooling Resources Calendar

SOTW: Apollo 11

Homeschooling Costs

Mock Supernova Created by Supercomputer

Humans 2.0: Replacing the Mind and Body

Top 10 American Innovations

The Best Occupation of a Middle Schooler

Rorschach Test: Discredited But Still Controversial

SOTW: Science Friday

200 Year Old Tweets, Free Creation Science, Alpha Omega

Is the Future in Good Hands?

10 Profound Innovations Ahead

A Brief History of U.S. Innovation

Computer Skills Courses, New Unit Study, Large Families

SOTW: How To Do Research

Mermaid Sightings Claimed in Israel

Students Recall More Hollywood than History

Math-U-See Opinions and a Homeschool Fraud Alert

Most U.S. Money Laced With Cocaine


A Meek And Quiet Spirit?

The Human-Dog Hybrid Hoax

New Patch Could Replace Needle Shots

Project Learning, Folder Games, Annie and Her Boys

SOTW: ASL University

Gigantic Lightning Jets Shoot from Clouds to Space

Freak Hurricane Wave Strikes Maine

'Write' Start for Fall, ABeka Cursive Too Early?

Powerful Ideas: Spray-On Solar Cells

Reader Feedback, Getting 'It All' Done with Health Issues

What Makes a CLEP or DSST Exam Easy?

Easiest CLEP and DSST Exams

How to CLEP Your High School

CLEP English Literature

CLEP US History II - 1865 to the Present

DSST Civil War and Reconstruction

DSST (Dantes) Principles of Supervision

CLEP Principles of Management

Why Do College at Home?

How We Got Started

CLEP American Government

CLEP US History 1 - Early Colonization to 1877

The Practice Test Phase - How to Study Your Wrong Answers

Dangers in the Deep: 10 Scariest Sea Creatures


Scientists Create Clear Image of Tiny Molecule


The Seven Biggest Mistakes Made in Teaching Science

Statue of Liberty

September Homeschooling Resources Calendar

Innovative Classroom

Free Advertising, Free Museum Day, Selling Your Stuff

DSST (Dantes) Introduction to Business

New Flexible Building Survives Powerful Test Earthquake

Constitution Day Resources from the Library of Congress

Reflections on a Young Man's Book List, Language Arts Tips

SOTW: BrightStorm Math

British Skeleton Suggests Ancient Murder Mystery

Ancient Aphrodite Figures Hint at Pagan Resistance


UFOlogy: Aliens and Hucksters Among Us

British Skeleton Suggests Ancient Murder Mystery

Mice Levitated in Lab

Homeschooling Special Needs in a Small Apartment

Can Robots Make Ethical Decisions?

Given to Hospitality


Constitution Week

Locating Local Support, Kinesthetic Motion Learners

Robot Hops to Military Duty

Why It's So Hard to Make Nuclear Weapons

Creating the US Teacher Institute

Hispanic Heritage Month

SOTW: The Frugal Homeschooling Mom

More on Motion Learning, Handling Critics, Fiber Arts

How to Homeschool in High School

Posh Puppy Boutique Giveaway! - ENDED!


Win a Pura Stainless Bottle! - ENDED

Handmade Pottery Giveaway!!! - ENDED


Ratuki! - ENDED!

Gamewright Game Giveaway!

Win a Munchie Mug for your little one!!

Skinny Dip Candles Review and Giveaway! - ENDED!

Prince Lionheart WHEELYCOW!!!!! - ENDED!


NEW Recipe Blog!



Moon Myths: The Truth About Lunar Effects on You

National Teach-In on Veteran's History

Borders Educators Appreciation Week Sept 29-Oct 7

Learn about Jefferson’s Library

Scary Film 'Paranormal Activity' Is Disappointingly Normal

SOTW: Monster Exchange

Recession May Boost Life Expectancy

SIRJJ Organics- SPF10 Day Moisturizer

After Phonics, Kids and Chores, Writing Contests!


Mosby (a.k.a. the couch)


Family Time Fun Game Giveaway!!! ENDED

Learning Without Labels, Creative Tales, Grammar Classics

SOTW: MIT's Scratch Software

Underground City Envisioned in Nevada

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller

Fresh Start by Doug Fields

Harry Connick, Jr CD (Review Only)!

Proud Mom Stuff, Wayfinding Skills, Cursive Early?

Proposal Would Turn San Francisco Bridge into a City


Surprising Ship 'Contrails' Seen From Space

How Loud is Your iPod?

What's New in Science Reference: The Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, April 18 NASA Lecture

What's New in Science Reference: 2017 NASA Lecture Series, Earth and Space Science Talks

Better Reading and Comprehension with Readers in Residence – A Review

What's New in Science Reference: Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean, Book Talk, April 20

News for Teachers:Watch: “Olinguito From A- Z !” Thursday, April 27, 10:30 AM EDT

Summer of the Monkeys

What's New in Science Reference: Walking with the Last Men on the Moon, New Science Webcast

Learning about the Gospels – A Drive Thru History Review

Bible Puzzle Fun! – A Planet 316 Review

Organic Herbal Supply Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall Of All Lots Of Various Supplements For Male And Female Sexual Enhancement Due To Undeclared Active Ingredients

Party Animal Recalls Dog Food Due To Potential Presence of Pentobarbital

C.O. Truxton, Inc. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Phenobarbital 15 mg Tablets, USP due to Labeling Error on Declared Strength

The Best Part of Homeschooling

Art Lessons for Kids with ArtAchieve – A Review

Great Summer Ideas for Classical Conversations Families

New on the Web: Margaret Bayard Smith Papers

New on the Web: Heritage Months

New on the Web: Courtroom Illustration Exhibition

New on the Web: Manuscripts of St. Catherine's

What's New in Science Reference: Finding NEEMO, Lecture on NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, May 4

What's New in Science Reference: Can an octopus get to know you? New Everyday Mystery

Storytellers Are Better Writers

Genetic Edge Compounds Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of GEC Laxoplex Dietary Supplement Capsules Due to Presence of Anabolic Steroids

What's New in Science Reference: Space Ethics: Ethical Implications of Commercial Space Projects, May 10th Lecture

C.O. Truxton, Inc. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Amitriptyline HCL Tablets, USP 50mg and Phenobarbital Tablets, USP 15mg, 30mg, 60mg, 100mg Due to Potential Label Mix-Up

New on the Web: Japanese-American Internment Camp Newspapers

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: Help Us Understand How You Use Chronicling America!

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers - 114 YEARS AGO: “In Heart of City,” The San Francisco Call, May 13, 1903

Yarn Bowl by Mudcrush Pottery

The American Patriot's Almanac: Daily Readings on America


Beautiful Headband by Little Sunshine Designs!

Custom Fingerless Gloves by Mott Crochet GIfts!

Norah Jones - ...Featuring

Susan G Komen society meets Milano Cookies!

The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

Protect Your Kids Against MSRA

Lisa Welchel's "Friendship For Grown-Ups: What I Missed & Learned Along the Way"

Pop Weaver Microwave Popcorn with Canola Oil!

Beautiful Soaps!

From My Mama's Kitchen, by Johnny Tan

LOST t-shirt by SlothArt!!

My Daddy is a Soldier by Anne M. Stratford


Dweebies Card Game from Gamewright Games!

One eskimO "All Balloons Album

Bella Sara Review!


Developing Character in Your Kids

Why Do You Need a Home Tutor?

When Learning Doesn't Come Easy

Un-Sanity: 5 Daily Practices of Unstressed Unschoolers

Why It's Important to Nourish a Child's Education

The Benefits of Home Learning

The Challenges With Home Learning

Reporting on Biographies - Religion in Shoes

Can A Student Bring His Best When Left To Learn At His Pace?

Improving Reading Retention Through Fiction Novels

Writing in the Active Voice - Recent Times in Church History

Writing Tips: Modern Missions

How Parents Could Better Their Methods In Homeschooling High School Math

How To Finish Your Homeschool Year Strong

Home Tutoring - 5 Factors to Choose a Good Home Tutor

Home Tuition - How Can It Be Advantageous for Your Child?

Captain Absolutely “Absolutely” Had Them Captivated!

6 Things I LOVE About Homeschool Conventions!

Breathe Life into your Homeschool – A Review

Dynamic Technical Formulations, LLC. Issues a Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Tri-Ton Due to the Presence of Andarine and Ostarine

New on the Web: Sanborn Insurance Maps Online

Nevada Homeschool Law

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: “The Evolution of Memorial Day“ (from the National Endowment for the Humanities)

Learning to Type to Mastery – The Typing Coach Review

9th Grade

New on the Web: VHP Launches WWI Companion

Tips for Choosing Curriculum and Aptitude Testing

Getting the Right Tutor for Your Child

Heroes of History – Learning about Ronald Reagan

Ordering DVDs

News for Teachers:Register now! Free One-Day Teacher Workshops at The Library of Congress


Scrapbook On A Shoestring

Veggie Cheap

Cereal Parfait

Pumpkin Roll

Deal of the Day

Free Paper Idea

Coleslaw with Italian Vinaigrette Dressing (From Chuck Muers)

Energy Saving

Chunky Vegetarian Chili

Supplemental Math and Reading with K5 Learning – A Review

Classical Latin with Memoria Press – A Review

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: Walt Whitman, "Life and Adventures of Jack Engle," and “Pride in the Library”

Umbrella for Academy

ASTC Science Center Discount

A.C. Moore Homeschool Discount

What's New in Science Reference: 2017 Total Solar Eclipse, June 15 Lecture

French Through Immersion with Whistlefritz – A Review

New on the Web: Webcomics, Web Cultures Archives Online

Loving Pets Voluntarily Recalls Limited Lot Numbers of Air-Puffed Dog Treats Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

United Pet Group Voluntary Recalls Multiple Brands of Rawhide Chew Products for Dogs Due to Possible Chemical Contamination

What's New in Science Reference: How to Survive a Plague, Book Talk, June 28

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: "Mr. Skygack, from Mars" and the “Library of Awesome”

United Pet Group Expands Voluntary Recall of Multiple Brands of Rawhide Chew Products for Dogs to Also Include Private Label Brands Due to Possible Chemical Contamination

What Must I Do To Be Saved?


Visiting Family in Maryland

Learn about How to Homeschool with Confidence – An Apologia Review

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Homeschooling

The Adventures of Rush Revere – A Book Review

We Have Moved – Please Join Us!

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 100 Years Ago: "New Jersey Cranberry King's Daughter Produces Super-Blueberries at Whitesbog” Evening Public Ledger, March 7, 1917.

ADM Animal Nutrition Recalls Rough-N-Ready Cattle Feed A specific lot of product contains elevated levels of monensin, could harm cattle

New on the Web: "Polish Declarations" Greetings to US Online

Lightning Literature with Hewitt Homeschooling – A Review

Best Science Resource for Every School – Novare Science Review

What's New in Science Reference: The Total Eclipse of 2017, New Science Webcast

What's New in Science Reference: Exploring the Extreme Universe, New Science Webcast

Some of the Ladies To Whom Scripture Tips Its Hat

What's New in Science Reference: Making Faces: The Evolutionary Origins of the Human Face, New Science Webcast

New on the Web: New Occupational Folklife Interviews Online

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 106 Years Ago: "Startling Feat Crowns Trip of Aviator Atwood," The Washington Herald, July 15, 1911

Learning about Aviation with Doctor Aviation

I Asked But Didn’t Receive

News for Teachers: Your Students can help Create The Technicolor Adventures of Catalina Neon

Preschool Bible Curriculum – The Crafty Classroom Review

Art Made Easy – Activa Review

News for Teachers: Join us on August 1st for a STEM Challenge Teacher Workshop

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 105 Years Ago: “Commuting by Telephone,” The Sun., July 28, 1912

Answering Critics, Summer Fun, History for Autistic Son

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: NEH Announces 2017 National Digital Newspaper Program Awardees

Heirloom Audio Review

Home Schooling Benefits and Help

Homeschool Laws

I Can Study Esther Alone with God – A Greek’n’Stuff Review

What's New in Science Reference: Venus-the Forgotten, Mysterious Planet, August 15 Lecture

Math “Not So Scary” with No-Nonsense Algebra (A Review)

Wrapping Up Summer Reading

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 148 Years Ago: “Phenomena of a Total Eclipse,” The Evening Telegraph, August 4, 1869

Learning to Read with the Phonics Museum App

How To Get The Most From A Home Tutoring Program For Your Child

New on the Web: Hamilton Papers Online

What's New in Science Reference: Cassini's Grand Finale: September 7 Lecture

What's New in Science Reference: NEEMO: NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, New Science Webcast

What's New in Science Reference: Disaster Management and Public Health, New Science Webcast

What's New in Science Reference: Space Ethics: Ethical Implications of Commercial Space Projects, New Science Webcast

What's New in Science Reference: How do fireworks work? New Everyday Mystery

Easy Memory Work for Classical Conversations – AJTL Review

What's New in Science Reference: Launching a Data Revolution, New Science Webcast

Learning About Marine Animal Life – An Apologia Review

Can You Homeschool Your Child and Still Work Full Time?

How To Choose A Home School Curriculum For Your Children

How Can You Determine If Homeschooling Is Right For Your Family?

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: WE WANT YOU! LC Labs Announces "Beyond Words" Crowdsourcing for WWI Historic Newspapers

New on the Web: Final Installment of VHP WWI Series

New on the Web: New Interface for HLAS

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 114 Years Ago : "Pittsburg's Success in the Championship Series With Boston Depends On These Men," The Evening World, October 2, 1903

News for Teachers: Join Juan Felipe Herrera and Create the Technicolor World of Catalina Neon

Kiriko, LLC. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of A1 Slim Due to Undeclared Sibutramine, Phenolphthalein and N-Desmethyl sibutramine

Kiriko, LLC. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of A1 Slim Due to Undeclared Sibutramine, Phenolphthalein and N-Desmethyl sibutramine

Public Notification: A1 Slim contains hidden drug ingredients

What's New in Science Reference: The Star that Ate Manhattan! October 17 Lecture

New on the Web: U.S. Grant Papers Online

News for Teachers: Join us for our Second Online Conference October 25th and 26th

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 95 Years Ago : "Get Out the Rabbit's Foot," The Morning Tulsa Daily World, October 13, 1922




Buying Pet Medicines Online: Ensuring Products are Safe

























Church Hospitality

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 101 Years Ago: “Ain't Nature Wonderful! – Unnatural History,” The Day Book (Chicago, IL), April 10, 1916

What's New in Science Reference: How to Survive a Plague: October 23 Book Talk

Seat Work




Biosimilars: More Treatment Choices and Innovation

Halloween Safety: Costumes, Candy, and Colored Contact Lenses

Communication, Answering Critics, Home from Ukraine


Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: CHRONICLING AMERICA UPDATED: Recent additions (including Alaska and Colorado) and updates

Breast Cancer Screening: Thermogram No Substitute for Mammogram

Mammography: What You Need to Know

Where and How to Dispose of Unused Medicines

Latest News: "Drawn to Purpose" Women Illustrators

What's New in Science Reference: NASA's Dr. Padi Boyd Speaks about Exoplanets on November 2

Public Notification: Linsen Double Caulis Plus (靈仙双藤 ) Contains Hidden Drug Ingredient


Homeschoolers and Curfews

Moving & New to Homeschool

How to Determine Virtual School Grade Level

How many hours does a high schooler need to work for?

Homeschooling for 3 months while traveling outside the U.S.

Wisconsin Homeschoolers are Required to File PI-1206 Online

Kohl Scholarships for Wisconsin Homeschoolers Increased to $3,000


Applications Being Accepted for WWI-themed Summer Teacher Institute for Educators!

The Quick Take for August 1, 2014

New on the Web: Senate Watergate Hearings Online

Making Decisions for Your Health: Getting the Info You Need

Black Licorice: Trick or Treat?

Posts Removed

What's New in Science Reference: Venus: the Forgotten, Mysterious Planet, New Science Webcast

Latest News: Library Acquires Dick Cavett Archives

Latest News: New HSS Chief

New on the Web: VHP Feature on Medal of Honor Recipients

NEW: Lincoln Papers in Full Color

NEW: Lincoln Papers in Full Color

Public Notification: Hard Times for Men contains hidden drug ingredient

Top 4 in SA in Essay Competition

South African Homeschool Events

Afrikaans Language Programs

World Education Games

GED Homeschool Matric - South African Foreign Matric Equivalent

Twee jaar agter

Homeschool Math Programs

Healthy Teen Relationships

High School Homeschool Options

South African Unit Study - Fly, Eagle, Fly!

Home Tutors South Africa

Traditional Seafood Recipes

Tips for starting homeschooling

Things to do in Gauteng

Things to do in Kwazulu Natal

Things to do - Garden Route

Things to do in Eastern Cape

How We Study the History of South Africa and World History

Traditional South African Recipes

South African Bread Recipes

News for Teachers: Still Time to Apply for the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Music Workshop

Heroes Part Two–Are There Any?

What's New in Science Reference: How did cats become domesticated? New Everyday Mystery

Latest News: Bennett Honored in Gershwin Prize Concert

Latest News: Three New Educational Apps

What's New in Science Reference: How do cats communicate with each other? New Everyday Mystery

Updated Thanksgiving Primary Source Set Now Available

Spark a Lifelong Adventure of Learning

Spark a Lifelong Adventure of Learning

Latest News: Library Acquires Rare Mesoamerican Codex

Is Homeschooling Worth It?

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: NEH Announces Competition Open for 2018 NDNP Awards

Spark a Lifelong Adventure of Learning

Laser Toys: How to Keep Kids Safe

Food Safety Tips for Healthy Holidays

No Bones (or Bone Treats) About It: Reasons Not to Give Your Dog Bones

Cochlear Implants: A Different Kind of 'Hearing'

FDA Warns About Stem Cell Therapies

The FDA Warns Against Injectable Silicone for Body Contouring and Enhancement

Filling in Wrinkles Safely

Commentary: What Do We Make of '90 Minutes in Heaven'?

Breast Cancer in Men: Treatments and Genetic Counseling

Public Notification: Asia Slim Capsules contains hidden drug ingredients

Public Notification: MenXtrong contains hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Rhino 69 Premium 8000 contains hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Rhino 25K 15000 contains hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Adipessum Miracle Slimming Capsules contain hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Control Capsules contain hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Pro Solution contains hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: S.W.A.G II Platinum 33K contains hidden drug ingredient

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Public Notification: Fruta Planta Life (Garcinia Cambogia Premium) contains hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Qibianli contains hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Rhino 11 Platinum 11000 contains hidden drug ingredient

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 150 Years Ago: “Charles Dickens. His First Reading in America,” The Evening Telegraph (Philadelphia, PA), December 3, 1867

Classic Christmas Literature

Nutra Labs Inc. Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Dietary Supplements Bull and Chao Jimengnan Tablets Due to Undeclared Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Public Notification: Chao Jimengnan contains hidden drug ingredient

Join Us for Books Go To War: Armed Services Editions in WWII, December 7th at 4pm EST

Enter to Win! December Newsletter Giveaway

How Do You Know Your Child is Gifted?

5 Reasons to Make a Homeschool Transcript

What's New in Science Reference: Holiday Light Show from Space: Lecture with NASA's Dr. Miguel Romn December 7

5 Ways to Collect Christmas Credits

Celebrating a 70th Wedding Anniversary

December Homeschool Calendar Reminders

New on the Web: Selection of Historic Films Online

What's New in Science Reference: Historical Literature on Domestication of Cats and Other Animals, New Research Guide

What's New in Science Reference: Cassini's Grand Finale, New Science Webcast

Latest News: 2017 National Film Registry

Best Words for a Letter of Recommendation

Marmex Corp Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall Of Blue Pearl All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement, Due To Undeclared Sildenafil

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 105 Years Ago: The Teddy Bear

The Gifts of Homeschooling

Latest News: Applications Open for Junior Fellows

Is Technology Changing Our Brain Formatting - Should We Change Our Educational System To Match?

Marmex Corp Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall Of Blue Pearl All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement, Due To Undeclared Sildenafil

Latest News: Judges for Congressional Data Challenge

Does Writing for Science Have a Voice?

Review: Sisters

New on the Web: US Code

3 Steps to Score a Great Letter of Recommendation

December 2016 Gold Care Club Update is Ready

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 100 YEARS AGO: “Christmas Eve of Long Ago, ” Bridgeport Evening Farmer (Bridgeport, CT), January 13, 1917

Review: Joy

Review: The Revenant

Review: 45 Years

Put Your Weak Areas First in 4 Easy Steps

How to Become a Vet

Make a Year-End Gift to the Nation's Library

Make a Year-End Gift to the Nation's Library

Review: Concussion

Make a Year-End Gift to the Nation's Library

Make a Year-End Gift to the Nation's Library

Sample Letter of Recommendation Format

Latest News: Library Acquires Art Buchwald Papers

Larry and Susan Kaseman Retiring from WPA

Latest News: Book on the History of the Library

Latest News: Woodson Named Ambassador for Young People's Literature

Open House!

Is My Dog or Cat a Healthy Weight? Important Questions to Ask the Vet

It's Not Too Late to Get Your Flu Shot

Adding Folic Acid to Corn Masa Flour May Prevent Birth Defects

Dose Matters: FDA's Guidance on Children's X-rays

4 Tips to Quit Smoking

What Is Gene Therapy? How Does It Work?

Keep Your Dogs and Cats Safe From Holiday Hazards

Want to Quit Smoking? FDA-Approved Products Can Help

Cold and Flu: Prevention, Symptoms, Treatments

Raw Dough's a Raw Deal and Could Make You Sick

JustFoodForDogs Voluntarily Recalls Three Daily Diets because of Possible Listeria monocytogenes Health Risk from Green Beans

We're Moving – Please Join Me []

Latest News: "Baseball Americana" Exhibition

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 128 Years Ago: “Across the Continent,” The evening world (New York, NY), January 25, 1890

Flawless Beauty, LLC Issues Voluntary Recall of Unapproved Drugs

Bible Study - Rationale, Resources & Recommendations

Communications with JoJo

DeClutter, Organize and start the new year!

Latest News: Kentucky Center for the Book Becomes Affiliate

How to Buy Medicines Safely From an Online Pharmacy

New on the Web: Guadalcanal, 75 Years Later

One Day Workshop on Teaching with WWI-Related Primary Sources

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 94 Years Ago: "Skaters Will Take Part In the Inaugural Events," Evening Star (Washington, DC), January 25, 1924

Raws For Paws Recalls Turkey Pet Food Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Smokehouse Pet Products Inc Recalls Limited Lots of “Beefy Munchies” Sold Regionally Because of Possible Salmonella Contamination

Lapbooks, Minute Books, Olympic Fun!

Star Man's Son

Redbarn Pet Products Issues Voluntary Recall of Dog Chews

Commentary: What ‘Black Panther' Means for Christians

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: Join us today for a #ChronAmParty on Twitter!

New on the Web: Buchanan Papers Online

Son is Behind at Public School

Seggiano USA, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Tree Nuts

Snyder's Lance Announces Voluntary Recall of a Limited Amount of 6.5 oz Emerald Glazed Walnuts Due to Potential Presence of Undeclared Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews and Pecans

Northwest Naturals Voluntarily Recalls 5lb Frozen Chicken and Salmon Pet Food Chubs Because of Possible Listeria Monocytogenes Health Risk

TruPet, LLC Issues Voluntary Recall of Certain "Treat Me Crunchy Beef Delight" Pet Treats

New Video: Kipling & the Great War

Latest News: NLS Rolls Out New Outreach Campaign to Improve Accessibility

Latest News: New Young Readers Program

How Can We Improve Our Site for K-12 Educators?

Carnivore Meat Company Issues Voluntary Recall of “Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Beef Nibblets Entrée for Dogs” Pet Food

Benefits of Homeschooling

Bella all Natural Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Diet Capsules Labeled as Bella, Due to Presence of Sibutramine

New on the Web: Madison's Notes - Constitutional Convention

New on the Web: Gladstone Afro-American Military Collection

The Double Cola Company Recalls Select Cases of Its Cherry Ski Product

Progressive Laboratories, Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk in Product

Lotte Int'l America Corp Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanut In "Kancho Choco Biscuit"

La Pasta Inc/Heinen's. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk in Product Heinen's Potato Gnocchi UPC# 02060141062

Three Aspects to Consider Before Homeschooling Your Child

Library CLOSED March 2

Steve's Real Food Voluntarily Recalls Raw Frozen Dog Food Turkey Canine Recipe Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

Blue Ridge Beef Recalls Kitten Grind Raw Pet Food Lot#GA1102 Because of Possible Contamination

Latest News: Apply for Teacher-in-Residence

Just Talent... Or a Whole Lot More?

New Video: Rambler 2 & Johnson's Dictionary

New Video: A Capitol Tour of the Library

IDLife, LLC Issues Allergy Alert on Various Undeclared Allergens in its Bars

Kodiak Cakes Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Milk in Kodiak Cakes Blueberry Chia Energy Waffles 10.72 oz. Product UPC code is 7 05599 01215 0.

New Video: How Effective is Social Media?

New Video: Conserving the Howland Album

Latest News: Rare Photo of Harriet Tubman Preserved

Latest News: Apply for 2018 Literacy Awards

New Video: Queen of the Accordion

New Video: BIBFRAME: SHARE-VDE Project

New Video: 2016 Américas Awards

New Video: Many Faces of Harriet Tubman

New Video: The Reformer, Vasily Maklakov

News for Teachers: Call for Applications: Performing Arts or Visual Arts Teacher-in-Residence Position

Ciolo Foods Issues Allergy Alert for Undeclared Tree Nuts in "Ciolo Nut-Free Basil"

Weis Markets Expands Allergy Alert for Weis Quality Dried Beef Party Rye Dip Sold in 11 Stores Due to Undeclared Milk and Egg Allergen

Redbarn Pet Products Expands Voluntary Recall of Dog Chews

Raw Basics, LLC. Recalls Tucker's 5lb Pork-Bison Box Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

New Video: Origins of the Military-Industrial Complex

New Video: 2017 Asian American Literary Festival

New Video: Designing the Future Landscape

LIVE: Drawn to Purpose, March 15

LIVE: Margot Lee Shetterly & Hidden Figures

News for Teachers: Tell us How the Library of Congress can support you!

Daily Snapshot: Why Do They Call It Rush Hour?

Schwartz Brothers Bakery Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Egg in Gourmet Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls

Wegmans Food Markets Issues Allergen Alert on Undeclared Egg in Wegmans Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Cup 1.5 oz. Sold in the Sushi Department

Midwest Northern Nut Issues Voluntary Allergy Alert On Various Undeclared Allergens In Their Nut And Seed Snack Products

Retaining Pre-AP

DEAL ALERT: Times Tales New Animated DVD – 28% off

When to Plant Your Garden

Latest News: New Book on Women's Artistic Achievements

Focus on the Family Best Seller List

Daily Snapshot: Dog Shakes

Daily Snapshot: Dollar to Not Smash Window

New Study Published About Homeschool Abuse and Regulation

New Video: Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

New Video: Provenance of Printing in Afghanistan

New Video: Mongolia's Lake Hovsgol

New Video: Albanian National Day

New Video: Reformation at 500: Rebel in the Ranks

New Video: Stetson Kennedy & Cultural Advocacy

DEAL ALERT: Sharpie Fine Point Pens Assorted Colors 6 pack – 23% off

New on the Web: Joseph Holt Papers

New Video: Archives Challenge Interviews

New Video: Medialogies

New VIdeos: Fairfield Four Concert & Interview

Latest News: New FEDLINK Executive Director

Federal Education Legislation Pending that Would Impact Military Families

Daily Snapshot: Jane Goodall's Observation

5 Reasons You Should Give Gift Cards to Children

New Video: Holiday Light Show from Space

New Video: In Situ Studies of Tidelines on Paper

New Video: Bernard MacMahon & Allison McGourty

New Video: Abridgments in 18th-Century Publishing

Deadline to Apply to 2017 Summer Teacher Institutes is THIS Friday, 3/17/17

Daily Snapshot: Nature's Emergency Breakthrough

Daily Snapshot: Only Two Carrion Items

Latest News: Funds Available to Create Educational Apps on Congress and Civics

How to Navigate Tough Issues as a Family

Did You Know That Your Children Are Exposed to This Every 24 Hours?

Daily Snapshot: Meteor Hits Man Crossing Street

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SWEET Deal on 6-Qt. Programmable Slow Cooker 51% off!

Daily Snapshot: We'll Rub Some Money on the Rash

DEAL ALERT: The Maestro Classics 12 CD Music Collection – 58% off!

Does Focus on the Family Promote “Gay Conversion Therapy”?

HBO's John Oliver Attacks Focus on the Family

Kidde Alarms Recalled

Latest News: Poet Laureate in Second Term

Latest News: National Recording Registry Reaches 500

Should We Blame Public School?

5 Things to Know About Breast Implants

Daily Snapshot: Rats Choose Chocolate

Daily Snapshot: Is That Nat With a G?

Traumatic Brain Injury: FDA Actions and Research

Piggie Park Enterprises Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Wheat and Soy in Maurice's Southern Gold Honey Sauce

Piggie Park Enterprises Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Wheat and Soy in Gourmet Carolina Gold Honey Sauce

Vietti Foods Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Wheat and Eggs in Southgate Hot Dog Chili Sauce

Chris’s Cookies Recalls Chocolate Chip Cookies Due to Undeclared Peanuts

Limited Production of Two Varieties of Milo's Kitchen Dog Treats Voluntarily Recalled Due to Potentially Elevated Levels of Thyroid Hormone

Radagast Pet Food, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls One Lot of Rad Cat Raw Diet Free-Range Chicken and One Lot of Free-Range Turkey Recipe Because of Possible Health Risk

What's New in Science, Technology and Business: NASA Goddard 12th Annual Lecture Series

Amazon Is Hiring!

Why They Adopted a Child with Down Syndrome

Poppies International, Inc. Recalls Delizza Belgian Custard Cream Mini Eclairs 30 Count, Due to Potential Health Risks

King Arthur Flour Company, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Organic Coconut Flour (16 Oz.) Because of Possible Health Risk

Tamarack Inc. Recalls Eclipse Kratom Because of Possible Salmonella Contamination

Join Us for The Power of Using Primary Sources in K-2 Classrooms 5/6/2017

King Arthur Flour Recalled

What's Your Love Style?

Remembering a Legend: Coach John Wooden

DEAL ALERT: Girl Power at Teach Them Diligently Atlanta – Save $12

Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Daily Snapshot: If You Keep Walking, You'll Save

Daily Snapshot: Bull Comes Long Way in Therapy

Daily Snapshot: Laws for Sale

Daily Snapshot: Picnic in Front of Sociology

Darwin's Natural Pet Products Issues Voluntary Recalls for Darwin's Brand Dog Foods Due To Contamination Salmonella And Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli O128

Blue Ridge Beef Voluntarily Recalls BRB Complete Raw Pet Food Lot#GA0131 Because of Possible Contamination

How to Find Your Identity in Christ

Walmart Removes Cosmo. Could Brio Take Its Place?

This Is a Great Definition of Friendship

What's Your Love Style?

Remembering a Legend: Coach John Wooden

Why They Adopted a Child with Down Syndrome

Does Focus on the Family Promote “Gay Conversion Therapy”?

HBO's John Oliver Attacks Focus on the Family

How to Navigate Tough Issues as a Family

Did You Know That Your Children Are Exposed to This Every 24 Hours?

Daily Snapshot: Complimentary Angles

Daily Snapshot: Bull Runs Red Light

Daily Snapshot: Well, I've Got Four Rabbit's Feet

New on the Web: Anthony & Stanton Papers Online

Should Our Christianity Be Private or Public?

Protected: Educational Travel and an Exciting Partnership!

Daily Snapshot: Cheating on Our Diet

MarcasUSA, LLC Emite Retiro Voluntariamente a Nivel Nacional de Pasta De Lassar Andromaco Protector de la Piel con 25% de óxido de Zinc, en Tubos de 60 Gramos, Debido a Contaminación Microbiana

MarcasUSA, LLC Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Pasta De Lassar Andromaco Skin Protectant 25% Zinc Oxide 60g Due to Potential Contamination

Health Nut Factory Recalls Organic Coconut Smiles Because Of Possible Health Risk

Target Corporation Issues a Voluntary Recall For a Variety of Frozen Products Sold at a Single Store on Oahu

First Source Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Wegmans 9 Oz Yogurt Raisins

eBars Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Allergens

Darwin's Natural Pet Products Issues Voluntary Recalls for Darwin's Brand Dog Foods Due To Contamination Salmonella And Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli O128

Blue Ridge Beef Voluntarily Recalls BRB Complete Raw Pet Food Lot#GA0131 Because of Possible Contamination

Mrs. Gerry's Kitchen Issues Allergen Alert on Undeclared Seafood in Salad

Kwik Trip, Inc. Issues Allergen Alert for Undeclared Fish or Shellfish on Premium Egg Salad Sandwich on Oat Multigrain Bread

Seasonal Allergies: Which Medication is Right for You?

First Source Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Wegmans 9 Oz Yogurt Raisins

eBars Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Allergens

Allergy Alert Issued in Select Northern California Whole Foods Market Stores for Undeclared Egg in Some Cookies

Mrs. Gerry’s Kitchen Issues Allergen Alert on Undeclared Seafood in Salad

Kwik Trip, Inc. Issues Allergen Alert for Undeclared Fish or Shellfish on Premium Egg Salad Sandwich on Oat Multigrain Bread

Health Nut Factory Recalls Organic Coconut Smiles Because Of Possible Health Risk

Target Corporation Issues a Voluntary Recall For a Variety of Frozen Products Sold at a Single Store on Oahu

First Source Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in Wegmans 9 Oz Yogurt Raisins

eBars Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Allergens

Darwin's Natural Pet Products Issues Voluntary Recalls for Darwin's Brand Dog Foods Due To Contamination Salmonella And Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia Coli O128

Allergy Alert Issued in Select Northern California Whole Foods Market Stores for Undeclared Egg in Some Cookies

Blue Ridge Beef Voluntarily Recalls BRB Complete Raw Pet Food Lot#GA0131 Because of Possible Contamination

Mrs. Gerry's Kitchen Issues Allergen Alert on Undeclared Seafood in Salad

Kwik Trip, Inc. Issues Allergen Alert for Undeclared Fish or Shellfish on Premium Egg Salad Sandwich on Oat Multigrain Bread

Public Notification: Rhino 69 Extreme 50000 contains hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Red Zone Xtreme 3000 contains hidden drug ingredient

Public Notification: Black Lion Pill contains hidden drug ingredient

Daily Snapshot: Webers, Not Just Any Bread

Daily Snapshot: Elephant on Airplane

From Conflict and Marriage Troubles to a Duck Dynasty

Connecting with Your Child When You Don't Know How

Classic Baseball Documents Online

Classic Baseball Documents Online

Daily Snapshot: Joe's Tire Shop Drops Nails

LIGHTNING DEAL ALERT! Magnetic Blocks Deluxe Set (64pcs) – 63% off!

Nutrizone Expands Recall of Various Lots of Multiple Dietary Supplements Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

FDA Orders Mandatory Recall for Kratom Products Due to Risk of Salmonella

Nutrizone Recalls Various Lots of Multiple Dietary Supplements Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Nutrizone Expands Recall of Various Lots of Multiple Dietary Supplements Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

FDA Orders Mandatory Recall for Kratom Products Due to Risk of Salmonella

Nutrizone Recalls Various Lots of Multiple Dietary Supplements Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk

Daily Snapshot: Watching TV Together

The Curious “Comedy” of Stephen Colbert

Daily Snapshot: Dyslexics Can Arm Bears

LIGHTNING DEAL ALERT! Tree Swing Outdoor Large Size 40″ Diameter – 48% off

How God Uses Marriage to Transform Our Selfishness

Potassium Chloride Injection (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Calcium Gluconate Injection (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Recall of Certain Lots of Izzy's Maple Nut Ice Cream Due to Undeclared Peanuts

Recall of Certain Lots of Izzy's Maple Nut Ice Cream Due to Undeclared Peanuts

Global Commodities Corporation Recalls Buenas Grated Coconut due to Possible Health Risk

Recall of Certain Lots of Izzy's Maple Nut Ice Cream Due to Undeclared Peanuts

Global Commodities Corporation Recalls Buenas Grated Coconut due to Possible Health Risk

Piggie Park Enterprises Inc. Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Wheat And Soy in Maurices Southern Gold BBQ Sauce Honey

Focus on the Family Best Seller List

Benefits of Home Tuition in 2018

IKEA Recall

Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers: 115 Years Ago: "Japanese Cherries Adorn Park Drive," The Washington Times (Washington, DC), April 6, 1913

Dorzolamide Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Ketamine Injection (New - Currently in Shortage)

Cut Fruit Express, Inc. Announces A Voluntary Recall of Fresh Bruschetta Mixed and Dips Because of Undeclared Soy and Milk

Advocare Issues Allergy Alert in Select Bottles of Muscle Strength and Nighttime Recovery Product Because of Undeclared Milk Allergen on The Label

Independent Nutrition, Inc Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Milk in Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement Products

Aspire Food Group Issues Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in Exo Bars

Cut Fruit Express, Inc. Announces A Voluntary Recall of Fresh Bruschetta Mixed and Dips Because of Undeclared Soy and Milk

Advocare Issues Allergy Alert in Select Bottles of Muscle Strength and Nighttime Recovery Product Because of Undeclared Milk Allergen on The Label

Independent Nutrition, Inc Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Milk in Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement Products

Aspire Food Group Issues Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in Exo Bars

Cut Fruit Express, Inc. Announces A Voluntary Recall of Fresh Bruschetta Mixed and Dips Because of Undeclared Soy and Milk

Advocare Issues Allergy Alert in Select Bottles of Muscle Strength and Nighttime Recovery Product Because of Undeclared Milk Allergen on The Label

Independent Nutrition, Inc Issues Allergy Alert On Undeclared Milk in Ignite Pre-Workout Supplement Products

Aspire Food Group Issues Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in Exo Bars

How to Study by Yourself

Atenolol Tablets (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Atropine Sulfate Injection (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

DEAL ALERT: 25% off Gluten Free Snacks With this Coupon Code

Daily Snapshot: Because O.J. Wasn't Guilty

Daily Snapshot: Exhaust Problems

Daily Snapshot: I'll Turn Off TV

Interview: Pete Holmes: Believing in God Gave Me Hope as Comic

Daily Snapshot: Bank Pen Chained to Desk

Connecting with others in Meaningful Relationships

Popular Homeschool Laminator is Being Recalled

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DEAL ALERT: Electronic Kids Map of the United States – 67% off

Daily Snapshot: Minnie Mouse Can't Take Voice

Nine Whole Foods Market Stores Issue Voluntary Recall for Explorateur French Triple Creme Cheese Due to Possible Health Risk

Stewart's Shops Issues Allergy Alert on Pint Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Club 13 Recalls Kratom Maeng Da Red Powder and Capsules Because of Possible Health Risk

Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Organic Amaranth Flour (22 Oz.) Because of Possible Health Risk

Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse

Amoxapine Tablets (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Cromolyn Sodium Inhalation Solution, USP (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Etoposide Injection (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Guanfacine Hydrochloride Tablets (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Leucovorin Calcium Lyophilized Powder for Injection (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Progesterone Injection, USP (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

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LIGHTNING DEAL ALERT! American Girl Melody Doll, Book & Backpack Collection – 30% off!

Nine Whole Foods Market Stores Issue Voluntary Recall for Explorateur French Triple Creme Cheese Due to Possible Health Risk

Stewart's Shops Issues Allergy Alert on Pint Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream

Club 13 Recalls Kratom Maeng Da Red Powder and Capsules Because of Possible Health Risk

Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods, Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Organic Amaranth Flour (22 Oz.) Because of Possible Health Risk

New on the Web: Leonard Bernstein Centennial Celebration

This California Bill Threatens Religious Freedom

What Does YouTube Know About Your Kids?

Latest News: Library Launches Leonard Bernstein Centennial Celebration

Daily Snapshot: Hydrant Pees on Dog

DEAL ALERT: Apologia Biology Prepared Slide Set (Pack of 16) – 59% off!

Homeschool Enrichment Adventure Road Trip to Niagara Falls

New Video: Mold Outbreak in Tbilisi, Georgia

New Video: Georgian Papers Public Symposium

New Video: Justice Clarence Thomas

She was Aborted … and Survived

Abciximab (ReoPro) Injection (New - Currently in Shortage)

Aminocaproic Acid Injection, USP (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

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Guixens Food Group Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in La Marinera Brand Dried Yellow Potatoes

Cookwell & Company Issues Allergy Alert for Undeclared Soy, Wheat and Fish Allergen in Charred Tomato & Basil Sauce with a “Best By” Date of “10 Nov 18”

Premier Pharmacy Labs Issues Voluntary Nationwide Recall of Specific Sterile Injectable Products Lots Due to a Potential Lack of Sterility Assurance

Guixens Food Group Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in La Marinera Brand Dried Yellow Potatoes

Cookwell & Company Issues Allergy Alert for Undeclared Soy, Wheat and Fish Allergen in Charred Tomato & Basil Sauce with a “Best By” Date of “10 Nov 18”

Guixens Food Group Issues Allergy Alert on Undeclared Sulfites in La Marinera Brand Dried Yellow Potatoes

Cookwell & Company Issues Allergy Alert for Undeclared Soy, Wheat and Fish Allergen in Charred Tomato & Basil Sauce with a “Best By” Date of “10 Nov 18”

Calcium Chloride Injection, USP (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Dextrose 5% Injection Bags (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

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Skip the Romaine Lettuce from Yuma

Starting Your Garden from Seeds

Adventures in Odyssey Children's Bible Nominated as Bible of the Year Finalist

'Rhino 69 Extreme 50000' Recalled due to Presence of Active Ingredient 'Tadalafil'

Rose Acre Farms Recalls Shell Eggs Due to Possible Health Risk

Seacrest Foods Recalls l'Explorateur Soft Ripened Cheese Due to Possible Health Risk

Rose Acre Farms Recalls Shell Eggs Due to Possible Health Risk

Seacrest Foods Recalls l'Explorateur Soft Ripened Cheese Due to Possible Health Risk

'Rhino 69 Extreme 50000' Recalled due to Presence of Active Ingredient 'Tadalafil'

Bupivacaine Hydrochloride and Epinephrine Injection, USP (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

Bupivacaine Hydrochloride Injection, USP (Updated - Currently in Shortage)

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Daily Snapshot: Frank Keeps Clicking

Daily Snapshot: Porcupine and Skunk in Bed


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Find Your Home School Laws With HSLDA
I'm part of a few Facebook groups for homeschooling and I find a lot of people don't know their state's home school laws, so I decided I'd make a video tutorial on ...
Home school field trip
Grant Christmas Tree Farm Nov 10, 2017.
Homeschool Q&A + FAQ!
hello everybody! i hope this video could speak on behalf of abbie and i's schooling situation! if you have anymore questions, leave them down below ...
Our Homeschool Journey
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(Formerly Lallygagers) I'm Candice and I make videos on motherhood, homeschool, and life in general as a stay at home mom! I have 3 girls (8, 5, and 3) 2 dogs ...
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Homeschool Conservatory. Violin. Bow Hold.
Suzuki Violin pre-twinkle period.
HomeSchool Weeks 7 9 with Prepositions CC C3
This is an original video with additional proposition songs for homeschool CC C3 weeks 7-9.
We are a homeschooling family who is also living with Cystic Fibrosis. There are a lot of things there to coordinate, but we are managing. And you know what?
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Sup Grimwade Gang! In this weeks episode we take a look at what "Home School" in the Grimwade Family house looks like... Like our channel? We would ...
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We just started living full time in an RV with our two boys and one of our first stops is Yosemite! It was so gorgeous in the Fall and the boys learned so much (so ...
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Visiting the Sacramento Train Museum during our second week roadschooling and living full time in an RV! A peak into unschooling our two boys and our ...
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This is our second week living in an RV full time as we explore the US! We are starting to get organized and finding or rhythm. Take a tour of our Winnebago ...
Come take our homeschool room tour as we are homeschooling 3 of our kids (including Danielle who is taking high school courses), and Noah who is special ...
Homeschool vlog: Exploring Avenue of the Giants
It's our second week living full time in an RV and we up in the redwoods visiting The Avenue of the Giants! It was amazing seeing the tallest living things in the ...
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How to Homeschool 9th and 10th Grade by Lee Binz More Info : Get a Great Start to Homeschooling High School! Learn What You Need to ...
North Fairfield Home School Group Graduation 2017
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
King Henry Home School Space Song
We did a few of these music projects just for fun in home school a few years ago. The kids came up with most of the words related to topics we were covering in ...
My Charlotte Mason Homeschool Planner
This is a page by page look at my 2018-2019 planner.
What does the light make/at home? bangla/5 minute school
What does the light make/at home? bangla/5 minute school. next video how to make a LED light? wait for next video. subscribe 5 minute channel ...
Christmas Homeschool Activities
Our Christmas Homeschool Activities ...
AM I TOO STUPID TO HOMESCHOOL MY KIDS?! | Vlogmas Day 2 | Jessica Amey | Living on Leaves
Vlogmas day 2 and it's another talking video, this time on the topic of homeschooling. I'm answering the question 'are you clever enough to teach your kids' - a ...
The Ultimate Homeschool Planner - Overview
My version of an Ultimate Homeschool Planner. Download a copy here:
Homestead Mom's Homeschool Agenda~
We homestead & homeschool with no regrets! Many folks ask about my style or how we do it? This is a big topic, so let's chat it up! Thanks for watching! xo ...
Lazy homeschool day
My first video. I lazy day of homeschooling and housework,
Subtraction Problems - Story Problems - Subtraction KS1 - Math Problems - Homeschool Math - Maths
Subtraction Problems - Story Problems - Subtraction KS1 - Math Problems - Homeschool Math - Maths Visit for more educational ...
Vlogmas 2017 Day 3: Online School & The Holidays
We made it to Vlogmas Day 3. So excited to share my tips on online (or home)school and the holidays.( Also, bonus: New Intro & Outro ) Intro By: Captainnick88 ...
Metro Homeschool Robotics Ft. Smith REGIONAL 2017
Interested in the game, or our team? Learn more here: Multistreaming with
Words of Wisdom from a Homeschool Mom
11-30-17 Pjoshyb tries to save a dumpster fire of a vlog, Mandy gives some words of wisdom and is keeping it real, Javon greets his father, Reagan has a hard ...
DITL of a homeschool kid
A DITL video for you guys.
The PJs S02E01 - Home School Dazed
The PJs S01E02 Bones, Bugs And Harmony The PJs S01E02 Bones, Bugs And Harmony. The PJs''' S01E01 ~ Hangin' With Mr Super The PJs''' S01E02 .
In today's vlog...sharing an inside look at The Good & The Beautiful History Year 1 curriculum! Enjoy, Darlings! Don't forget to THUMBS UP & SUBSCRIBE (It's ...
Toddler at home school ideas
Christmas Themed Preschool activities that I do with my toddler to focus on core learning and vocabulary. This is a simple and effective set up that has worked ...
Cute envelope making at home for school projects

My 3 year old "How To Sun" Learning to read and grasp concepts.
Usborne Books in Our Homeschool
Usborne Books have been used in our homeschool since the beginning! We have recently added a lot of great new books and I want to share those with you.
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Draw and color alphabets, Free Online home school program. English part 2
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Draw say and learn English letters, free Online homeschool program,English part 4
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Draw and color alhabets, Free online homeschool program. English part 3
Watch more videos for the educational guide, Subscribe channel for upcoming videos and visit my site for parenting and homeschooling ...
Home School Christmas Party Means No School? Vlogmas Day 7
Yes, we home school AND we had a Christmas Party during school hours, but that doesn't mean no school for us in vlogmas day 7. We have to figure out how to make fun things like a Christmas...
(Part 1) Mid-year 10th grade Homeschool Curriculum, Chinese Materials
I have two girls in the 10th grade using this curriculum. You will hear them a little in the background (oh and some very loud babies too!) Sorry! Anyhow, the girls are finishing up the first...
Homeschool Science Fun - Balloon Experiment
In this video, watch Sydney complete a cool balloon experiment inspired by ABC Mouse. I love finding homeschool science activities that she can do on her own (with supervision of course)....
Math Games-Times Tables Aerobics-KS1-KS2-Arithmetic-Homeschool-Mental Math -Multiplication -Maths
Math Games-Times Tables Aerobics-KS1-KS2-Arithmetic-Homeschool-Mental Math -Multiplication -Maths Visit for more educational lessons and videos in Maths, English, Crafts...
Alberta homeschool choir

Plan through the Christian Year | Homeschool Planner | January 2018 | One Thing Needful
Theophany is coming soon. What is it all about? I share all about Theophany, aka Epiphany, aka the Feast of Illumination, aka the Feast of Lights. I share the Feast Day page from our Homeschool...
Homeschool End- Journey Flew By
WATCH IN HD** Welcome to my life! I am raising 9 great children, including a set of TWINS, and yes it's hectic but I wouldn't change it for the world! Children are ages 23, 21, 19, 18, 15,...
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Hey Friends!! Ever wonder what it is like to be a homeschool family? OR, have you ever wondered how other families homeschool?? Well, wonder no more!! Join us for a brief glimpse into our day!!...
New Homeschool Mom Concerns 2018 - Can We Really Have it All?
New Homeschool Mom Concerns 2018 - Can We Really Have it All? Can we juggle homeschool, working from home and supporting our family, making sure the kids are learning and making friends?!...
Week 15 of Our 2017-2018 Homeschool Year
Week 15 was from December 4 - December 8, 2017. We did school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday was a sick day for the children and Friday was a reading day. This week was our last week...
My long term focus for 2018 + some more immediate goals. This is a collaboration by the lovely Hana, from Pepper and Pine, here is her original post in the collaboration.
Homeschool Toons Intro
This is the intro to our homeschool web page. Thank you to Josh Woodward, whose music we use exclusively... because it's just awesome!
Locating resources for planning a project-based homeschool unit.
Gathering resources to plan your unit.
(Formerly Lallygagers) I'm Candice and I make videos on motherhood, homeschool, and life in general as a stay at home mom! I have 3 girls (8, 5, and 3) 2 dogs, 6 chickens, and 2 horses. Can't...
3 yrs old learning animals in SPANISH & NUMBERS 1-20: Homeschool update

Decluttering Educational Books for Our Homeschool Classroom 2018
Decluttering Educational Books for Our Homeschool Classroom 2018 - Time to Minimize our Clutter! Sort through my teacher books with me and chat about their relevancy in our homeschool classroom!...
Homeschool Resolutions 2018 | Collab with Pepper and Pine
I need YOUR help! If you found this video helpful for you and your life, give me a thumbs up!*** We had a great start to our school year and we ended being a little burned out, or at least...
Teaching Preschool: Age 3 || Homeschool || Episode 25
In this episode: I'm going to show you some things I use to teach my preschooler and also some things I use to make teaching older children a bit easier, mostly things to distract her. There's...
With a New Year comes new things! What changes will you be making in your homeschool? Join this collab by leaving your video link in the comment section. Check out the complete playlist...
Home school students tested, trained, and finishing their workouts
The Club offers special programs for students that are home schooled.
Home School 12/27/17 (First day)
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Home School 12/28/17
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homeschool with A beka
music credit- we use A beka academy as our homeschool curriculum. We enjoy it. My 5 year old is having a harder time with it, her personality doesn't like to sit or listen! ha!...
Jan-This Is My Home, This Is My School Book Review
A book showing what it's like to Homeschool! This Is My Home, This Is My School Book Review. So charming, and a perfect addition to your Library.
Second day of homeschool
The Yoshi's second day of homeschool the Yoshi's get in trouble.
Coming Soon to A Better Way to Homeschool...
Take Two Set your calendar, something great is just around the corner:). January 18, 2018 Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe before you leave!
How I Teach Reading In Our Homeschool- Kindergarten
Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more videos. My websites Twitter @SophN7 You can buy my books here- http://amzn.t...
In this video I go over the core knowledge curriculum which can be used for traditional or homeschool. The core knowledge curriculum has resources from preschool to middle school. Resources...
Homeschool Burnout || Tips to Prevent It!
Every homeschool parent suffers from burnout some point during their homeschool journey. Here are a few tips to help you get through it! Check out my favorites:
Home School on holidays
Do you Home School your child(ren) on holidays? What type of curriculum do you follow or use? Compass Charter School, K12, Time4Learning, those are just a few of many. Does your homeschooling...
Homeschool activity kindergarten part 3
I used all the printable from . I find this website is very FUNtastic for my son ,who is of age 4.
Operation Homeschool Success: Parenting Styles
Have you ever considered the role 'parenting styles' play in successfully homeschooling? In Michelle's exclusive Facebook group, With the Huddleston's Homeschool Community, they are on a two-week...
We decided to spend a rainy day at wonderworks in pigeon forge tn.
Homeschool Breaks
Homeschool breaks are important for so many reasons. Mom needs a break. The kids all need breaks. And mom needs a break. If you are interested in how we do this, stay tuned. And if you...
A Day in Our HOMESCHOOL Life ~ Vegan, Military & Christian Family
We are a Vegan, Christian, Military, Homeschooling Family, practicing Gentle Parenting Techniques and instilling great values, morals, and a love of our country in our children while we help...
Hello, Darlings! Grab a seat and join me for a quick Homeschool Q&A as I compare/contrast Fun-schooling and The Good & The Beautiful curriculum...specifically language arts! Direct links to...
Older Student Switching to Math-U-See - SPED Homeschool Conversations
Hear Steve Demme's answer to a parent's question about how and why they should go about switching their older homeschooled student over to Math-U-See.
Setting Up Your Homeschool like a Montessori Classroom
Subscribe to our channel for more Montessori tricks and tips for your homeschool! Link to the slides: Link to the Montessori resources for practical life materials:...
Why i Homeschool!
A quick video to discuss the benefits we have gained from our homeschool journey so far!!!! Want to follow our #adventureschooling check out our page.....
SC Homeschoolers: How do you successfully adhere to Option 3 homeschool laws as an unschooling? SC Homeschoolers asks: SC Homeschoolers: How do you successfully adhere to Option 3 homeschool laws as an unschooling/student-led schooling?**********************************...
Homeschool Toddler/PreK/Kindergarten Learning (Thursdays) Shapes
This is a summary of our learning activities (18 month old child). Today's focus is Shapes. Letter of the week is Cc. Here is her schedule (for age 17 months - 2 y/o): Mon - Th: 20 mins...
I'm a creature of habit, so once a room is set up in our home, I have no desire to change it. Our school room has basically been the same since we set it up in 2013. Small changes here and...
Ezra home school painting
All the animals.
Our Homeschool Day
Family fun & Our Homeschool Day.
HOME SCHOOL PLANNER 2018-2019 (home-made)
If you enjoy my video, please consider subscribing and help me reach the 1000 subscribers goal. For business enquiries- Thanks for watching! My websites ...
Pre-School Learning For Kids At Home / Learn Colour And Shape Through Game Entertainment
Pre-School Learning For Kids is given in this video through mobile games also to entertain them. Download here - Thanks.
Sweet Home School in Waziristan | For Orphans Boys.....Education Subscribre For More new Videos
Sweet Home School in Waziristan | For Orphans Boys.....Education Subscribre For More new Videos.
Learning colours learning colors pre-school homeschool colour matching kids matching colours
Kids matching colours. Engaging home activity to learn colours. Find these colours here:
Enjoy this vlog. We had so much fun this week !!! It was busy & blessed !! Watch us enjoy nature, baseball & each other ! PEACE & LOVE~
9th grade Homeschool High School Curriculum Master Books Circle C Apologia and More
Check out our homeschool curriculum choices for 9th grade for the 2017-2018 school year